Caries - a pathological process, manifested after teething at which the leaching of inorganic substances from solid tissues tooth, followed by their softening and forming a cavity. Hello my good! Before you understand what caries is and how it develops, let us briefly consider tooth structure. Despite the fact that the teeth divided into different species and group structure all teeth based on a single circuit. Each and every tooth is of three components - the root, neck and crown. The root is located in the alveoli (An indentation jaw), its main function It is the attachment tooth to the jaw itself with help ligament apparatus. The root of the tooth crowns separates the cervix that It is a healthy tooth under the gum margin. It begins there, where the layer of enamel finishes.

Crown - it is actually that part of the tooth, which we you see every day in the mirror, when the wire morning exercise. It is part of the crown teeth occurs nibble and chewing food. The structure consists of the tooth both hard and soft tissue.

To apply soft channels tooth roots and the pulp and to hard - enamel, dentin and cement. Tooth pulp - is loose fibrous connective tissue containing blood vessels and nerves, rich in cell elements, fiber structures and intercellular substance filling crown pulp chamber and the tooth root canal. It has in common called "the nerve of the tooth." Using the pulp is carried out nutrition, tooth protection, in addition to This sensitivity tooth is directly related to pulp, because it is through nerves, located in the her teeth feel pressured and temperature. Dentin - the main support tooth cloth, forms a crown and coated tooth enamel, and coated tooth root dentin cement. It is tooth cavity, which actually and is filled with pulp. Cement in their composition about recalls bone refers to the tissues tooth enamel, together with and covers the dentine and tooth root. Enamel - the tissue that It covers the crown of the tooth.

Surprisingly, it is in the solid body itself. On the strength of the enamel is approaching to diamond. Due to its fortress the fact that it contains a large number of mineral salts. And now directly let's move on to the disease, These strikes hard tissue of the tooth - tooth decay. The word "caries" in a precise Translated from the Latin, It is rotting. Currently, the occurrence of caries bind with a local change acidity on the surface tooth for plaque due to fermentation of carbohydrates, carried out by micro-organisms to form an organic acids. In the development of caries are value diverse factors interaction which cause the occurrence of demineralization chamber: oral microorganisms mouth, diet (number of carbohydrate) diet, quantity and quality, changes in functional state of the organism, the number of fluorine entering into the body, environmental impact etc. However, the main factors for caries the following: the usefulness hard tissue structure teeth; Bacteria living oral; carbohydrates extending through the cavity mouth during a meal and time.


The usefulness of the structure tooth enamel depends on many factors: - Property anatomic tooth surfaces: in vivo dimples (fissure) in the gaps and between the teeth have a favorable conditions for long-term fixing plaque. - Weight of tooth enamel fluorine: fluorine rich enamel more resistant to the action of acids. - Oral Hygiene: Timely removal of plaque prevent further the development of caries. - Factor diet: soft, rich carbohydrate diet makes formation of dental plaque. The amount of vitamins and trace elements also affect the general condition of the body especially saliva.

- The quality and quantity Saliva: a small amount of viscous saliva helps the attachment of bacteria to the tooth surface and education plaque. - Genetic factors. - The general condition of the body.

The plurality of live oral bacteria, from 100 to 700 species, but in the process of formation dental plaque and the subsequent enamel demineralization participate in the main acidifying Streptococcus bacteria and lactobacilli. Several minutes later, after reception of carbohydrates, especially sucrose, notes a significant increase acidity. In plaque except breast acid, which is directly formed during fermentation carbohydrates found formic acid, butyric acid, propionic acid and other organic acids.

That acid formed during fermentation of carbohydrates, lead to surface degradation enamel. The presence and activity of the fermentation in flight depends on the amount and the quality of available carbohydrate. Most intensively goes fermentation of sucrose, less - glucose and fructose. The frequency with which the tooth is subjected acids, affects the probability of occurrence caries. After each meal, which contains sugar, microorganisms begin produce acids which destroy enamel.

Over time, these acids neutralized by saliva. After each exposure period acids on the enamel of the tooth inorganic mineral components dissolve tooth enamel and can be dissolved 2 hours. If you take carbohydrates periodically during day, the saliva will not keep pace to restore the acid-alkaline balance and there is a possibility irreversible damage enamel surfaces. The average decay constant teeth progresses slowly and the cavity may be formed for 4 years. Since the root of the tooth is covered a soft cloth - cement, root caries develops 2.5 times faster than the enamel region.

If oral hygiene cavity is very poor and a diet rich in sugar, caries can develop just a few months after the eruption tooth. So what should be done, to maintain health teeth and prevent tooth decay? dental health costs on three main pillars: Proper diet (Especially with regard to content carbohydrate therein); Correct diet (how often you eat, whether snacks are doing); Professional and home prophylaxis (maintaining oral hygiene). The biggest problem it is connected with excessive and regular consumption sweets, especially between meals, and, more worse - at night without holding followed by brushing. In most cases, adult person for the prevention of caries sufficiently do not abuse the sweet, eliminate carbohydrates from gaps between meals and, possible, not procrastinate with the purification of the oral cavity after meal. Of particular importance is the use of hard food, such as fruits and vegetables. Firstly, these products are the sources of the necessary the body of vitamins and minerals. Second, participate in the process of self-purification residues from the surfaces of teeth food, and once, in ancient people, is the only and irreplaceable "toothbrush".

Yet do not forget, that the best means of prevention in caries - is correct and timely health oral cavity. To learn how to properly and individually Personal pick up hygiene (toothpaste, brushes, rinses, etc.), and proper brushing technique teeth, we have already talked with you in one of the previous file vypuskov.Poetomu, link to it, I'll leave in the description of this video. And today it all. Do not be ill! Put your fingers up! Subscribe to the channel! Come into our group in social networks "in contact" and "Classmates"! I wish you health!.

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