Hematology Iron B12 Deficiency

Author: Eldon Walker

Oh. Heard disease process the. On the go to. So. I would recommend that you know your normal values of some of the sheet.

Of human toll on to collapse for travel Normal dramatic red eye out for male and female. Your hemoglobin and platelets have the WBC. These are functional come up all the time and laughing. When you Clinical. So.

Be aware that know those will be talking more about those. At stake. So I'm. We should. That is the whole process for mean red blood cells. And there's a lot of components that go into red blood cell. Maturation in growth.

Yep have vitamin B twelve don't have fully cast that iron is needed for the Hemoglobin synthesis big factor. Vitamin B six amino acid and vitamin C. North Vitamin C convert Folic acid to its active form. So. It also it's part of the referral cohesive so all the teams are important for human to human polity. Things like that though.

Hematology Iron B12 Deficiency

To Anemia pursued remark about his Anemia Anemia. Mm is basically just a deficiency of her return sight. Or Hemoglobin or the volume of packed red blood so that somebody is in the MI. It could mean that they watch Red list of because there are growing nap. That got something wrong in a bowl marrow where the sales grew.

They could be leading somewhere. I'm not taking enough iron. I've always seen it could be. Because of the anemia. So when you think Anemia siblings that live in the meat doesn't mean they've been bleeding if it could be could be they have the upper GI bleed Oral over the ugly to be very low and higher. Think about the other strains of the other slide. Getting enough out the twelveth of the getting fully Acid met diet.

May be the tallest If paints could be cause for could be something happening and be over so. The latter is sold for Anemia notes we have listed as mild moderate and severe. Severe is all when Hemoglobin left of that.

Mild is ten to fourteen. I'm. It was showed you last week.

That we use to give a lot of blood we don't get that nearest Mac so. I've seen patients go home with Hemoglobin seven. We didn't get many blood. If they're actively believe it's going down that would be a cross to give blood because of the blood flowing out of school and get lower but if they detect the loss of blood from surgery and that's normal. Then they know that not active complete the it'll come back. This takes time.

Maybe patients under there. We did some blood but I've seen patients with that and still not getting Blood. Also remember in your lap if you're the that occurred goes down your hemoglobin that or if you're Hemoglobin. Your medical so they work well. Both will go down and both will go up the can.

What's going on. Gophers were going to talk about it iron deficiency anemia. This is the most common anemia. This is the one where people are not taking in enough iron. If you remember Iron is absorbed in the law in them. It's best to absorb iron on to the. Base though.

Taking iron for the and the more I mean we're taking it with orange juice. I will help bookstore. The IMB has been mentioned in the city.

Solution. So someone is iron mission Bay will decrease their Rheumatic Rick and their hemoglobin. So if somebody is bleeding and there. Because of their Iron Deficiency because they have Blood loss. If you recall from previous courses. If you're bleeding in the upper GI and one that blood work that always helps too. The large intestine. And they have black stool which is called melanin.

It doesn't take her in fifteen thirty five new leaders at Blackpool that from her back. Somebody ball Insulin. And for a Blood meaning bread bread its active bleed. I'm so Tests that we can do for. Of bleeding.

Mel and quiet stool we can do and off the heat or cool enough to be don't look too far in the active bleeding. So Bone marrow if we have something going on that we want to find the bone marrow what trusting the anemia. How was the Flow Herald chest. Have you seen a bone marrow test. So. Lives we fix the problem we will be able to bring the need for talking anemia. So Treat the underlying disease otherwise it's going to continue. I debated.

So Treatment of the high efficiency low Fix the bleeding. I would do Administer iron supplements fire coming Oral current ruler of the divine incomparable itself by giving someone blood. If you're taking an oral medication make sure it's for sulfate and it contains elements will Higher BP actually purchased by and take the lead said it three hundred twenty five milligrams flats sixty five which means fifty five milligrams of the three twenty five travel it is Ferrous sulfate or TEE elemental each. So really your cat three twenty five couple of that you're only going to fifty five note I am so high.

Bar you are taking Oral iron. Um well. Some people they trust Constipation. It can stop me some people say that causes nausea. We have to be aware of teaching a patient not to get constipated from taking the iron. So we can all forgive iron.

I am. Iron dextran. That's the way we get that I have it in the fleet recommend that the track is for staying in better absorption. Before getting given that I am. And. The in the IV.

So another one of. Anemia is called Polish anemia. Kelsey is or recessive genetic. Disorder for Anemia acutally have three groups of men twenty and. The area and that Oral regions. These patients have very short lifespan. They deserve. They just did not make that hemoglobin.

Therefore they are very mean. Think will happen if you're really anemia not have happened options to can all be tired after so much lying. You don't have enough are getting taller your body system than they would be starving for our content so that for them.

So I have never seen this have never met somebody that had fallacy here to be aware. Another one with Mark about his CO bowel and deficiency in other words book about men deficiency is. Vitamin B twelve. So in your donate to their kids. There are so cold. I'm parietal though at least parietal cells.

Produce for cold Intrinsic factor the IAF. You have to have the Intrinsic factor to absorb vitamin vitamin B twelve also called for Bellamy. So if you don't have are not producing enough Intrinsic factor. Or you will with vitamin B twelve they call this Pernicious anemia. This is the most common type of the Megaloblastic anemias Playhouse Severe member of our many of you ever Megaloblastic. So the patients usually they don't have really high and factor so it can be genetically calm and in Scandinavian African American.

So the parietal cells though it were so great. It patient has gastric bypass surgery. Or are they happen to have a. Gastrectomy who will surge.

The game were they. The Commission could lose the parietal cells that. Treat the Intrinsic factor. So that will be something that would be crossing the corrections anemia. It could be to leave the house Pernicious anemia because they just opened up by moving Flow or it could be because found they got the soul through. So Treatment from Pernicious anemia.

Well we need to give them vitamin B twelve. It can be given. I am to the emergency needs to be given the more it can be given intranasal e or so to get through diet and POS well. The someone has Pernicious anemia. They are type are the biggest bargain enough options.

That could be anorexia. Not to call me. And here's the key for patients that have Pernicious anemia. They have weakness from her the here and there Extremities. This is the only one of the anemias than half the week after the years. So once you get enough item veto for.

This should be that will go away. And you will have a pro. I'm Insidious. I mean have onset. The figures mean that component very very very floating don't get this over night. It goes on for full with patient this is what's going on.

All the while. With magic or the CIA. I don't like eating and shorter for a lipids. Big.

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