Hiding Self-Harm Scars? Dealing with them - Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton

Author: Kati Morton

Hey everyone, today's video topic has been something that you always request and request and that is self harm scars. What do we do to cover them up? What if we miss them? What if we like them and we keep wanting more? What do we do? So stay tuned. So like I said, today's topic is just kind of talking about our self harm scars and I've heard from many of you that it was summertime and it's still summertime, let's be honest I was schvitzing like a pig today But we have to bare more skin in the summer. We may have trips with our families to the beach or the pool or whatever and we don't really know how to, um, cover them up or make it so people don't see them and there's no way we can just wear turtlenecks and leggings everywhere all day every day, right? So there's a couple tips and tricks and if you have any tips and tricks please leave your comments below on things that have worked for you, but in my knowledge working with clients as well as things you have shared in the past there are three or four options we have. The first is: Mederma, which is like a scar smoother which I have used on the scars on my knees from when I was a kid and it really helps smooth those scars that are raised and bring them down. There is also: Bio Oil That can help, and that is another thing; it helps our scars go away more quickly. There is Vitamin E and things like that And let's say we don't have months to prepare, right? 'Cause it's now! It's summer now! We can use different foundations, I guess. And I know if you're a guy you're like "Kati, I'm not going to out and freaking buy some makeup! What are you talking about?" But there are a lot of different makeups available.

There's one called "Evercover" and it's actually...if you google like, "as seen on TV" which I know sounds really cheesy But "as seen on TV" foundation coverup for burns, and it's actually for people who have burns or veins that show in their leg that is an amazing cover up I have had clients who say, you can just cover up a bunch of things and it's amazing. So there's that...and I believe it's honestly like $20 USD and I know some of them are a bit expensive but MAC...M.A.C, that cosmetic brand they have coverup, they say it is for tattoos and stuff like if you're famous and can't show a tattoo we've gotta cover it up and I think it's about $20-30 USD But it doesn't take a lot and it stays really well. It's waterproof. I would look into that; and those are the ways to cover it up. If you're looking to make it go away or make it so people don't notice. Also, I have clients get creative.

I have clients who, if it's on their arms, will wear bracelets. Or different sleeve lengths. Or if it's a sort of sheer shirt, it looks summery even though it's long-sleeved.

Or as far as our legs go, leggings are very in and we can even wear different tights with dresses and that's definitely another option. But the main thing I want to talk about is 'The reasons we miss our scars' or we like having them and sometimes we wonder if we want them to go away and the main thing is, first of all, like always (And I know you hate it when I say this!) Take sometime and think about it. Journal! Even if it's just some bullet points. Think: What your self harm means to you. And I know it's really abstract, and you may be like, 'Kati. I have no idea' But start thinking along those lines...Like, When do I do it most.

Hiding Self-Harm Scars? Dealing with them - Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton

Do I have any idea when it started? Is there a trigger that will always trigger us? Like sometimes, if we run into a parent or a family member or someone who may have abused us in the past and every time we see them we relapse, right? And we don't know how to stop the trigger And we obviously can't prepare enough to stop it, but start thinking along those lines What is it that made the self-harm start? What triggers it most? And' to that end, what purpose does your self-harm serve? The same way I talk about eating disorders, what purpose does it serve for us? Does it numb us out? Does it help us feel more? Is it about inflicting the pain and controling it? Being the only one who inflicts it? And, you know, it's almost like if someone is abusing us physically and we're feeling that pain, "I'm taking control of it!" "You can't hurt me" "I choose when I get hurt" and I don't know if that kind of makes sense, but that's kind of what I'm trying to draw on because if our self harm, when we find out it's purpose, that can tell us why we like having or seeing our scars because it can be a reminder of the fact that we are in control or it can be a reminder of the pain that we feel emotionally that we're expressing physically Does that make sense? I know sometimes it's hard for me to take all of this conceptualization info and compact it into a video, but usually with my clients I find that the reason we miss the scars and the reason we want them is that it's a reminder of pain we've had in the past and the reason we self-harmed. And so the way to let ourselves out of that and out of the grips of the self-harm cycle is to figure out what purpose it serves and start filling that purpose with something else that is healthy Like, I'm in control of my own pain and I choose to feel happiness instead. I choose to reach out instead. And we can slowly change that process so our brain isn't stuck in this cycle. And we don't keep self-harming because we don't see a gap in there where we can make a difference. We can choose something else! Ok? So that's just a little bit of some ideas for thought and things, I think, that can kind of help.

And if you have any tips and tricks, Like I say. Let us know! Share what YOU know because our community is growing and we are helping each other. It's just wonderful, as we grow together and help one another. So sharing your experiences is invaluable to me and to everyone else. So I hope y'all have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you soon! Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community.

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Hiding Self-Harm Scars? Dealing with them - Mental Health Videos with Kati…

Hey everyone, today's video topic has been something that you always request and request and that is self harm scars. What do we do to cover them up? What if we miss them? What…

By: Kati Morton