How to Prevent Miscarriages. Planing a Pregnancy? Avoid These Little-Known Miscarriage Risk Factors

By: Iva Keene

Hi! In this short video I'm going to introduce you to some of the risks which can predispose you to a miscarriage. I hope you find it interesting and more importantly, I hope you avoid these things before conception and during your pregnancy. Firstly most women trying to conceive are familiar with the importance of progesterone so we'll skip it in this video, but yes, low progesterone levels can predispose you to a miscarriage. Let's look at some of the miscarriage risk factors you may not be too familiar with. Immunity is a big player in pregnancy and your embryo really is at mercy of your immune system When it comes to its survival. Our immune system, our defence mechanism against diseases is programmed to destroy any cells with a foreign DNA. This is so that we can be protected from bacterial and viral invaders.

However your baby is also foreign DNA and as such at risk of the attack by your immune cells. In a normal healthy pregnancy, your body's natural response is to slightly suppress your immune system to prevent it from attacking your baby. This is also why pregnant women are poor wound healers and catch colds and flus easier than others. However if you have an autoimmune condition, suffer from allergies or have multiple food intolerances your immune system will be too aggressive and will ignore this signal for suppression. If you have allergies and autoimmune conditions you are probably mostly aware of them, but many food intolerances may seem silent as the reactions are mild and mostly manifest 24 to 48 hours after you've been exposed to the food you are intolerant to.

For example you may develop a headache, or get a diarrhoea, or not sleep properly three nights later. So its really impossible to tell without proper tests or an elimination diet. Other causes may lie in your metabolic system - your thyroid function, nutrient deficiencies, stress levels, specific genetic mutations which can be addressed naturally, low grade inflammation in the body and even a silent infection, and many more. Yes, many of these causes are not straight forward to identify, but with the right guidance you can find out which tests to have to even pick up on these silent and delayed reactions which can cause a miscarriage. You can find out more information about this by downloading my special Free report on miscarriage prevention at:

How to Prevent Miscarriages. Planing a Pregnancy? Avoid These Little-Known Miscarriage Risk Factors

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