Herniated Disc Problem-- Avoid a Surgery: microdiscectomy

Author: Chinese Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist

My name is Gregory Ioffe. I'm a professor of geography at Radford University. I first developed my problem in the November when I was a in Sabbatical leave in Eastern Europe and the Republic of Belarus. I had really difficulty walking. My problem was in my legs, particularly in my left leg to the left of my knee. I was asked for MRI and they determined that I have a herniated disk between l4 and l5. I was hospitalized and was treated with something like Novocaine injections.

Actually my condition improved, but it was only improved for me to come back. You know to fly over the Atlantic and to come back here, it again became worse. So I first I went to a chiropractor. After four or five visits, I realized that it didn't work.

Then I went to a DO doctor of Osteopathic here in Blacksburg. He administered a shot into my spine, and actually I had a series of three shots. Like you know, two three weeks in between and three was maximum that you are allowed to have those steroid drugs each time.

I had an improvement for a couple of days and then my conditions condition reemerged again most of the pain was in the left leg, although occasionally in the right leg too. I went to physical therapy, kind of a regular physical therapy, then I went to a kind of a rehab facility also physical therapy but where you have a face-to-face and one-on-one contact with an instructor within one hour. And nothing seemed to help. So I went back to the DO and he sent me to a surgeon, that was a March first. I thought that well you know I'm not completely completely you know incapacitated, I can work although I have problems. I should probably have surgery after the end of the semester , to the end of the spring semester. So my surgery was scheduled for May the 15th. On May 1st I was supposed to come to this DO compound in Roanoke to have certain tests.

Herniated Disc Problem-- Avoid a Surgery: microdiscectomy

I was very reluctant to undergo surgery, so I decided to do whatever it takes to avoid it. Of course, this is realistic. So on the advice of one of my colleagues in Washington DC who took trouble to recommend acupuncture and preferably acupuncture performed by an Chinese specialist who is trained in classical Chinese medicine.

I just went online and found Dr. Joy yang in Blacksburg I didn't have any , after so many things not working, I actually didn't have much hope, but I still decided to pay her a visit, as it would be a kind of a last resort. Maybe just maybe I could avoid surgery, that as I've already said, I was very much afraid of it. You know due to unknown consequences and all sorts of information that received from all sorts of people who advised me to avoid surgery if at all possible.

So I came to Dr. Yang sometime in April. I think, in early April probably. My very first contact with her impressed me. I still didn't think that it was a breakthrough but I got intrigued, I got very interested in her methods. They were definitely not traditional for Western medicine because you know having heard about my complaints and about my pain symptoms kind of concentrated in my left leg. She actually found on my right shoulder and pressed certain points and and I thought that already at that first occasion.

First of all , my right shoulder somehow communicated with my left leg which was very unusual and so I was very impressed by that, and so I decided to pay more visits to her I think to the total of 12 visits. You see now is early June I feel like I am almost completely free of my problem. I regained the ability to walk without any problem, I walk the dogs I mow the lawn. I do everything I did before except, perhaps you know, CrossFit except fitness. But I've already resumed swimming. Actually, I entirely attributed to to Dr.

Yang, it was stunning entirely, unexpected, don't understand how it works, but it does and that is the most important thing. She did for me what nobody else did!!! and it seems like it's really working, and it's not just keeping you with a with a certain condition in order to take care of you, it is just working, you know, it's it's for the purpose, and the purpose is the recovering. So I would enthusiastically recommend anybody was this kind of a problem which I think is very much widespread and perhaps other problems too paid a visit to Dr. Yang.

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Herniated Disc Problem-- Avoid a Surgery: microdiscectomy

My name is Gregory Ioffe. I'm a professor of geography at Radford University. I first developed my problem in the November when I was a in Sabbatical leave in Eastern Europe and…

By: Chinese Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist