How to Relieve Digestive Issues | Reflexology

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The main thing that I want to focus on is the colon reflex, the large and the small intestines. So we're going to start over here on her right foot, my left. The ileocecal valve, right there.

We're just going to begin to thumb walk up through the belly of the foot about midway through we'll switch. That was the ascending colon. Now we're going to go across here, transverse colon, go across the other foot. Some people do one foot at a time, that's completely fine. When it's a digestive issue I like to do it in this way, because I'm starting at the very beginning and going out through the end.

Now we've just made the bend and we're going down the descending colon. You might want to really support the ankle or the heel here so you have more support when you're thumb walking down the foot. As you come through here mid point of the heel, that's a sigmoid colon.

You're just going to walk, thumb walk out the rectum reflex. That's the whole large intestine. The small intestine is just inside that area right through here.

How to Relieve Digestive Issues | Reflexology

So you can do that also with thumb walking. Thumb walk up, thumb walk up again, and you can do this from any angle, you can take it across through here. You can also, if you have no one to do this for you there's the back of a chair that might have a pole there. You can certainly always roll this area of your foot over something, that can give it some kind of relief. The other thing you want to be mindful of is there's so many different conditions that effect the digestive system.

You have constipation, colitis, diverticulitis, gall stones, so many things that you want to be mindful of if there's something you want to give more attention to, please do. Like get that foot, reflexology map, and find out where the gall bladder reflex is, so for example if you want to be more specific or if there's something you're really trying to get in and nurture a little bit more, just get your map out and find those points.

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