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Hi, i'm arthelene rippy with the homekeepers program, and this is a special program with my guests. And maybe you have seen them before, i've put them here together again and were going to be talking about something that would be so good for your health, and i want to promise you that use the product every single morning, and talking about the young power shake. And i'm feeling so good, i have five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, and so far, i am keeping up with all of them and i'm so thankful to discover this, is shake, at this stage in my life and i promise you like i say i use it every single morning. And to give you a little idea before i tell you about my guest, and we have made a spot, that makes this very concise and take a look at this information. Something old and wonderful has just become something new and improved. And more than four decades have passed, since the miraculous healing combination of protein & flaxseed oil. And the legendary doctor & scientist, joanna budwiq, discovered, this simple formula has a profound effect on blood cells vulnerable to disease, chronic disease starts at the cellular level, and many consider this a major scientific breakthrough.

Enter doctor john young, and founder of doctor young's foundational health center, doctor young's vast medical experience, at home and abroad, and gives him the elevated status in the field of health today, doctor young reached a point of frustration in his career, as the prevailing conventional wisdom in medicine, and there was the tendency to just treat the symptoms with medications, and never getting to the root of the problem. This frustration, lead him to a detailed study of the work of doctor joanna budwiq, and by taking this basic formula doctor young, added a powerful antioxidants, and the fruit of spirit and essential minerals to establish the young power shake, and his goal was to rebuild his patients overall health, from the ground up. Starting at the cellular level and take a look at these inspiring statistics: hal-age 56, suffered from neuropathy of the legs and feet, and after several weeks on the program, his symptoms have decreased drastically. And millicent who is age 67, was on several diabetes medications, and after nine weeks she was taken off all of the medications, and another person age 71 had severe hypertension, and they were taken off all of her blood pressure medication, after just six weeks. these testimonies, offer proof positive the value of this timeless formula. Isn't it time for you to live your life in better health? and just call the telephone number on your screen, and request this amazing old but new tried and true, powerful health enhancer.

The young power shake, call the telephone number on the screen right now to request the young power shake. For just $149.95, you will receive a months supply of high quality protein and the special blend of flax and fish oils. And those all-important alkalizing minerals and the amazing antioxidants, made from biblical ingredients, fruit of the spirit. And call now to receive free shipping on your monthly order.

And start living your life in better health. And call now. All right, this is what we are talking about today, and i've got my guest, and they are so knowledgeable and we will talk with doctor young, and he is the founder, and he put all of this together and will get back to you in a moment and we have got deanna, and she is the president, and this is the president of the company, and we have deborah ray who knows everything about healthy stuff, and i've never asked a question she could not answer. And we have got a stellar group today and i welcome you, and i guess, doctor young, we want to go over your background, and not everybody knows it, you are a doctor, you served in africa. africa, asia, and the good old usa. and the emergency rooms for 15 years and yes, and i'm a slow learner and i realized, nobody was getting any better, i was just giving them more pills. And deborah ray, was my big influence, and we need to look at the old people of medicine, and to see how they treated chronic diseases, and i did. and this is what i like about your shake and i found out, and i found out about this before i met you and i read about this in a book, and there was a doctor, at the turn of the century and she put this together and she discovered the miraculous healing power of the minerals and the protein.

Homekeepers - Special on Young Health Shake

So, and then i found out, this was the basis of what you are doing, and i said to her and i said, have you ever heard of this doctor? and she said, everybody has. And also, and i think you told me one time, and while you are in africa, and the witch doctors were having better results and you became discouraged. and everybody knows about that. and was that the beginning and the turning point? and yes, and i took some western medicine, and i think for treatment, and like your arteries, and blood, and heart attacks, you want to be in america, but i had taken, some medication, and i've taken them over to africa. And i gave that to a man, and he had hypertension. And after about one month, i wanted him to come back and see him, and i in a hospital, and i said, you never called me back. And he said, you never got me any better. And i said, what do you mean? and it was the best from america.

and that would be the last thing you would want to hear. and he did not want to take pills, and the witch doctors gave him something to drink and he did not have any more problems, and in swaziland, you have the witch doctors, and he had the red hair, and he had mud over his face, and i lost out to that witch doctor. And he got them better and i lost. and in putting this together, and you decided, to use fruit of the spirit, and deanna is the president of this. I know, and i know how careful deborah is to endorse anything. Your reputation, but you decided to include this and why? and deborah put a gun to my head.

laughter. and couple things, and there are a lot of things, that is fine, but what got me, there was a line and minerals, and most of the americans are deficient in minerals and we are drinking water all of the time, and we are not replacing the minerals, and we are flushing them out, and we wash them out. And i need as many minerals as i can get, and this is the perfect blend. and we also need to know, more about protein, and i understand, yours is not heated. Like the others? and we talk to them years ago, and you know, and we said, and they wanted me to tell them about diabetics, and we were getting their stronger, and those with the insurance companies, and they wanted to go to you now, the grocery store, and whatever, and they could get the protein for five dollars, and this is heated about 200°, and all of the good chemicals, that you need, they just go up in smoke, at about nine years ago, they made the protein at 130° and everything is there and that is the big thing.

And i don't want vitamins, i don't want anything, and i just want, and a low heat protein. i understand, and i discovered and this doctor, reading about her in a book. And then i said to deborah, and what i understood from the book, this was something she was doing to treat cancer. And deborah's husband, and she helped him to be a cancer survivor and you have using this, and how would you like to have deborah ray for your mate? and be sick? and she went to the mat, and you went through all of that. i went through a gynecologist.

and for somebody, that would work through this, and this is a lot of the stuff- to go through. and he had the chemo, and his immune system needed to be 100% protein, and most of the time, as we take a look at the normal protein, and we will talk about this, and we talk about the physiology, and what we need normally, the americans don't get what they need and we are focusing on the carbohydrates and we leave an inflammatory lifestyle and we don't get the protein, and good fat, and we will set the stage for an epidemic of cancer and diabetes and heart disease, and all of these things will be connected to inflammation this would go back to doctor young and about the minerals. and we have got to give you the end of the story, and she set up a protocol for her husband, and he had the chemo, and he is doing great. And he is astounded the doctors, and he is in the 5%.

and they said, he has done a better than 95% of the other patients, and he sailed through the chemotherapy and he is cancer free, and he is not handing of the long-term side effects. And this is so good. and absolutely, and doctor young and i'm so familiar with diabetes and my son has juvenile onset diabetes, but your statistics, and especially the type ii, and you differentiate. And they would get off of everything, and not when they walk in your office but, and is there any conflict with and the fruit of the spirit? with that? and you think it would be, and most people get the, of the spirit, they get the fruit of the spirit, and they think they would have a lot of sugar, but this is the overall package, and this is such low sugar and this is all natural and only 3 g of sugar, and low carbohydrates and only five, are carbohydrates, and 5 g. and i wanted something to help with the taste, the americans like the taste. And we say, for carbohydrates will equal a lot of sugar, and that would not necessarily be a good deal, but you need all of the good minerals, and this is working good with what we are doing.

and we like the way it tastes, and we have the flavor, and with the fruit of these. I think more people would do this. and how many ingredients are there? and we have the mediterranean, and the land of the bible, and these are mentioned in the bible. and there are 13 fruits, and we have the vegetables, and the minerals, and then we also have the frankincense and myrrh, and we have the aloe, and that would give you the absorption, and this has everything that you could possibly need. Everything that you need. and i know doctor young, and there is a four month waiting period to see you, and we are honored, and we get to see him. oh, god.

laughter but i have seen some of the statistics, and we are not throwing out some guarantees but the statistics are impressive, and the type ii diabetes, and when they come to you, and many of them get off of the medication. and we had 125 patients, and 80% of them, were off of their medication, within about 12 weeks, and with the type ii diabetes, and that is different, and they're different, and with these diabetics, i cannot get them off of their medications, and i've done it for a few of them, and insulin, in large amounts, is a very nasty drug, it will cause aging, and tumors grow like crazy, and the bones don't have calcium, and you don't have the magnesium and potassium, and this is not something you want in a large amount, but with the type ii diabetes, listen, it is the basics, and when i learned, from the old guys, and if you know the basic physiology, you can reverse type ii diabetes. And this is what we have done and the key is, the proteins, and the alkaline minerals and with the flaxseed oil, and the doctor was right, and about 100 years ago, and because it is old, it is not bad, and aspirin, is still being used today, and they had it in 1857. And this is something that is tried and true, and with cancer, and we use this for the diabetes, and hypertension, and like you say, i don't tell a patient to stop their meds, and we were talking, and we say and we got a product, and three days ago, and they take their insulin, and when did they stop? and we say, do not stop, do not stop, and i say, and what is your blood sugar? and they would say maybe 110 and okay, and they would say, and they would say 99 units, and i would tell them no, no, and three days is not enough. And they do the shake, and their blood sugar would be normal. And that's the exception. and that is the exception to the rule. and that will show, and when the body can get good things, it will make the adjustments.

and we use this with the patients. you can have athletes foot, but i learned, from all of the doctors, and all of the older doctors, it does not matter, you have to have a foundation, and i think, i have no idea what is happening, but i'm going to build a foundation, and i will see them in three weeks, and they will say, i am so much better. And you know, and that is part of the foundation.

and did you come to this, and the people are learning more and more about doctor young. And did you come to this, and gradually? and what brought you to read, and you talk about the old guys, of medicine, and especially the americans, they always want, and they always want the newest thing. And a wonderful drug will come on the market, and maybe 10 years down the road, they will pull it off of the market, and the fda says it is harmful.

and i think you are right, and until 10 years ago, they said, if it was knew it was better. And the drugs, and the side effects, are so great. And that takes away the nutrients, and there are so many drugs, and they are great for certain types of psoriasis, and g.i. Problems, but we see, oh, man, the cancer patients, and they're getting cancer. And the people realize, and maybe the drugs are not as great as we thought they were. and if they could build up anybody, and when i listen to a commercial, about some of the drugs, and usually, there are three every 30 minutes, and you have the people going down the beach, and then the software says, this could tear up your liver, and give you suicidal thoughts, and maybe aggressive behavior and call the doctor, and those things. And being a layman, i can still imagine and this would build up in your body, this would be over a period of time.

And then, and the people should really think and consider about what they are doing. And is this good news, to think, and something like this, that this could be basic, and maybe this would reverse some of this. and this is all natural. And some of the people that have taken tylenol, and maybe problems with dementia, liver disease, and some things i notice, are the drugs that arrive there, and they have the drugs, and if you have the protocols, and if you can do this for the diabetics, you could make them better, they say. But when you read the fine print, that is great, and where they say, this drug has never been shown to make any difference in their diseases, in the diabetics. And why do we take it? and i say, [inaudible] and they were going through the blood sugar numbers, and the patient's even get worse.

and the word, and this will help them, but the small print, it does not help. it does not help. And the other thing, deborah made a good point, and with the diabetes, and we talk about blood sugar, and we wanted to be less than 99, and a lady came in, the diabetes was out of control, and her blood pressure was 85 and that was normal, and the pain in her legs and she could barely stand the diabetes, from the neuropathy and blood sugar, is just one 10th of this, this will affect every part of your body, and every organ in your body, and this is what we try to do, and we deal with the entire body. and everything starts and really, and this will start in the blood cell. and the blood membranes. and i heard some things, and maybe from you, and this is almost like wrapping up the cell in the plastic? and what americans doing, and this is what they do in america, with their diet, and we tried to give the cells to you like you had when you were born, and this is what it does.

and this is what they were doing 100 years ago, and she said, i want to show you how smart i am, and this has to be emulsified, and you've got to be putting this in a blender, and you cannot just have this, and then just going down the proteins and they have to go together right? yes, and you can take the facial, and you will get a little bit of this, and the nobel prize winners are saying, if you get the oils, you must put this in the proteins, this is how you do this, and this is the secret that she discovered? and that's the nobel prize. and were going to be showing you how to make one of these. And me and deanna and we went into the kitchen, and we made a power shake, and this is so simple. And this is delicious depending upon what you want to do but let me tell you, after i have one in the morning and i feel so good. And i know i feel better and maybe if i had ham and eggs, toast and jelly and hashbrowns, as good as that sounds. And me and deanna and we went in, and we are not with the food network, and we did the best that we could to demonstrate, just the components of this wonderful shake, and how we put this together and take a look. and we talk about the shake all of the time, and there is nothing like a demonstration.

And we have got a couple of versions of this, this is called the shake, a lot of people have this, this is called a magic bullet. And where do we begin? and well, we will start, and i want to use the yogurt. and this is nonfat yogurt, and this is so creamy and we put in 1 ounce. and there are so many ways you can make this, there are recipes on the website, and you can go to the website and get these recipes.

--- and food of the spirit? and that is? and this is, and what? and this would be five servings of fruits and vegetables, i'm going to be adding blueberries, and you got the blueberries for some flavor. and have got a friend, and we have the proteins and this is so important, and this is the oil. And i could guess, and i do so many of these and 91 every morning and we have about 1 tablespoon? yes. and then we have the flaxseed oil? and i do a couple, of the fruit of the spirit,, and a couple of ounces and you could do a little more even some less. and this would be the finest proteins that you can get. and yes, and when you get this at the store, this has been heated, and this has been processed in the cold, and the good stuff stays, and this will keep everything alkaline, and you do need about 10 drops. and from this, you will have the fruit of the spirit and the proteins, the oils, and this is so important.

And you have the drops, and then and we have got a friend, and they put the brussels sprouts in. and you cannot taste the brussels sprouts at all and this is a great way to get these and get the antioxidants, and you can have apples, and you can use anything. and these are just ice cubes. and don't use such was and don't use any citrus. and i'm going to be putting some strawberry in here.

and do you want any banana? and this is a good banana, and tell them how you do a banana? and i cut mine in half, and i put them in the freezer, and then i have the feel like a smoothie, and i take it out in the morning, and i take them out, and they are good and you get the good flavor. and doctor young says, the diabetics should probably, and go ahead and put this in here, do you go ahead now? yes we are ready to blend? blending sound and i always take mine off a little bit. blending sound. blending sound. and most people, and if they have any class, they would put this in a pretty glass, but we will tasted anyway. oh, oh, mmm,mmmm mmm,mmmm, and there are no words to say how good this is. and this is so healthy, and the proteins and the oils, you have everything and i love it and i drink it in the morning. and suffices to say, you need it.

okay, the information is coming up on the screen and the young power shake, and $149 and the telephone numbers are on the screen. And if you would call the number, of course, they can help you out. And i'm running out of time, here. And i want you to jump in on this and that would be, and this would be, the most, and the most effective thing that you could do, and we have talked about diabetes and we talked about the fact that doctor budweiq, and we were talking about cancer. And for your experiences, and these could be some of your patients that you have had? other any that stand out? and you know, and yes, what? and the first one, and we wanted to let a foundation and put it to the test, and that was about nine years ago. And was a lady, , she was 80 and i don't know why. and she was a diabetic, and hypertension, copd, and all up, and she was on 25 prescription drugs and we just did this, and we added some iodine, and that would be important for certain conditions. And this was so interesting, and she called, and she said she did not feel well.

And her blood pressure was 105/60, and that would be low, and we said, and cut back on the blood pressure medicine. And when the muscles around your arteries, get enough protein, and you have a couple of grams, and they will make the oxide, and so, and when expand, you will drop in your pressure and were getting the body going, and basically this, and over the next six weeks, and we were treating her, and we set her back for an x-ray, and her chest x-ray, and she had a large heart, and it took a lot of the x-ray. And the radiologist, and they looked at it, and they had never seen it, but now her heart was perfectly normal. And you know, and proteins, and repair anything, you must have protein, and those are basic things. And this took about eight months, and after that time, she was off of all of her medication and she had what? 24 meds? and now she is off of all of them.

And she's feeling great. and she is doing so much better. and her heart was beating, and she was like a 30-year-old woman. and that gives me goosebumps, and this is such a dramatic, and a dramatic, situation, where an 80-year-old woman, would be like this and you are never too old to get better and feel better. And we only have got a moment left, deanna. and what is so great, i've gone into his practice, many times, and i will sit out in the waiting room, and i will talk to the patients, and to hear the hope that they have, and they will feel better, and they have more energy, and they have the ability to do what they want to do in their daily life and they're getting off of the medication, and i just want to get this out, and doctor young is just one person, and he is just so big and his practice, and we have about four months to get this, and to get him and to get him and to be of the see him it takes about four months. and we have got deborah ray here every month, and she is giving us this wonderful knowledge and this has been so good, and take to heart what we have to say and join us in next time, and god bless you.

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