How To Get Rid of Acne - Caffeine, Estrogen, and Skin Conditions

Author: Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Delgado: We had developed an intervention therapy using a combination of very potent DIM (diindolylmethane) with the delivery system along with wasabi and indole 3 carbinol, d-Gluconolactone, much like calcium d-glucarate. This intervention apparently is helping the downstream estrogen metabolites, because we were checking 24 hour urines with our clients. And we noticed the acne clearing up. So I think there's probably a couple different ways to get to the the same end result. The main problem is that we are a society that has become estrogen dominant. Dan Holtz: Yeah.

With all the stress levels what they are today like we just talked about with adrenaline being driven so far. Over stimulation in the ovaries is a major problem and a lot of times that's why you see thyroid backing down. The body's gonna compensate so if you're constantly exposed to a whole bunch of adrenaline its such a high stimulation right? Then it will back the thyroid down to compensate for all that over stimulation. Caffeine, right? So now everybody's hitting the Starbucks. So once again every time you have that Starbucks drink or whatever kind of caffeine, its a stimulant so if you're already a little stressed, and your adrenaline is up, now you have caffeine on top of it.

It just gets people so over stimulated the thyroid starts backing down So when the thyroid backs down now production of various hormones goes down. So then let's say that you're home and you're relaxed and you're sitting around and you're not stressed, now you actually so hypothyroid that you can make enough sex hormones. So then you get in the progesterone deficiency. You get into testosterone deficiency.

Because you're so over-stimulated part of the time that leads to an eventual under stimulation when you're not stressed like if you're sitting around relaxing you can't actually feel good. Your heart rate is now too slow. Now you don't circulate enough cortisol, and inflammation starts to get high.

How To Get Rid of Acne - Caffeine, Estrogen, and Skin Conditions

So it's very interesting, now when you sit around when you've got this problem of hypothyroidism which is caused by too much stress, caused by thyroid backing down from over stimulation. Now all of a sudden you start getting stiff and tight and you feel like you need a massage. You get all these aches and pains everywhere. Because your getting systemic inflammation due to a low heart rate because thyroid backed off. So it's kind of interesting stuff that gets a little little bit complicated. But long story short high levels of adrenaline and high levels of caffeine are going to cause you problems in the long run due to thyroid backing down. Dr.

Delgado: I'm glad you identified the inflammation factor because some people theorize that diindolylmethane and then a liver detox program with tumeric and astragalus maybe asparagus root these things help to reduce the estrodiol also. And apparently calm down the inflammation which directly or indirectly with that inflammation, the excess sebaceous oils and then the bacteria that forms on the skin. People can scrub their face all they want but it is coming from the inside. Yes it is.

So acne is an inside issue. If you solve it completely from the inside we have a solution. Dan Holtz: Yeah. I see all these commercials for various skin care products and I just laugh at it. Its all coming from the inside out. And and there's absolutely no question that estrogen dominance is a big problem.

Products that are going to reduce estradiol are always, helpful. Until women hit menopause from the time they're 20 to the time they're 50, they're usually dealing with estrogen dominance to some degree. This is really a major issue. So those types of products are always helpful in controlling excess estrogen.

I find that they're generally always helpful. I had a good hormone program part of taking care of people these days and then minimizing those types of problems. Dr.

Delgado: Dan Holtz, let's go back to the caffeine issue. I see young kids in lines at coffee shops you know walking around with her coffee on the way to school. Dr. Hertoghe mentioned that caffeine will over-stimulate the production on estrogen in men.

I wonder what the mechanism is for women as well? Dan Holtz: Its severe, its severe, in either case. There's no question that it has a major effect on females I know I've seen plenty of cases where when women have... We've given them thyroid medication so they'll start dosing a little bit more because they want to lean out a little bit and they start cheating a little bit. And ultimately the second that they do they're over-stimulate the ovaries and the estradiol levels will skyrocket. Anything that's stimulating like that: caffeine, thyroid, adrenaline, anything that they use that's gonna give too much stimulation, it'll send those ovaries into producing too much estrogen.

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