Healthsource Chiropractic's Dr. Dillon Remmick's talking about the best solution for back pain.

Author: Dillon Remmick

- Hi, my name's Dr. Dillon Remmick with Healthsource Chiropractic in Baxter, Minnesota. Welcome back to one of our educational videos again today. One of the things that I wanted to talk to you guys today about was lower back pain in specific. So, this is what a spine would look like on her. I'll tell you, the most common problem that we see in our office is lower back pain. Actually, the second most common is headache problems which we'll talk about in a different video.

When we look at lower back pain, sometimes people wonder what are some options of things that we can do. The two earlier videos that I did already explains some of the things you can try to do to help with back pain, but there's another solution for this. It's actually one of the most effective treatment options for back pain. It's actually chiropractic adjustments themselves. What I'll tell you is that there's many people that have never been to a chiropractor, but there's also people that maybe want to consider seeing one, but they're concerned because they're worried that maybe it's gonna hurt, or it's not gonna help, or they're just, don't understand what actually chiropractors do. So, I want to talk to you guys about what problems the chiropractor can treat, and also what treatment options are available, especially help with lower back pain.

So, this is a model of a spine. I'm gonna zoom in just a little bit so you guys can see more clearly what we're looking at. As we look at the spine, the person's facing this way. We have bone, disc, bone, disc as we go down. What happens is the disk actually opens up spaces for these nerves, which are these little yellow guys, to come out. The nerves go to a variety of parts of the body, but they can also not only control body parts, but they also can feel things like pain.

There's a couple ways these nerves can actually be affected or pinched. One, you can have an area of your spine that actually shifts out of position. When that area pulls out of position, it can actually pinch just on that nerve. As you would suspect, when a nerve gets pulled on, pinched on, or compressed, it's usually not very happy.

Healthsource Chiropractic's Dr. Dillon Remmick's talking about the best solution for back pain.

Another thing that can happen, many times if a bone is out of alignment for a long time, or it's not moving well, you can have a disk that actually bulges, or another word you probably heard of is herniates. It actually can put direct pressure on the nerve just so that disc that's pushing onto it. So, we're gonna talk about three different treatment options that you have when you come into a chiropractic office of what can you do to help with that back pain. First and foremost, one of the options you have is they can use what's called a drop table.

What happens is that I raise this area up, and you find the area that's twisted or turned out of position, and what we do is we gently push on the spine, and we push that area right back into alignment. Sometimes it takes a couple adjustments, but all we want to do is take pressure off of that nerve. One of the other options we have is an even more gentle option. That one is using something called an activator. What an activator is, it's a way that we can treat patients that sometimes are too nervous to be treated in other ways.

Maybe they have too much pain that they can't handle an adjustment. Or, maybe they have really weak bones as they're aging, and it's a way for us to help them without having any risks or problems showing up. How this works is that I put it on the area that's having a problem. Just a slight pressure down, and we pull on that, and it puts the pressure into the joint to try and shift that bone back into place. Again, sometimes we have to use this multiple times to get that bone to start moving. The last way we adjust the spine is a common way as well. This is where I actually use my hands to put the bones back into place.

This is many times where patients can feel the bones move in a different way. So, I'm gonna have you lie on this side. Face towards me. With this what we do is put the patient into a specific spot. All we do is just slide the patient over, and I give just a light pressure into the lower back, and the patient can many times feel those bones slide right back into place. You can go back onto your stomach.

When that happens, automatically it takes pressure off those nerves that we talked about. Many patients get instant relief. This is the most effective treatment for back pain. Actually, a recent study shows that 42.7% of people that deal with lower back pain that actually go in to see a spinal surgeon actually get surgery. 1.5% of people that see a chiropractor ever have to get back surgery. So, if you want to find a safe, effective, great option for back pain, this could be something to really strongly consider.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. If not, I look forward to giving you more information as the next video comes up.

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Healthsource Chiropractic's Dr. Dillon Remmick's talking about the best…

- Hi, my name's Dr. Dillon Remmick with Healthsource Chiropractic in Baxter, Minnesota. Welcome back to one of our educational videos again today. One of the things that I wanted…

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