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Hi, this is ife of ife360 Tv and today I am talking about PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was sitting down and chilling and I check on youtube and someone left a comment asking How and what made me get tested for PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) I have a 3 part series on Hair loss, how I rectified and slowly eliminated it. That was a really good question.

You'll ask the best questions!I was literally chilling. It is my lunchtime in China and I am relaxing, I figured that I would film this video instead of ADDING IT TO MY VERY LONG LIST of videos to do. I said I would do it right away because it is something that women are going through all the time.

Rather than putting it off for later, I would do it right now. For those who who might be a little bit familiar with Polycystic ovarian syndrome or Stein Leventhal disease, I am not going to go into it, you can use google for that. It has a lot of different symptoms. It ranges from excess weight gain, being prone to diabetes, having hormonal imbalances, the list is ridiculous the thing is, not all women exhibit all the symptoms and another one of the symptoms is hair growth in areas you don't want it to be. I was going to an aesthetician, to get hair removal, we can do waxing then I tried electrolysis and the hair seemed to be going away slowly, I am not going to tell you were the hair was growing, we did electrolysis, it seemed to work but it caused scarring. Then she said that she got a new machine the cost of it is a little bit more but I think it would give you really good results. She showed me some clients' pictures who were able to clear up their hair issue in about 6 treatments.

So I said yeah!I definitely want to do that. We started treatments awhile ago, in 2008, every 6 weeks because explained to me how the hair grew and grows in cycles and you have to catch your hair growth in cycles in order to kill the root of the hair. You have to return at a certain time to get the hair lasered again to get it removed so that it gets killed permanently.


To kill it off, the 2ndn treatment came, the 5th treatment came, 6th treatment, the hair seemed to be getting worse not better. The 10th treatment came and she said to me Ife I don't want to continue taking your money and being unethical and untruthful to you, just take your money and nothing is happening. By your 10th treatment, we had been doing a lot of treatments. She said at this point, your hair should be getting thinner, some of my hairs were getting thinner but not enough to the point where that they were going away and my hair was permanently going to stop growing. She said to me here what Ife, let's pause on the treatments, did she say pause? She said you can continue doing treatments but I think you should go get your hormone levels checked. I have never considered that it was something internal, I thought it was something external and if we fixed it externally, but that was not the case. It was something internally happening with me and she was right. If she had not mentioned to me that I should get checked out and check my hormone levels and that I have a hormonal imbalance then I would not have realized that I have PCOS.

Up to that point in time I did not know that I had polycystic ovarian syndrome. So I went to me GP I started to tell her WHAT I had been going through and she did some tests. We did a blood glucose test with her, also did a blood test and my blood work up showed that my testosterone levels were high which would explain why the hair removal process would not have worked. No matter how much I zapped my hair or went for laser treatment testosterone would just cause the hair growth to go berserk.

My fasting blood glucose was not in the range, the numbers you see written on the right, that's when I redid the test in 2011. We wrote it down to see the comparison. I really cleaned up my diet. My cholesterol levels went down. This is the test in 2008, testosterone level was 1.0 it should have fallen within the 0.2 to 0.8 region or range. Then when you look at my follow up test in 2011 the level of testosterone dropped. I also did a urine analysis as well so also referred me to an endocrinologist. They deal with your hormones, hormone imbalances, I had started to do my own lil research< so I knew what to expect so he said to me.

You don't look like you have PCOS. Back then I was stick thin. I was about 120 pounds for my height I was very skinny.

Then he told me to stand up. He said to stand up and lift my shirt up and he said... Ohhh.

I see I was skinny, my arms, legs but my waist gut area, I had a lil bit of a bulge and I never really thought of the bulge as anything out of the ordinary. You don't look like , he looked at my arm the hairs on your arm aren't very, because I have blond hairs on my arm, he have hair on your arm like someone with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, don't appear to have hirsutism. Someone with PCOS tends to be very hairy in areas that they shouldn't be very hairy unless it is genetic.

Some women they show excess hair especially on their arms and in other areas that they shouldn't, but for me my hairs were blond and light you can barely see them he doesn't understand how I can have Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome but as I said women with PCOS, don't all have the exact same symptoms, then he took a measuring tape and on it there were different colours, green yellow red and he put it around my waist and he said ... Oohhhh, let me explain something to you, the red area is a danger zone with regard to your waistline. People with PCOS tend to have a bigger waist area than they should, they have difficulty losing fat and gaining fat in that area very easily. I am not sure that is still the test that they do now, that was just an initial test. I was in that office for 10 minutes and spent $400 TTD or 60USD I wasn't even there that long. He gave me some reading material it talked about blood glucose levels, sugar levels, androgen, testosterone, pre-diabetic risks.

Let's do some further tests so he wrote down some tests that I should return to do another day. He told me to do a fasting blood sugar test, ultrasound to check for cysts on my ovaries and there was a third test that I don't remember. A few weeks later I returned and we did the fasting blood sugar and I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. Fasting blood sugar you're not allowed to eat for 12 hours prior to taking the test, he also checked my blood sugar in the first visit but it wasn't reliable because I had just eaten something.

My body was not maintaining sugar levels as it should have with regard to insulin, that's where insulin resistance came in, I remember reading a lot and being overwhelmed. The ultrasound showed that I have cysts quite a few cysts on my ovaries. This is the ultrasound and shows multiple cysts, no fibroid, normal sized uterus, no dominant cyst mas but there are cysts on my ovaries. Polycystic ovaries. And that's when it was confirmed that cysts on my ovaries, if I still have that still to this day I don't know. I haven't checked in awhile. I remember going back to this doctor and asking him what are we going to do. What are the options to rectify this PCOS.

These modern day doctors they believe giving you pills and not really treating the cause, they're not about giving you herbal medicine. I don't know what the treatment is now, this was 8 years ago. I asked him, what are you going to do. What can I do. He said yeah they're going to put you on birth control or metformin. If you knew me back then and you understand me now I ain't putting no artificial hormones inside my body when my hormone levels are already messed up.

I stopped the laser treatment because to me it was a waste of money. I felt as though I needed to treat what was going on with me internally before I could even go back to laser treatment again. I totally changed my diet from eating meat, I cut out dairy. To answer the question, how I found out I had PCOS and what I went through.

If you have any other questions with regard to PCOS, I would try my best to answer. I did a follow up blood work up in 2011 and found that my testosterone level had gone down. Being in China I have been researching different ways to remove hair without it being invasive or expensive and I have narrowed down my option to 2 and I have been testing it on myself so I am seeing results but I want to give it a little bit more time and I can't wait to share that with you. How to remove hair use Chinese herbs and medicine and it is something that I can direct you to use as well. Stay tuned for that. Subscribe if you want to know more about it. Subscribe if you want to keep in touch and keep up to date with what is happening in 2017. If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments box below.

How did you find out that you have PCOS?Thank you so much for watching this is ife of ife360TV ciao!.

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