High Blood Pressure, Vertebral Arteries and Atlas (C1) Misalignment | Ask Dr. Collins Episode 009

Author: Christopher J. Collins, DC

- On this episode, we're gonna talk about high blood pressure, hypertension, some causes of that you've probably never heard of, and an easy way to help lower your blood pressure naturally without any drugs or surgery. If you are located in the Stuart area, as a special gift, if you'll watch this video to the end, you will be able to save, I'll show you how to save $150 and get a free set of upper cervical x-rays as well. So stay tuned! (easygoing music) So, maybe you're suffering with high blood pressure, maybe it's been awhile. You were diagnosed, you were put on blood pressure meds, they scared the hell out of you. You're worried that you're gonna have a stroke or some serious cardiovascular event, you're gonna have a heart attack if you're not on blood pressure meds. There is truth to that.

If the blood pressure is high, it can put a lot of strain on the arteries. You can end up having micro-tears, the cholesterol goes up to try to repair the arteries, and it gets messy. Inflammation's high, there's a whole slew of things that you probably have done a lot of research on. So what can cause high blood pressure structurally? Well, when we're talking about the upper cervical spine, specifically the top bones in the neck, the vertebral arteries that feed the brain stem actually pass through the upper cervical spine. So, as you'll see here, this is the vertebral artery, running through C2, and then the atlas, C1.

On the way up, you'll notice that artery takes some pretty treacherous turns as it runs up into the skull to feed what will be the brain stem basilar system. When people have hemorrhagic strokes, where they have a blowout and they bleed out in the head, that's typically happening in this area. So, if you can imagine, if there is rotation or compression happening through here, it's not gonna be ideal for those arteries that are trying to make their way up into the skull. Now, the body is really intelligent, and we don't think about this, but the head is an extremity, kinda like an arm or a leg.

It is coming off of the body. But the major difference is the brain is in your head, and your brain is controlling, your nervous system is controlling all of the function throughout the entire body. So what the body will do intelligently, if there is compression and blood is not allowed to properly enter at 100% into the skull and feed the brain, is it will increase the pressure, the heart will pump harder, increase the pressure in the entire circuit to get more blood into the head. I will point you towards interesting research. I think it was like 2006 or 7, by Marshall Dickholtz and the University of Chicago, and they did really cool research working with a small group of patients. But realigning the atlas vertebra, with that University of Chicago research, created a sustained decrease in blood pressure that was the equivalent of two blood pressure meds.

High Blood Pressure, Vertebral Arteries and Atlas (C1) Misalignment | Ask Dr. Collins Episode 009

But, that sounds kinda crazy, right? Until you understand that the body is increasing blood pressure intelligently, and that is a huge leap in understanding of what can be causing that blood pressure. Obviously there's a slew of other things that can feed high blood pressure, but definitely worth getting the atlas alignment and head and neck checked to see if that could be feeding your high blood pressure, right? I hope you have gathered some really good information about atlas misalignment and how that can feed a lot of the disfunction and then symptoms that you've been suffering with. So, I want to categorize who's probably watching this into three groups. One, you're not local to Stuart or Martin County, you're watching this from somewhere else. If you do have a problem up here, you think you might have a problem up here and you want to get checked, you want to see an upper cervical practitioner, I'm gonna put a link in the description for, one, an advanced orthogonal chiropractor.

That's somebody who does the kind of work we do in our office using the sound wave, the digital analysis, but the sound wave, to correct the upper neck. Also, I'm gonna link NUCCA doctors and a directory for them, because there's only about 50 or 75 docs that do advanced orthogonal work, so we're kind of sparse throughout the US, so you may have a better shot at finding somebody who does NUCCA that's a little closer to you. Alright, so that's the first group of people.

The second group of people are local, they're located somewhere around the Stuart, South Florida area, and you think you might have a problem or you just want some more information. I want to encourage you to attend our upcoming free dinner workshop. It's gonna be this month and there's limited spots, we only have about 30 seats at that dinner. The real awesome part about the dinner is if you show up for that, it's on a Monday night, just for being there you can get a certificate to save $150 on upper cervical x-rays. And I do this because we get the best patients this way.

I have the best results with the kind of patients that come to a workshop like this, because they're health-minded. So I'm willing to, one, comp that dinner, that Italian dinner at Fiorentino's, and two, if you're willing to come in and get checked out and take a look at your neck, I will even comp the cost of taking very specific x-rays of you and analyzing those x-rays. Because I know if I show you what's going on with your neck you're going to want to get fixed up, because there's no drugs or surgery involved here and you can be feeling a whole lot better. So that's the second person. The third, you know you're ready to make an appointment, you've been like praying for this and you found this video, I don't think you're watching it for no reason, it's not an accident. You know you just want in a get checked out.

I want you to call 772-220-2207 and our office manager will call you back and we can get you in for first available to get checked out and see if you do have a problem with your neck. Alright, thank you for watching this and please subscribe. Please like this video, please share it with anybody that's got something similar going on.

We're trying to get the word out about this kind of care so less and less people are on drugs in this town and getting lined up for surgery that's unnecessary. So please join the movement in helping us spread the word. And, again, thanks for watching, and God bless.

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