How Do I Stop PTSD Nightmares?? Facebook Friday!! #KatiFAQ

By: Kati Morton

♫ It's finally Friday! ♫ And that means, ♫ that I'm on Facebook, ♫ answering your questions. ♫ If you used the #katifaq. Oh, and before I forget, if any of you wanted those stickers that I have, we're almost out.

So quick, get on my website, log in, and you can message me on there. And, if you don't get it to me, we might be out, so hurry up. Okay, without further ado, question number one... Oh, also, before I even say this, if any of you have questions that you think, Kati, you should've talked about this before, I probably have. And so, hop on my channel, and use certain keywords to search, like, no funds or BPD or borderline or MDD, depression, and you can find the videos where I talked about that because I get a lot of questions where most of the time, I'm just referring you to the video I've already done, so, try to do your research first because I have like, what, 200 videos or some stuff like that? So, hopefully, you'll be able to find it that way. Okay, question number one. "Kati, could you explain" "why you can't properly love/be loved" "by other people until you love yourself." I talked about this on yesterday's video.

"I know it's true, but a friend told me it's just BS" "and it makes you believe" "that you don't deserve to be loved" "or that you can just be an asshole to people." "I know that this is not what it means," "and I know it's true that you need to love yourself first" "but when I actually tried to explain it to her," "I realized that I'm not entirely sure why it's true." Now, the reason I, and this is all about, I guess, what I believe, or what I think. So, everybody will have different views, and if you have a different view, feel free to leave your comment below, but my belief is that we can't love someone else if we don't love ourselves because the person that we'll get in a relationship with, won't be the person that we need, or want, or would love to have down the line. We'll tend to get in relationships that aren't healthy because we're not healthy. Okay, so that's kind of part one of it.

Part two is because, relationships are a lot of energy. And as wonderful as they are to be in, they take a lot of time and a lot of upkeep. It's work, you know? I mean, relationship don't just work because you have that, zazazoo or that, you know, twitterpation, or whatever, the chemistry. It works because you work at it. You make time for them and you write them nice notes and you let them know you love them and you take time out of your day to spend with them, and all of that stuff. And when we need to work on ourselves, we need that energy to actually work on ourselves, because we won't have any time left over for them, unless we're neglecting either them or ourselves. That does make sense? Okay, so I hope that makes sense and that clears it up. I know sometimes it's hard to explain that, but that doesn't mean we're gonna be an asshole to people.

How Do I Stop PTSD Nightmares?? Facebook Friday!! #KatiFAQ

It just means that we have to take care of ourselves, and it's okay to say to someone, you know, I'm just not really dating right now, but maybe later. Just leave it at that. What do you think? Okay? Question number two. "Hey, Kati, my question is," "I went to see the doctor this week" "and they want me to sign a release" "to get information from my counselors." "I don't have an eating disorder," "so why would the doctor need information?" "Is it important?" "Also, can your blood pressure go up because of depression" "or not eating, or both?" A lot of times doctor will ask for that because we tell our counselors way more than we ever tell our doctors 'cause we only get, like, 10 minutes with our doctor, and we get like, 50 minutes with our counselor. And they'll do that many times to find out if your depression is being caused by something bodily, that they'll look into, or if it's actual depression that something your counselor is treating you for. It's really just a way for them to get more information and kind of expedite the process so that they know more ahead of time. It's not about eating or anything like that, it's more about, like, depression, anxiety, because if you came in saying you had heart palpitations, it'd be nice to know that you have a history of panic attacks.

Does that make sense? Let me know if it doesn't, you can leave a comment and I'm happy to elaborate. As far as blood pressure goes up, I would talk to your doctor about that. I don't know of it going up for depression or not eating.

It can go up if you have a lot of high anxiety, or panic attacks and stuff like that. That can definitely affect your blood pressure, as well as diet and exercise. So, I don't know of it going up because of not eating, I would ask your doctor. And if anybody knows that answer, you can leave it below. Okay? Question number three. "I am recovered, or healed or whatever" "from sexual abuse" "if I don't think about it daily." "But when I do think about it in much depth," "it all really kind of hurts." "Do you think..." Am I recovered. Right, so that's the question.

And, to be truthful, no. And I don't even use the term recovered. I just talk about struggling with our past sexual abuse, I talk about it like, if we're in this process, I guess we could say recovery.

But it's just like healing. I call it a process of healing. Maybe because I use that Courage to Heal workbook, but if you're thinking about it and it's still hurting, then you really haven't worked through it.

So, I would encourage you, if you can, to get help. And I know this person in particular was looking into how to get help when funds are low, and I have a video about that. So, you can find it. And then a second question that someone else asked, but on the same vein of topics, do I have any tips on how to stop PTSD nightmares. To be honest, there are a lot of things we could do, but it's one of the last things to go, unfortunately, 'cause it kinda lingers. And even when we're fully healed and we'd feel like we're healed from the trauma, they can still pop up sometimes when we're really stressed out.

I honestly like doing certain things before I go to bed to kinda set me up for a nice, happy dream, whether that be, talking to people that are really loving and caring, watching really funny or really happy movies, TV shows, things like that. Listening to happy music with good lyrics, doing things that are really loving and caring on myself, whether maybe I give myself a foot massage, or... But make sure you're not putting in negative stuff right before you go to bed because that tends to filter into our dreams as well. So, that would be my tip. And for any of you who've struggled with it, like always, leave your comments below. Now, the journal topic today.

And I think this is kind of fun. Let me know what you think. Oh, and don't forget to give this a thumbs up or give it a plus one, you know that google plus thing that we're doing, that's new.

And add me to your circle, so when you comment, I get notified in my email and I can respond, and stuff like that. So, the journal topic. Take some pictures this weekend, okay? All sorts of things. Bunches.

It doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to be all set up perfect. Take a bunch of pictures. And then, I want you to journal about them on Monday, because we don't have a journal topic on Monday, right? So, today you're gonna take pictures. Over the weekend you're gonna take pictures, and on Monday I want you to write about what you were thinking when you took them, and how that differs from what you're thinking when you're looking at them now. And just tell a little story. I think sometimes it's fun to do something creative like this and it gets us out of our, you know, negative thoughts or kinda those ruminating thoughts that we may get. And it can be kinda cool.

And share your pictures with me on Instagram. You can add my name, @KatiMorton1 into the comments of it, and I can find it. And also, you can tweet them to me, so, tweet them to me, so tweet me some pictures @katimorton. And that's it. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ♫ It's finally Friday. And I will see you all on Monday.

And on Tuesday I'll be on Tumblr, so ask your questions there. Bye!.

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