How to Treat IBS

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How to Treat IBS Hi I'm chloe, hypnotherapist in London. 10% of people suffer with IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome but because of its personal nature, it might not be something that's not often talked about. They want to know how to treat iBS IBS is diagnosed by eliminating other issues - is a blanket term for a range of digestive issues.

My background is in nutrition and I'm now a hypnotherapist and i wanted to share what I know about how to treat IBS. Its important to get a proper diagnosis from your GP to rule out any other digestive illnesses and make sure it is actually IBS that you have. Keep a food and symptom diary - our bodies are different and will respond differently to different foods. Sometimes we don't realise exactly what foods is it that affect us until we keep a really close eye on it and keep a food diary. Kefir - homemade or bought in a shop, although homemade is going to be fresher and cheaper -it has a greater variation of good bacteria than yoghurt, and there is good evidence to say that introducing more good bacteria into your diet can help with IBS. You can buy kefir starter kits online and add it to milk. People say it should taste a bit like champagne because it becomes a bit alcoholic - mine tastes a bit more like cider but its ok and its really good for the gut.

Another answer for how to treat IBS is Golden linseed - good evidence to say it helps with bloating and constipation. Add tablespoon to water and let it soak some water up, then drink. It swells up in water and becomes kind of slimy and a big gross, but swig it down, and it will do your insides a lot of good.

Another really important point is to try to relax - often those with IBS report feeling stressed or that stress makes symptoms worse. Often people say that when they're stressed, they hold on to the stress in their stomachs. A lot of people dont know that the stomach actually contains a lot of neurons, or brain cells, there's a second brain in your stomach, its really impacted by our thoughts and feelings.

How to Treat IBS

Try to adjust your lifestyle so that you're taking time to relax and look after yourself, although its not always easy. Nice the national institute for health and clinical excellence recommend hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for IBS Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to help you to cope better with stressful situations and feel calmer. It can also help you to stick to certain eating plans and visualisation techniques can be used to imagine your digestive system running more smoothly.

You could also try yoga, exercising, mediation or breathing exercises. Look into the FODMAP diet, this stands for "Fermentable, Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols" and was developed by a University in Melbourne. FODMAP's are carbohydrates which are poorly digested by everyone, they get fermented and produce gas. Those with IBS may be particularly sensitive to FODMAPS. So if you have IBS, the fodmaps would cause more bloating and gas than they would in a non-IBS person. If you speak to a dietitian they should be able to help you to plan a diet around this; generally its advised to cut out all FODMAPS for a 6 week period then gradually reintroduce small amounts to test your.

Hopefully this video has given you some ideas on how to treat IBS. Please like or comment on this video if you have any tips or advice for those with IBS, or if you've tried any of these things and they've helped you. Check out my website for more information about hypnotherapy and how it could help you. I'm chloe, Thanks for watching, bye.

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