His First Surgery. Bryce's Hernia Operation

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- Good morning, guys, it's 5 A.M. On the couch, drinking some coffee, waking up slowly. Gonna wake up Bryce here in about 20-25 minutes or so, and get this party started. - Party? - It's a party for Bryce. (laughing) - Have a party in his dreams. - Yeah, in his dreams, yeah.

- He's sleepin'. - Who knows what his dreams are gonna be like. It's the first time he's ever been put under. It'll be interesting. You know, to see him all loopy when he wakes up. He's actually legit like, "Don't vlog me, I don't wanna say anything stupid." I'm like, "Oh, I'm gonna Vlog it." Whether or not I use it is the question. I'm probably gonna use it. (bass notes) Alright, time to wake up Bryce.

Bryce? Time to wake up, buddy. We're gonna get your balls snipped. (laughing) Alright, we're checked in at the hospital, now we're just waiting for Bruce's, I mean Bryce's name to be called. Gettin' a bunch of tweets and messages to tell him good luck and it's not even that big of a deal, guys. It's not even a big surgery. It's just his first surgery, so that's why he's thinking about it.

He doesn't know what to expect, you know, never done this before. I told him it's gonna be fun and easy, right? The children's hospital, Phoenix Children's Hospital, so they actually make it non-scary and fun for you. I was told, back when Uncle Travis got his appendix taken out, which is years ago, that when they put a gas mask on you, you see a video game and you're playing a video game while the gas mask is on you. So, that'd be kind of cool.

His First Surgery. Bryce's Hernia Operation

I'd imagine, you know that it's like 30 years later, you can find video games and all these cool things you get to do as a kid, 'cause you're a kid. I don't get that kind of stuff, they're just like here's a needle. And you can play video games and stuff, so it's all good.

Alright we're checked in, vital signs are good, blood pressure is good. Now, you get to get into your sexy gown. Oh yeah, let's see what we got here. For the fall collection, Phoenix Children's Hospital has given us a green... - [Tiffany] Leafy, they have leaves. - [Clintus] Leafy, they have blue and green leaves, Bryce. Yeah, that's your favorite colors, right? You got some socks, little booties, look at your little booties, yeah. You're a skinny dude, I can't even tie it completely.

- [Tiffany] Lookin' good, Bryce. - [Clintus] Seriously, this is not gonna be able to fit you. - [Tiffany] It's like adult size, you're too big for the kid's size. What the heck is this? - [Tiffany] It's supposed to be a side pocket. It's not a-- - [Tiffany] That's where you throw up. (laughter) It goes down, there's a hole. - Probably for vital signs, so it goes in there to post stickies on you. - Oh, yeah.

- [Clintus] Alright, so we just got a little debrief on what's gonna happen with Bryce. He got his little gas mask. What's it smell like? - Strawberries. - [Clintus] Strawberries.

That's your gas mask, you get to keep it. So, what are you gonna do Bryce when you wake up from anesthesia? - I'm gonna dance. (Clintus and Tiffany laugh) - [Clintus] Just like that? Just like that. We just got done watching the last 15 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy. Got another half an hour to your procedure, though.

- What? - [Clintus] Yeah, 9 o'clock. - [Tiffany] Onto movie number two. - Monster truck. - [Tiffany] We have the waiting game here. Yeah, 'cause my appointment was supposed to be at 9-- - [Tiffany] Your surgery.

It's like 9:15. - [Tiffany] Yep, looks like your doctor's running behind, huh? - [Bryce] They're what? - Sorry, I was into the movie, man, what's up? - [Tiffany] Doctor's running behind. - Yeah, 15 minutes past.

- [Tiffany] This waiting kind of stinks. - Just kidding you have plenty of time to sleep. - [Tiffany] At least you're comfortable, right? - Yeah, I'm gonna be sleepin'-- - [Tiffany] Are you cold yet? Are you good? - [Clintus] Booty hangin' out? - Probably. - [Tiffany] Probably. - [Clintus] Alright, this is it, high fives. - [Tiffany] High fives. - [Clintus] We'll see you in a bit.

- [Nurse] Yeah, these beds are so long. Alright, my friends. - [Clintus] Alright buddy, we'll see you on the other side, okay? Alright, guys, he's in, just got a phone call from the nurse, they put him under, and they started the procedure. Should be about 45 minutes to an hour if everything goes as planned, and then we just wait for the doctor to come out and grab us. Let us know how everything went, what they found, what they fixed, all that good stuff, and then we wait for Bryce to wake up, and then we go meet with him in recovery. So, that'll be the next time we see him. - [Clintus] Alright, well done.

He's in the recovery. How are you feelin' dude? - Good. - [Clintus] Good? Your belly... Your stomach hurts. You can kind of feel it? Yeah? So, we have two incisions, we got one in the belly button and one kind of lower abdomen. - When can I stand up? - [Clintus] In a little bit, wait until everything wears off and you're kind of almost back to normal, and then the doctors will help you stand up, to make sure you can stand up.

Okay? We're gonna get you some medicine, some pain killers, so you can take them right away. What's that? - What kind of medicine? - [Clintus] Just some Tylenol, Tylenol. And then stuff to make this pain dull, right? - [Woman] Bye, guys. Bye. - [Clintus] Okay, I got you. - [Tiffany] You got it, buddy. - [Clintus] There you go.

You good? Okay, back at home, smoothie did not go so well. As soon as we got in the house he's like, "I feel like I'm gonna throw up." So, that came up. We got him all comfy, he's gonna slowly nibble on this plain sandwich. We'll see how that goes down. You all right? Okay.

I'm back home now, I got Bryce's pain meds, I got some Ibuprofen and he's eatin' some more goldfish after a little power nap. Aunt Chrissy and Mason are here, brought a little get well soon package. There's some Gatorade, a balloon, and... What is this? Energy chews, there you go. Got plenty of Gatorade, plenty of liquids Bryce. That was nice. Mason's out on the scooter, hittin' up the ramp.

And just a quick update on the pool, water's back to basically the normal level. I took the hoses out and now just the auto filler's running, so it'll just kind of top it off there. I'm gonna grab a water sample and run to Leslie's real quick to test the water out, because now that it's full, we have to make sure we have the proper chemicals in it, so we don't have the same problems and relapse. Alright, guys, so good news about the pool water.

Pretty much all the levels are good, chlorine's low, obviously, so he said throw one bag of shock, throw one tablet into the bobber and the chlorine's good. And then the only thing that was kind of out of wack, was, believe it or not, our water's not hard enough. Typically, Arizona has really hard water and that's a common problem, but I think I have a whole home water softener, which he's like, "Well, usually they don't put it on the hose water." What do you call it? The hose, because it can kill your plants. Which totally made me think, maybe it is killing my plants, because that's why we can't keep anything alive in our house. I think our plants are dying from it, so I gotta look into it.

But anyways, far as the pool's concerned, one bag of shock, one chlorine tab, and check back in a week to see if the hard water, you know, has gotten a little harder. And we're good to go, the pool's good to go, so we're ready to start maintaining. We brought Bryce's PlayStation downstairs, he's been playing a little FortNite: Battle Royale. How you feelin' homey? - Good. - [Clintus] Feelin' better? Is your belly starting to hurt? - Yeah.

- [Clintus] You got pain meds, right? Let me know if you need to take some. Tiffany's bustin' out another Hello Fresh meal, not sponsored, this is just another meal that we got out of the box, so we're excited to bust that out, another good meal. Alright, last order of business with the pool before we get this thing rock and rollin', is I'm gonna clean out the filters.

We had this thing replaced four-five months ago and they basically need to be cleaned every four or five months, so while the system's down right now, I'm gonna clean out both, clean out the filter's and clean out both baskets. So, we'll get this thing all rockin' and rollin'. And then we're gonna kick it back on. All right, guys, so this is what the inside my pool pump looks like, there's four cartridges, I just took one out, so you can see the inside.

It is pretty dirty, look at all the dirt on top of this thing, that's how dirty it is inside there. Grass, so definitely needed a hose down, so we're gonna clean this bad boy out. So, these were extremely dirty guys, I showed you the tops how they had dirt on them. Look how white this is turning and this ain't white yet. All of this, is from one filter; algae and dirt. - [Tiffany] Crazy. - [Clintus] We had a really bad dust storm that one time, we vlogged it, you know what happened to the pool. All that dirt got sucked in and that shows how good this filter works; it's all in here.

So, I think I need to clean these more often. - [Tiffany] Yeah. - I don't know, man, this is bad. - [Tiffany] That's why we had a green pool.

It was 'cause of the algae that's in here, look at all the algae that's in here. It was filthy because of the algae. That's how good this filter works. - [Tiffany] Aren't you glad you took the time to clean them? Thanks to you, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have done it.

- [Tiffany] I was on it, I was like, "Clean those filters." - Okay, I was so busy outside cleaning the filters, I'm not done yet, and Tiffany went outside to vlog me, I'm comin' inside to vlog her, because it smells amazing. We've got some chicken, that's probably what I'm smellin'. She got some vegetables here in the pan. What is that cheese? - Yeah. - [Clintus] (laughs) Look at that boys. Girls, sorry, I always say boys, but there's girls, too, I know.

Like I said, this is not a sponsored post. Obviously, we did the Hello Fresh sponsorship in the last video, the meal pack comes with three meals, you saw that, we're just cookin' the other one, because we love it, we do, it's really good. Actually it worked out perfect, because I didn't have to worry about grocery shopping.

And the situation with Bryce-- Exactly, exactly right. And we have another meal for tomorrow night, so great. I was so hungry and so excited to eat, I didn't show you guys the before, but oh my God, it's so good. Here's what Sierra's looks like, mine's with the tomatoes, mine's got the tomatoes.

You can kind of see there... Oh my gosh, it's so good babe. How you feelin' dude? - Good. - [Clintus] First... I guess you had a half sandwich earlier. I was gonna say, first solid food, but... Just take it slow man, no rush.

Sierra's back from her volunteer fundraiser. How'd it go tonight? - Good. - [Clintus] Pretty good? Now you're editing your video for tomorrow.

- Yep. - [Clintus] Fantastic. Bryce is doing great, no nausea, no issues with the pain meds, he's doing good.

Playing some FortNite and Tiffany is pooped out. Long stressful day for the both of them. I want to thank you all for all the well wishes on the vlog, on Twitter, on Instagram, everywhere for Bryce. We really do appreciate it.

Obviously, not a big surgery, not something super critical. I wasn't worried at all, but it is our first experience with a surgery, and with the hospital, and the whole nine yards, so obviously, Tiffany was... It took a toll on her. Bryce was a little shooken up, when it came time to actually wheel him in, so... He's a trooper, he's doing great, obviously, he's back to normal. He'll be out of school for the rest of the week and then he should be able to go by Monday. No basketball or scooters, or anything physically straining for two weeks. So, just lots of video games in his future, so thank you so much for watching.

As I said yesterday, I love you guys and I will see you tomorrow. Vlog on. Wait guys, I almost forgot. This Friday, we're gonna be doing something all new, brand new, I'm very excited about this and I hope you guys can join us. This Friday, November 17th at 9 A.M. Pacific. That's 9 A.M.

California time, 10 A.M. Arizona time, 12 P.M. Noon New York time. So, if you're not sure what time zone you're in, what time that is for you, google it. 9 a.m. Pacific, we're gonna be premiering Friday's vlog over at Twitch.tv/Clintus first.

Before it goes to YouTube, before it goes anywhere else, we're gonna watch it live with me and the community, in the chatroom, so you guys can sit there, you can watch it, you can ask me questions. There will be a Q&A afterwards. And if you can't make it, you can't be there live, you're in school, you're at work, no big deal, it'll go up on YouTube like normal.

We're just gonna watch it first on Twitch and we're gonna do it live. I'm really excited, this is a new feature that Twitch has rollin' out. We're gonna do a couple vlogs like this, we're gonna do a couple gaming videos like this. It's called VodCastPremiers. So, its premiering content first and doing it live with me in the chatroom. It's free to follow, it does not cost you anything.

You don't even have to create... If you don't want to create and account, you don't have to. You can just watch the vlog if you want, watch it early, watch it with me, whenever. But if you want to create an account, head on over to Twitch.tv/Clintus, create an account, hit the follow button, it looks like a heart. Am I doing it right? Heart, that's a heart.

It's free to follow. The subscribe button, it says 5 dollars, that's something different, we can talk about that later. If you have questions about what subscribing is, why it's different than YouTube, YouTube subscribing it's free. They call it somethin' different on Twitch, it's follow.

That's free, okay. But we're gonna be watching the vlog first, we're gonna be premiering it this Friday, so tomorrow's vlog, over at Twitch.tv/Clintus at 9 A.M. Pacific, hope to see you guys there.

(upbeat music).

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