How To Clear Acne Scars With Natural Remedy To Heal Scars

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Natural remedy to heal scars. The natural remedy we introduce this time will make scars thin by regenerating the skin, so it will take time for the effect to appear. Many people think that they want to erase scars and acne scars, and want to thin them even if it is impossible. This time I will introduce some natural remedies that will heal scars while regaining healthy skin. Scar type: First of all please understand that the scars that can be made on the skin are not all the same. Scars occur due to various causes besides injuries. Scar type: Atrophic scarring : Symptoms such as marks and skin cracks or tears in the affected area, such as pregnancy lines.

Keloids : refers to the proliferation of scar tissue around damaged skin tissue. Hypertrophic scars : Like keloids, excessive production of fibrous tissue that could be repaired after trauma, and scarring remains for a long time. Lemon: Although lemon juice is very simple, it reduces scar and eliminates it. Lemon in, because it contains fruit acid called alpha-hydroxy acid, has the effect of removing the dead skin cells as if to bleach the skin. Material: 1 lemon juice.

How to use: Please wash your face firmly. If you immerse lemon juice in cosmetic cotton, apply it to the affected part. Please wash off after 10 minutes. After use, please avoid direct sunlight etc. Always use sunscreen when you have to go out during the day. Honey: It is said that honey is effective for treatment of injuries and injuries because it contains ingredients that stimulate tissue regeneration. Therefore, we can expect to reduce the scar.

The combination of honey and sodium bicarbon produces the greatest effect. Material: 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g), 1 tablespoon sodium bicarbonate (20 g). How to use: Mix the same amount of honey and sodium bicarbonate. Once firmly mixed, paint the affected area while gently massaging for 3-5 minutes. After massage, please place a warm cloth on the affected part. When the cloth becomes cold, remove it and rinse it off. Onion: Onion , the because it contains an anti-inflammatory component, and suppresses the secretion of collagen causes scars discoloration. Because such as a gel or cream obtained by extracting the onion extract has been commercially available, is effective in scars when used in daily care.

How To Clear Acne Scars With Natural Remedy To Heal Scars

Aloe vera: Aloe vera has many benefits to the skin. Anti-inflammatory component of aloe vera, while erase the scars to reduce the inflammation of the skin, and promote the formation of new cells. How to use: Once you remove the gel while cutting aloe, paint directly on the affected area. Products such as aloe ointment, cream, and gel are also on sale.

Aloe is a natural remedy that you can paint on your skin everyday. Gooseberry: Atlantic to the gooseberry, also referred to as currants, is rich in vitamin C to speed up the recovery, such as scratches. How to use: Please use dried gooseberry powder, or fresh gooseberry. For powders, please add a small amount of oil to make it easier to paint. Please crush the fresh Gooseberry and use it as a mask. Tea Tree Essential Oil: Tea tree essential oil containing antimicrobial ingredients slowly reduces scars and acne marks. How to use: When mixed with a few drops and water essential oils, please put the affected area soaked in cosmetic cotton. Laser treatment: Please consider laser treatment when the effect does not appear with the method introduced this time.

Its cost is expensive, but it is an effective way to erase scars and irregularities on your skin.

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