प्रोस्टेट ग्रंथि को बढ़ने से रोकने के तरीके | how to treat prostate cancer with diet

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Proste specific ways to prevent prostate enlargement Ie prostate obstruction of the urethra. The disease is usually either the doctor recommend surgery or drugs to try to remove barriers. As nowadays men getting older so Unhenr Prostekt cancer risk is increasing. Prostedt disease is becoming more common among the Indians. If your age is over 30 Uprho information about it you must keep. Ankari sure about its symptoms should be kept. We tell you that this disease is becoming so large that they are aware of it, to have been conducting operations.

If life is to avoid Prostert cancer will improve your Laifstaeil. Let us know which you some simple Tipsa Prostekt gland can avoid malfunction. Zinc Zinc is a key mineral-filled foods to eat to maintain a level of testosterone, which helps. Every day, 50 to 100 mg of zinc should definitely.

Kchchie garlic garlic intake to 20 percent can cut your chances of developing prostate cancer. You should eat daily Kchchap garlic. It is Origeno Antkansr agent. Prostet kills cancer cells that produce it. So put in your diet eat plenty Origeno.

Saw Palmetto is a tree whose root Prostre gland extracts reduces inflammation. This naturally removes enlarged Prostet Smsyar. Mobile to your mobile phone radiation, many boys are in your pants pocket. It is a very bad habit Kyonoki it is emitted radiation can harm the priest explained Proste. Every part of your body from left to smoke to smoke dirty effect. If you smoke and your Prostrent large glands may deteriorate. Drink plenty of water, plenty of water before you have to pee. If you drink water, your urine Jyanda muscles will start shrinking.

प्रोस्टेट ग्रंथि को बढ़ने से रोकने के  तरीके | how to treat prostate cancer with diet

Wearing the right underwear will be tight enough so your underwear with your genitals will be depressed and it will be too hot. Avoid overheating genitals. Reduce the intake of caffeine, alcohol and coffee less sure.

Drink only one cup of coffee a day is right.

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