How I Healed My Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) | For People Who Want Change in Their Life

Author: Xena Nguyen

Hello my name is Xena. I would like to share a little story with you today. The little story goes like this: My cousin and I were fixing dinner in the summer time of 2016, so this summer, this year. And she said to me randomly "Xena my coworker's daughter's eczema healed!" And she was really excited and happy about it. So. I was happy about it too to hear that. Anyway. I asked her "Oh like what did she do? That's awesome! How did she heal her eczema?" My cousin told me that she told her* what I have been doing to help with me skin for the past couple of years.

And she said to her coworker that I cut out meat, eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat, processed foods, sugars, and milk out of my diet. And it was two months after they had their little conversation that the coworker said thank you to her. My cousin was shocked that her coworker shared I guess my tips well my cousins tips that she observed me do and that her daughter applied it and it helped her heal her skin. I just thought that little story and that incident was quite powerful. You know it motivated me to make this video because simple conversations like that, sharings of information what has worked for someone gets reached out to help someone else. I think that's amazing so yeah here I am making this video. Yeah so I'll say those tips again that have helped me.

And I'll say it again as simple as it can be, as how my cousin shared it. And I'll add in my tips on what has worked for me. My first tip would be to eat really clean, whole foods. And this doesn't have to be anything special or organic. This may include cutting out meat, dairy and, eggs. Cutting out wheat, gluten. Cutting out all processed foods and sugars. And drinking lots of water.

So you may want to start really small and do one thing at a time or you can go cold turkey like me and kind of straight off the bat, you know clear that all out and kind of see where that, see where it goes. Tip #2 would be to exercise daily. And I guess the emphasis for this would be to release stress.

How I Healed My Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) | For People Who Want Change in Their Life

And kind of put your mind somewhere else rather than your problem, so your skin condition. Tip #3 is to get adequate amounts of sleep. And the reason for this is to you know. Your body needs to heal so I think that really helps with the process. So getting lots of sleep. Tip # 4 would be to reach out to people.

You know your friends, family, health care professionals (depending on your situation). To help you know, provide that emotional support and encouragement. And I think just being around people is, it's a good thing. To emphasize on my point about reaching for people, reaching for your friends, family for social support and encouragement. I'd like to state two little "micro-stories." Okay the first one will be..

So when I had severe eczema from head to toe, my whole body was swollen- my neck, everywhere. I was in pain physically. It was hard to move. And when I would be driving it was hard for me to shoulder check.

So my sister use to shoulder check for me. And I just think that's funny. And it's good because I mean, I laugh at it now. How did I get through that? The second little "micro-story" would be... A friend of mine and it was in middle school. I remember we would always have playdates where I would go to her house and we would make grilled cheese. And I would have these eczema patches on me and she would ask about them. And I was very self conscious about them and just like very insecure.

But she actually... She kind of... She's a funny girl. But she... Holly if you are watching, you're awesome. But she, she said "let's just pretend to people that you burned your skin while we made grilled cheese!" And I just think that's funny because I don't know, just kind of people like that, like your supports, they really help during your tough times. And I still laugh at that story today.

Tip #5 would be to be gentle with yourself, patient, and to be less harsh on yourself during your process. It's not a one time, one night, quick fix. It takes time. So yeah be patient. I'd like to reach out to people who you know suffer with severe eczema whether that's been with you since childhood, it could be for a couple of months, a couple of years.

Or any skin condition. I actually have a friend who... He was telling me a story about him having these huge blood boils all over his body. And you know, he's been to dermatologists, different types of doctors to help with his skin condition but nothing has you know helped. His skin looks way better today. He also has really bad acne. But what has really helped him today is simple changes like what I've stated. Eating clean you know exercising.

You know... Managing your stress. Those kinds of things.

I tried to get him in this video but he didn't want to be. So just sharing that little thing. It doesn't have to be eczema. It could be acne. It could be like weird bloody boils.

He would wake up in his bed with these bloody boils bursting and his bed sheets full of blood. And even with my eczema, I would wake up with my bedsheets full of scales of you know scratching at night and blood and pus. Just not fun. So anyways. Yeah.

I want to reach out to people who really simply want change in their life. And it doesn't have to be skin related. It could be still health related.

It could be relationships. It could be career, educational. It could be life and situational circumstance. The list is endless but really to reach to those people who want change in their life. Quite specific to eczema though, I kind of want to touch base on feelings. Like where you are maybe right now. That there's hope at the end of the tunnel.

There's light at the end of the tunnel as they say. Right now perhaps you are feeling stressed. Your feeling overwhelmed. You know sad.

You are stuck at home, you're homebound. Maybe you have to take some time off work. Or you know you just can't get yourself to spend time with people or you're not..

You just are physically in pain. You're depleted. You are emotionally..

You know overwhelmed. You're just... Just in a negative rut. You're just, you know, not feeling too great. You have low self-esteem. You're sad. Maybe you're depressed.

There are a number of things that could be causing you to suffer. I just wanted to say don't disregard these feelings. You may be thinking you know "Why am I making such a big deal of this?" "Why is this eczema taking such a huge toll of life?" And maybe "I'm just overreacting?" Or maybe you know "It could be worse. I have other things to be thankful for." Or "It could be cancer." Like I think that's really being hard on yourself. And I think that... You putting yourself down. That's not fair for yourself.

I think everyone is deserving to be happy. And to experience life in as much joy as they can. And I think it's sad if you allow certain situations or certain things to kind of weigh you down even more. Right now you may be frustrated. You've reached out to a number of health care professionals. You've faithfully followed the medical regime and you're 100% like really firm on what to do but nothing has worked.

It could be a temporary fix and again it comes back and things are just worse. Yeah maybe you've been... You literally have tried everything in the books. All your efforts are you know, put to waste. And now you are kind of searching for a different route, a different alternative.

There must be something else out there to help you. Now you're kind of out there looking. Whether that be other health care professionals, different books. You're educating yourself online, different sources out there. And maybe you even came upon this video. When you engorge yourself in a bunch of information like that you may be feeling overwhelmed and kind of skeptical.

I was specifically very skeptical because I literally thought I tried everything in the books. Now you're here and you are searching. So I kind of want to be a motivator. I kind of want to support and guide you through the life changes that you may decide to chose. I think... I think there's something good waiting. I am a believer that positive, good changes happen to people who realize that they need it or start to consider.

And you know, start shining a light on what perhaps needs to be done. So with that being said, I will provide some informational links down in the description bar. And you yourself, if you are open to it, if you wish. Because they have really helped me during my transition and kind of understanding what was going on with my body. In a separate video because I don't want to make this lengthy and overwhelming. I will put together some footage of my skin when it got really bad. I wish I had more photos of when I was little..

Very little but I have it recently of I think within these three years because that was when I started making some lifestyle changes. Maybe that will motivate you and you know put some hope. That there's hope! Like my skin right now there's no eczema on it right now. There's none! I identified with my skin condition. I blamed it for the source of my unhappiness, my self confidence, everything. I was really frustrated because why couldn't there be..

Why couldn't my skin heal? And I felt like it kept getting worse and that nothing was getting better. And then I was searching, I was searching for ways to heal and luckily I stumbled upon other people who also was able to take control of their skin and their life. And that kind of helped me. I hope this helps you too. When would be a good time? A good time to start considering change or even making some changes would be today. And this may be a little drastic but I like to think of it as like for example tomorrow.

If I was to pass away would I be content with where I am in life today? Why not today? What's holding you back? Are you really... Like don't let eczema. Don't let anything in your life be... Like don't identify yourself with it because... Then that's who you are. Like do you want to be that for the rest of your life? What can you take from this video? I hope that it sparks some light in your life.

I hope you know you stop and you reflect. And maybe make some changes in your life? I was there too and I... Luckily my skin has been the best that it has ever been. Seriously.

It's great. Okay. I would like to challenge you today to make one positive change in your life. It could be really minute, very minute or very drastic. Like you could go cold turkey, hard like how I did. Or just start small.

I promise you if you make one positive change in your life, write it down, and keep it consistent... That you will learn how to develop the skills and learn how to you know see situations in a positive light. And see that you can reach your optimal state of happiness if you try. As Brian Tracy says "You cannot lose by taking action. You can only lose by not taking action." I just say why not start today? With all that being said, I wish you good luck and to take care of yourself. Thank you.

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