Harry's CIMT Story - Chapter One

Author: CIMT

My name is Harry Taylor. And how old are you Harry? Four. We're here today becaure our son Harry has started his CIMT therapy what are we going to do with your arm? cast put a cast on it? And what should happen at the end of that? Goes better. Which hand goes better? That one, thats right! Harry was born full term, weighed 7 pounds 10, all going great! And then the day after he was born he had a fit Down his left hand side, and spent the following three weeks in the neonatal intensive care where they thought he had a sepsis infection and they later on found out that Harry had had a stroke whilst I was still pregnant with him, which left him with cerebral palsy down his left hand side. Harry can't wave with his left arm, he can't use a knife and fork, He can't do buttons, He can't do zips. He finds it difficult to throw and catch, and do his shoes and socks.

We help him get dressed everyday don't we, yes every morning- get dressed. We have to watch him up and down the stairs, we help him quite a lot really. But his right arm, Hes quite clever in the fact he can try and disguise it and his right arm always just takes over. It would be nice to see him use the hand more and, Just see the change in the way he holds the arm and the way he uses himself. And just him become happier with that pride really That's what we would hope to gain from the sessions.

I don't want to put it on. I would like you to put it on, just for two minutes. So its easier, ready. So, both hands, That's it, Hold with that hand as well H, put it in.

Good! And keep hold of it with that hand there, Hold it here like that Good! And then use the other hand to pull it. I cant. You can't, OK that's fine The children that we treat, have hemiplegia so they have one side that's weaker and children with hemiplegia, tend not to use that side so CIMT helps the child by making them have to use there weaker arm. And in using that limb it will become stronger, and it will become a functional limb. OK, The same with the shirt were just going to put it on and you can try and do up the buttons for me, just for two minutes. The fist way to get a sticker is to put the shirt on and try the buttons. OK, come on then.

Harry's CIMT Story - Chapter One

You dont have to wear it because she's going to take it straight back off.. I don't want you to wear it, we don't want to ruin your nice smart shirt, do we. Come on then.

H come on kid. Are we having a sulk? Are we having a sulk? can i join in? aw look, Vicki's having a sulk as well. I can't do what i'm asked to do. Why don't you want to do it Harry? Is it difficult, Is it hard? Harry, You know why we're here, to make that hand stronger, Vicki just needs to see how it gets a bit silly sometimes, and how it doesn't work. There going to help you to do up your buttons.

He knows he is different to other children. And he gets upset, that he cant do things the same as other children. Over the last couple of years, throush the NHS. Should develop and get physiotherapy through the NHS and the local authorities. But unfortunately they then signed him off, we just dint feel that, that was enough, it was good enough We didn't want our son to be written off at three years old. That, that was as good as he was going to get really. And we would rather in ten years time say, we tried That in ten years time say, i wish we would have done.

Yeah. So, we've got to give him again, the best opportunity to see if it can work um, and see if it can make a difference to his life. Just two seconds, Two seconds come on, come on H.

We know, come on Two minutes. There's a good lad. Ay, Should we do something else first? we'll come do that after yeah? Are you gonna try one more time for mum? Come on good boy. Good lad. The faster we get it on, the faster we can get it off.

Then you can just show me where your up to, Turn this way. Right you try and do a button for me. Good boy, nice trying! you was super good with your t shirt weren't you. Good boy you are, Trying so good there. Well done! You can take it off now. Good boy! Thats it, well done.

Are you doing the poppers next? Can you un-do them first? Un-do it all first H. You can use both hands. Pull it out a bit more first H, That's it. Its hard buckles isn't it. OK, can you do it with that one, Hold it with the folk. Whats this one doing, Is that hand not helping? Why not? Because he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to? Good boy. Well done H, can you try and throw it just with that hand? And then we'll get those balls down.

We've got this one, and a little one. Use the knife as well ,ok and then chop his head off. Last one. No. Last one. I don't want to eat it. OK, don't eat it i just want you to chop it up. OK, so stab it with the fork.

Good. And then pop it on here and chop it. But i don't want to eat it. Ok , Don't eat it. Good boy, well done. Harry is going to be cast on what he calls his good side.

Be keep trying to , and we've been trying to pre-worn Harry but, I think he will be Ok. He's Quite a good kid so i think he will be ok, but You're just never sure how they're going to react when it comes down to it. Even im going to have it on for bed? yes. Even for school? Yes. Why? Why? so that we have to use this hand. Make that hand just as strong. Just for him to know that its ok to use that side and try and make that side, It's never going to be as strong as his right side,but just to try and make that side a little bit stronger and know that its okay to use both hands together or, it's OK if he want to try and catch the ball or throw the ball with his left side.

Or, he wants to put his socks on hiself Just to know that he can use it, it does work. What does it feel? Tell mummy. Tell us what's wrong Bud. Do you not like it? no, okay. You know why we're doing it though don't you babes? Give me your other hand. Put your other hand on here and touch me.

Just put your other hand on here for mum. Do you want to me tome round? For me, its just so he doesn't feel that he's different. And so every activity he can try, Just like any other child, and he doesn't feel, That he needs to sit in the corner and wait for that activity to finish. There we go. He matches, He matches now Should we make yours orange like dinosaurs? should we make yours orange now? We cast a child in order to prevent them from using their stronger arm. Its a natural process for adults and children if you have an arm that's weeker Then you're automatically not going to use it, your'e automatic going to use the strong arm With the stronger arm in cast the child has to use their weaker arm And that makes sure that we have the opportunity to do intense therapy on that arm Good Lad, Well Done, you go put it on your chair wherever you want it Does he not need some eyes? 16,17, 18, 19, 20,21,22...YAYY!!! Should we try and do a different type of tower? ooo yes, i know What type of tower are you going to do this time? A Dinosaur tower.

A dinosaur tower? Yayyy!! you see the aim of CIMT is to get the child to use their weaker arm and in turn hopefully the weaker arm then becomes stronger and functional. If the child uses their arm in function a little bit already we'd hope that it would get stronger and more functional and so that they can use it in more activities than they do curently Woo, Yayyy!! Good one bud!.

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Harry's CIMT Story - Chapter One

My name is Harry Taylor. And how old are you Harry? Four. We're here today becaure our son Harry has started his CIMT therapy what are we going to do with your arm? cast put a cast…

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