How To REMOVE PLAQUE & TARTAR From Teeth At Home Naturally

By: StyleCraze

Hello and welcome, in this video we are going to talk about home remedies for tartar formation. Improper brushing and not flossing of the teeth can lead to plaque formation which will eventually lead to tartar formation. This can give you foul smell and discoloration of the teeth.

\we will provide you with some simple remedies that you can try at home. Here is the first remedy for tartar removal. Take some sesame seeds, chew them well. Do not swallow them. Now use a dry brush and brush your teeth very well. Sesame seeds act like a scrub and removes the plaque from the teeth. The second remedy for tartar removal is very very simple.

Just take some salt, and brush your teeth with this salt. Rinse off with cold water. Do this two to three times in a week and you will see very very good results.

How To REMOVE PLAQUE & TARTAR From Teeth At Home Naturally

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