Harvoni VA Hep C VLOG Day 29, I begin my 2nd month of treatment 6/23/16

Author: Kevin Kirkpatrick

Hi, it's kevin, it's for Harvoni. I'm a Veteran I'm doing it for the Hep C. Yeah i'm starting my second month. Today is June 22, 2016..it's Wednesday - 10:45 in the morning and I'm making a ("VLOG") video log of my treatment for Hepatitis C, which i've had for a long time and i'm getting the medication It's called Harvoni...So I'm beginning I'm getting the medication through the VA so if you're a Veteran you can go to the VA and they'll treat you for your Hep C this year, and last year they didn't have the resources, but they have it now.

So, it's10:45 AM, in the morning, I'm just waking up here, and yeah so here's what it looks like it's Harvoni, which is two medications in one.. I got to open it up. It's my second month, so yeah, it's... You know, I went to the website it's like $1,150.00 $1,150.00 a pill... So very grateful... Thank you God.

And anyway it's called Harvoni and it's from Giliad and it has two medications inside of it... One is a Ledipasvir 90 mg. And then Sofobuvir 400 mg.

So yeah, I took the cotton out of it, or opened up the top of it, and here's what it looks like... It's one tablets, it's like $1,150.00 you know, I read on Gilead website it's like $1,150.00.. So i just did my first month was like $30,000.00 man if i had to pay for it.... But, I'm so fortunate to be a Veteran, and if you're a Veteran you go to the VA for Hep C... Three out of four people that have it.. Don't even know they have it.

Harvoni VA Hep C VLOG Day 29, I begin my 2nd month of treatment 6/23/16

And so yeah it's a virus... It used to be called Hepatitis Non-A, or Non-B.. And so yeah I've had it for over 30 years, the virus. And what it is, is an infection viral infection and it causes Cirrhosis you know, it can cause liver cancer. If you smoke you have a higher percent.. It's like twenty percent, 20 % chance higher of developing; Liver Disease, you know..

Hepatocellular carcinoma... So yeah I'm going to take it... It's 10:45 AM. Kevin wow yeah so it I very grateful that i can take this medication and clear the Hep C virus which is over ninety percent i think ninety-five percent chance of having what they call SVR, sustained viral response, which I won't know until 12 weeks after the ("EOT") It's ("EOT") End Of Treatment. So yeah, I'm beginning my second month today, i started on May 25, 2016.

Today's June 22, 2016. So it's a "one time a day tablet" and you gotta make sure you take it every day at the same time, otherwise if you miss a dose, or missed a day, or if you stop taking it... Your virus Hep C Virus ("HCV") can get worse, and you don't want that. So it's a one of those self-discipline things just to set your alarm clock or just make sure you take it every day... And so yesterday I went to the VA and I saw the Pharmacist ("Pharma Dr.") I didn't actually see my Liver MD, I saw the Pharma Doctor so yeah and they want to see you eye to eye and make sure you're okay... And I saw a Psychologist, they want to make sure you're not having any... You know ("Suicide Ideation") or any kind of problems, they want to see how you're doing and like I said on the other videos I did the Interferon in 1997 with Riboviron so I'm experienced to the treatment I'm not naive to the treatment and that's what they call it.

So yeah, and if you read.. If you did the Interferon you know what I'm talking about. Yeah it says right on that Interferon that suicide ideation and completed suicides have been reported in association to Interferon Alfa-2b or whatever.. Anyway yeah so I went to the doctor yesterday and you know..

It takes five days to get your all your tests back for that what they called PCR quantitative RNA, which is your viral load, and so i won't know that for like for three or four more days, and so I did ("ROI") -"Release Of Information" and they will just mail me... My blood test, and also I want to get my ultrasound film, and any notes, or anything just so I can have my own records, keep my own file here. I'm just doing this VLOG, the video.

Just to monitor where I'm at through treatment here. And yeah, I had no side effects. I thought I had insomnia, but I had that already... I just like to read a lot, and so yeah, it's less than five percent of the people have that, you know.. Insomnia and I think it's a little higher if you're taking Riboviron with the Harvoni, but yeah, so you know.. It's very minimal side effects, it's nothing like the Interferon so I'm doing really good on the medication, and yeah so what they did tell me was my lab ("ALT's") or enzymes, which is.. I guess a marker or indicator for the inflammation, or the.. You know, it flares up.

The Hepatitis C. So i think a year ago my ("ALT's") were like 200 which was high. They put a little H by it.. If you read your, uh.. You know, your blood lab results. So ALT's I think we're 200, and so their normal now, they're 500.. So I'm very...I mean ALT's were at 50. NOT 500...some people have 500, pretty high, and yeah.

So it fluctuates. The ALT's can go up or down and that's the nature of the virus here. So yeah, it's still..it's like having a fire going on in your liver and so what you want to do is don't drink alcohol and you know.. Don't smoke. If you can help it and there's a condition for nicotine disorder, or whatever they call it now.

They call it a tobacco disorder. You know they have a tobacco cessation or nicotine cessation program..but there's lots of help available through the VA. And you want to eat right, get plenty of rest. I'm Vegan now.... I have a nine-year-old daughter, so I want to be a stick around for her. I want to be a good dad.

You know, I really love my daughter, and love my family, and just grateful, you know.. The VA has done really good for me, and you know.. If you are having an adverse reaction, which is very unlikely.. You know.. They're there for you, and so yeah.

I'm grateful. I got to sit down with a Psychologists yesterday, a very nice lady, at the VA, and yeah.. Chit chat.. And so.. Yeah if you're going to treat your virus or Hep C, it's the best best time, you know to get treatment is now... I take it one day at a time Harvoni, and go see your doctor at the VA gastroenterologist, and yeah I'm on it for 12 weeks.

So some people are on it for eight weeks, some people can go on for 24 weeks. So yeah it's like ninety four thousand five hundred dollars i think, $94,500.00 if you look at the market price. So we're very fortunate, Veterans.. To get the medication there. And I thank you for your Service.

If you're a Veteran and you know.. Welcome Home. And I'm just very grateful, and I'm also gonna.. This is my web page, or web channel Kevin Kirkpatrick Harvoni VA..i'm going to put links to all the other Hep C.

Info. There's lots of good information on Hep C if you want to research it. I'm going to put links on my web channel, or so.. If you google it, or if you go to Youtube.com Harvoni VA, or Kevin Kirkpatrick and all my videos.. My personal VLOGS will come up, blogs and also i'm going to, you know.. I'm going to Try to improve.

You know.. More activity in my life. I want to go out, and you know.. I had a spinal injury and stuff.. I'm trying to get my self in good shape physically and they have other programs for losing weight..etc., it's called Move, ("Get Moving") or move, you know.. Move it. So yeah there's a lot, they offer you a lot at the VA. If you're a Veteran don't feel alone.

You know, don't feel alienated, or you know - put off.. They're there for you and they've proven it to me. Like I said, I'm an older Veteran, and yeah so I'm grateful.. And let's see i did.. Oh yeah i did the "pcr song" if you google "pcr song" i was the guy that sings.. "It's amazing what heating and cooling and heating can do, PCR" and that was for BIO-RAD.. Salutes you.

Bio labs or ("Bio Rad"), for the actual equipment that does the testing.. To check your viral load.. So yeah that was my.. I was in that video, that was fun. I was like so if you google ("pcr song") that's on my page too.. Kevin Kirkpatrick or Harvoni VA Anyway have a great day, it's Wednesday, it's probably about 11 o'clock now, and i'm going to go outside and go do my thing and I thank you very much all right bye-bye.

Harvoni VA Hep C VLOG Day 29, I begin my 2nd month of treatment 6/23/16

Hi, it's kevin, it's for Harvoni. I'm a Veteran I'm doing it for the Hep C. Yeah i'm starting my second month. Today is June 22, 2016..it's Wednesday - 10:45…

By: Kevin Kirkpatrick
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