Helpful Things for Tourettes [CC]

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Hello there, you guys! I'm Emily and I'm here to talk with you, on Touretteswithpets, about things that you will want if you have Tourettes. Especially if it's starting to get worse or you're finding that you're struggling with a few things. There's some stuff that really helps. One thing that I really like and have used before, and I'm about to start using again, are fingerless gloves. This is my warm pair. This was my first pair. I already had them. And they're worn out, and they're smelly 'cause they're yarn.

And don't get yarn ones if you're going to go buy some specifically for your Tourettes. 'Cause they stink it up. And they aren't very padded. They're extremely warm. I just don't like them. What I recently got were these biking gloves. They're fingerless, and it's sad to say because I'm a women's extra small and it still makes my hand drown. So, here, I'm gonna show y'all.

Here was my first pair. I don't know if you can see that. Here's my new pair- it's not- there we go! And it's very thin on top. It's like a leotard. Then here it's extremely padded. We have probably like 4 mm of padding. And I don't really strap it very tight, 'cause it's not like I'm actually gonna go biking. So, uh, yeah just very loose.

And that's especially what I'll wear if I'm having tics where I'm doing this, or if I'm doing this, or if I'm just swinging my arms out in general. I'll put those on. Another thing to go with that, with painful tics, is- this is like a bag kind of, filled with, this one is filled with corn kernels, like dried ones.

Helpful Things for Tourettes [CC]

Pop this thing in the microwave, and then it gets really hot, and you just put it on whatever's sore. And so it helps. It's just warm and it helps loosen up your muscles, your sore muscles. 'Cause your neck tends to hurt. I think I'm gonna make a back one, like a lower back one. This one has corn in it, I have a few with rice.

They both do very nice and you can put herbs in there to make it smell good. Like jasmin, that's not an herb. But you can. Another thing is fidgets are really good if you have Tourettes, 'cause this is what I use as a fidget. This is actually a bracelet. It's those little rubbery thing that you see at Claire's, the little earrings, but they made a bracelet with it. I have very small hands, so I can't use stress balls because my muscles are so weak and my hand is so small, that I can't use them. So I just do this.

It feels very nice. Or I can spin on of the beads. But it feels very nice. I have a few of these. This is a better quality one that I got a couple of years ago and they've just gone down on their quality at Claire's.

The little girls'- the place where they have costume stuff and like really bad quality jewelry. Yeah, I'm ashamed to say I walked in there. But I was looking for this. Another thing, is you're going to need your multivitamins, because with Tourettes, if you don't take care of your body, your health is going to go downhill from there. You gotta start at an okay point so that you don't do the- don't do the- no. You don't want to like fall off a cliff health-wise. You want to take your multivitamins and whatnot.

Another thing to go with medication is if you go to a doctor, take your medication regularly. And take what your doctor says. Don't just suddenly go off of it without telling them. Another thing is if you're really prone to throwing things, or just spilling things, or a lot of things, you can use bottles. I use plastic bottles 'cause if you use one of those metal ones, it clanks when you drop it and everyone hears it.

That's why I reuse plastic bottles. Also you can use plastic-y, like a strong plastic, bowls and plates, microwavable types. Not like a, not something cheap, but something that can take the test of being thrown on the floor. Another thing, is a medical ID for when you're having tic attacks, if you have them.

If you have them, I highly suggest having it. 'Cause I had never had a tic attack at school. I've had quite a few at my home, but today I did have one at school. And luckily the entire class was kind of oblivious. That kind of happens in that class. Everyone was just oblivious. I was kinda like- my tic attacks I kind of curl up in a ball, so I was kinda curled up over the desk. I curled up like my front half over the desk.

So I didn't fall out of the desk. But it didn't look normal and I couldn't breath. So fun times. Anyways, that's nice 'cause you don't want someone to think you're having a seizure.

'Cause that really sucks. Another thing for school, is if you have a small pillow, or a extra jacket or something so that if you do have a tic attack, someone can put that under your head. So that you don't smash your head. That's kind of nice, not smashing your head and getting a concusion.

That's kind of nice. And also I want to do a quick update on how my tics are going. My medication, it doesn't make them less, my tics less, it just makes them less complex. So other than the whole papalalaia- palilalalia- palilalia- I'm not good at pronunciation. Other than that and these weird movements I'm makin', and tic attacks. I'm not having 2-3 words. The longest I'm having is "kill me".

But that's like the worst verbally complex it gets. And I'm not having too many shooting out arm tics. So that's kind of nice. I don't like hitting people and I don't like bruising up myself. Also, I'm not having any jumping tics or stomping tics.

I guess it's just mainly going on up here. Although I have been having toe curling tics, but that's to be expected. So if you liked the video, leave a like. If you found it helpful, I will be making content regularly. So you can hit the subscribe button if you want that in your feed. Hope you found this video helpful, if you have other videos you think that I should make, you can leave those in the comments, and hope you have a great day! Bye!.

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