HOME REMEDY TO CURE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE II उच्च रक्त चाप का घरेलू उपचार II

By: F3 Health Care - Cure yourself with Home Remedies

Welcome to health care at home. Many of our viewers had written to us asking about about the treatment for high blood pressure through home remedies, and also can it be controlled ? yes, it can be controlled but firstly make sure of one thing that your blood pressure medicines have been started or not. If your medicine have not been started then, the treatment i am showing you can do that and there will be no need to start your medicines. But, if you have started the medicine then the treatment you have to do but you dont have to stop your medicines. The first thing i will tell you that, you don't have to stop the medicine if it has been already started. And after doing this treatment, you will notice a change during your check up and also the medicine dosage will be decreased by your doctor because of the normal blood pressure Treatment is that watermelon seeds kernel and poppy seeds take both in equal quantity, grind it and make a powder. And you have to take 1tbsp of this powder every morning in empty stomach and have a glass of milk on that and if you dont like milk you dont drink milk than you can have it with water also but 1tbsp in morning on empty stomach take this powder with the milk you will see that your blood pressure will become normal which was increased before will be controlled except that, second treatment, what you have to do is, onion juice and honey onion juice 2 tsp and honey 2 tsp, mix this both and have on empty stomach in the morning this onion juice also controls yours cholesterol and your increased blood pressure will also be controlled so from this your high blood pressure will become normal your increased blood pressure will be controlled third treatment is, you have to do is whenever you eat food have a raw onion while having food. While having food you have to eat 1 raw onion because one advantage of raw onion is it decreases the bad cholestrol and increases the good chorestrol.

So this will control both your cholestrol and also your blood pressure. Third thing what you have to do is which is very important, after having the food immediately you have to eat 2 buds of garlic and have water on that. Chewing 2 cloves of garlic, your increased blood presure will be controlled this garlic will also helps to regulate the cholestrol this will help not to increase your cholestrol and helps you to stay your heart healthy except that, on empty stomach , have 1tsp of Gooseberry powder with the water or you can have it 2 tsp of water with that powder.

That will also keep your heart healthy also with that if your blood pressure has increased it will help to control that also. Except that what you have to do is take fenugreek seeds and make powder of it. And take 1tsp of this powder in the morning with the water. This will help to control your diabeties also and the increased blood pressure it will also be controlled. Except that, the water you drink, water you have to keep in a copper vessel filled with water.

Keep overnight and drink that water in morning on empty stomach, with this also your blood pressure will be controlled. And the roti you eat, the indian people who eat roti's. How to eat roti in blood pressure i will tell you, with this also your blood pressure will be controlled.

HOME REMEDY TO CURE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE II उच्च रक्त चाप का घरेलू उपचार II

Finely granulated flour or fine flour if you will eat then your blood pressure will automatically will be increased. So take equal quantity of Chickpea and wheat if you take 1kg wheat then take 1kg of Chickpea and grind it thickly just like punjabi grinding. Grind it little thicker make roti's with bran, dont extract bran from the flour and eat that roti, if you will have this roti's your blood pressure will be automatically get controlled. And the last treatment which you have to do is, that is also very helpful for the increased blood pressure.

Take 4 leaves of basil and 2 leaves of Neem (Azadirachta indica) you can make this paste also or else you can chew this properly and have water on it on empty stomach. With this also your blood pressure will become normal so do all these treatments, your blood pressure will become normal. Have minimum 3 ltr of water in a day.

Reduce the intake of salt as much as possible, have lots of salad. In your food there should be minimum 33% of raw food, such as salad, 33% should be cooked food, include soup in your food , it is good for health. So do all these things, blood pressure medicines, your blood pressure will never increase, and you dont have to start your medicines. If you do these treatments while your blood pressure is normal, when your blood pressure has not increased if you will start now only then your blood pressure will never increase. So do this treatments, So, we wish you be happy, be healthy and stay in touch with us.

Thank you.

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