Herniated Disc Treatment | Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr. Discusses Herniated Disc Treatment Success Rates

Author: Ron Daulton

Hello my name is dr ron daulton jr and i want to welcome you to the city where we're going to be discussing herniated disc treatment and more specifically what we're gonna talk about his what is the research say is the best options for a person who is suffering with a herniated disks so we're gonna talk about the most common things that doctors will usually recommend for this conditional talk about what actually you can expect with these types of treatments if you look at the current research about twcable treatments the recommended by most physicians here's what you're gonna find first of all medications tend be the first race a treatment for most doctors and many times can be prescribed a combination of pain killers boss relax hers and uh... Anti-inflammatory medications now the good news about medications is usually the jeep right provide relief in the beginning but the problem is what she stopped taking them the pain will usually return and that's because these are usually just masking the symptoms they are really treating the commission and they're not causing any thing to heal so of course a peace uptake and um... The end result is you're so that we have symptoms that one of the major concerns with medications there usually prescribe with this condition is the side effects many people are just not able to function during their normal daily activities while on these because some of them can actually be very potent for a person the next time in treatment of women talk about his injections such as steroids like cortisone or at the door als according to research study entitled increases in limbo sequel injections in the medicare population mites ninety four two two thousand one which was done by free bleach cannondale in the journal spine in july two thousand seven these types of injections are effective as little as eighteen percent of the time so the outcome of the study was that this is not the best option protruding disc commissions and it certainly isn't the most cost effective also when injections to help a person it to be very deceiving because yes the pain goes away but the problem is that the underlying this condition didn't actually heal so you think the you're okay and you continue going about your life and doing all the things that got you into this problem to begin with and then once the injection wears off all the sudden the pain comes back and sometimes it's even worse and it's more difficult to treat at that point the next time a treatment the doctors usually recommend is physical therapy now watch other i'm a huge fan of physical therapy however or i'd leave the physical therapy needs to be done at a certain time and in combination with other treatments if you want to experience the most benefit from it so just keep in mind the physical therapy there's appropriate time in a place for everything and it's important that you arm use certain treatment such as physical therapy in inappropriate orders that you get the best results that you're looking for now surgery is the last resort and and there's very good reason for this first of all studies have shown that the success rate of conservative care is much better or at least equivalent to surgery they might be wondering what exactly is conservative care will conservative care is pretty much anything besides surgery and there's a lot of different options available to you but many doctors aren't aware of the herniated disc treatment options so we'll talk about them just a minute as well you'll notice on the screen i dr ron daulton jr have some research studies here in the first four research studies have listed here are just a few of the studies that have shown the conservative care usually has a better outcome men surgery does and because there can be complications with surgery most takaful try everything else first because why would you take the risk of going to surgery if you can express relief using more conservative methods and in fact one of the biggest concerns about surgery is the failure rate according to the study related factors with field surgery of herniated lumbar disk which was done by research hospital in spain the failure rate of spinal disk surgeries as high as forty percent that means that at least one-in-three pupil who has found a surgery will not express relief an addition to that they found that the failure rate increases over fifty fifty percent when an individual has surgery more than once so if you're in a position where it you've already had surgery and you're considering another surgery you need to think really seriously about that especially if you're for surgery failed now another concern with certain types of surgical procedures is that they can actually cause the disk to generate more quickly that means that you develop arthritis in the desk a lot faster than you would if you can have those surgery so for example a study in the journal of spinal disorders and technology which was untitled accelerated to generation after failed cervical and lumber nucleo class t show that forty two percent of the people who have this type of procedure showed more degeneration within the treated discs a year after the procedure than they would have if they never have the procedure at all so these are things the you want to take into account when you're considering what treatment you should go through um... For it you are condition one thing that we want to keep mine is that a lot of times a doctor will tell you that at this condition cannot heal and then actually is not true promised a just not upon the most current research on this topic so let's talk about race research shows that that this commission actually can heal without surgery without some of these other treatments now the first say purposes here which was done in turning up at uh... Waging hospital china academy of chinese medical sciences they found that seventy nine point two percent of the patients who have herniated disks and were treated with conservative care actually show that the disc was healing on a c_t_ scan what this means is that the herniation itself actually sucked back into the desk in the wall of the distraught healing and these results happen in just a three week period of time so that's pretty amazing write them and the second say that i have listed here they actually show the same results in fact in these cases the disk it actually ruptured which is the worst case scenario in a c_t_ scans show that the fluid that had leaked out of the disc was reabsorbed by the body and this was healing in just a matter of three months so obviously after looking at all this information the best option for any type of the disk condition whether it be a herniated disk aborting desk distillation the best option is always going to be conservative care so what is conservative and more specifically well what i've done a site actually created a program uh..

That outlines all of the most impressive conservative care options that are available to you and basically gives you a step-by-step plan of what you would want to follow in order to achieve really good results with your disc mission um... Basically with this program what you would get as you would get the book the typewritten which outlines all the steps that you need to take in order for killing um... It also gives you the email access to me so if you have questions along the way you can feel free to email me um... Claim to have some customers to they want to send me their m_r_i_ results by more than willing to look at the airport u_n_ c_f_ uh... What the best options would be for you or if there's any additional recommendations besides what's in the book that you need to follow so that's something that i do offer people who were interested in learning more about conservative in what you can do to steal herniated disk or any other just condition if you're interested in them you can actually go to the website this list at the bottom of the screen here uh... And also if you're on you tube right now watching this there should be a link in the description that will take you there as well needed is click on that we can all take you right there to learn more about the program all right thank you so much for spending this time with me here today to learn about herniated disc treatment by dr ron daulton jr by a hope you found this information useful um..

And have a great day.

Herniated Disc Treatment | Dr. Ron Daulton, Jr. Discusses Herniated Disc Treatment Success Rates

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