Hair Loss (Part 3) - Natural Fertility, Low Progesterone, TTC

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Hi everyone, this is ife of ife360tv and today I wanted to finally release this video, the final installment of my hair loss series that I started filming a year ago, before you continue watching this video, please subscribe, give this video a thumbs up. It you want to keep up with me, I am on periscope instagram and snapchat. The other 2 videos are doing really well, shockingly, surprisingly, I don't know how. But, it has really resonated with quite a few people and I wanted to share this final part even though it was a bit sensitive for me to share. I just want you to know that, at that point in time I was't ready to share it because I was going through some things, physically I didn't know if I was ready to share it yet. Also, my circumstances have changed and nothing bad, but things have changed in a certain way I'm ready to share it now...I also want you to remember I am not a doctor, these are just things I have gone through I have observed for myself based on what I was going through. I want you to remember to go to a doctor, I went to a doctor early on when a lot of changes were happening with me with regard to my hair loss and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

That's how I knew what was going on initially.And then things kinda spiraled from there. This video I want you to take from it what you need, continue to research on your own and seek a doctor's advice. This is my 3rd installment, if you haven't checked my other videos out, here is video 1 and video 2 and when you're finished you can come back to check this one out. Something was going on, something was wrong in addition to that, I have been trying to have a baby, for quite some time now, as I said before, I have PCOS, there are complications that come with that when you are trying to get pregnant, one complication is that your body does not produce enough progesterone and it is needed for implantation to happen in the womb for that baby to grow, sustain and live. First of all, I was reading this book, Taking Charge of your fertility, Natural Birth Control by Toni Weschler. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, you need to understand how your body works, you can even figure out what's going on with your body at certain times of the month based on things that I have rad in this book. I was reading this book and taking my basal body temperatures, I was able to see that something was wrong with my temperatures with regard to, I was only getting 9 days of high temperatures when my body is supposed to producing progesterone. You're supposed to getting 10 to 12 days of temperatures that indicates that your body is producing enough progesterone, but I was only having 9 days.

Based on the book and a lot of different reading online, I realised that I need to get my progesterone up if I am trying to TTC. I started to research for ways to do it naturally some of the herbs that can help with that, first of all I will be honest. I don't go to the doctor every time, I like to research or figure out on my own what's going on. Because Im not going to the doctor to tell me that I have PCOS. I already know that, they are going to charge me just to tell me that all over again. The other thing is that at some point I will go to the doctor if I cannot find anymore answers, but I want to do it naturally. I doctor is going to tell me to go on clomid, which is supposed to help me get pregnant.

I don't want to go on clomid so the alternative is Pregnancy Prep, has great herbs in it, tribulus, rhodiola, vitex, chaste tree berry, alfalfa, dong quai, mother wort, maca root, and more, the point is that once I started taking these, my hair stopped falling out, my progesterone levels are back to normal. Now I have 12 days of high temperatures, that was the most important thing for me what ever is happening in my body, it manifests in my hair, whether my hair starts falling out, it is drier, it is breaking a lot of hose things tend to relate to what's happening with me health wise. If have ever experienced hair loss, and have tried natural herbs, let me know please post your comments below.

Hair Loss (Part 3) - Natural Fertility, Low Progesterone, TTC

Thank you so much for watching this 3 part series, if you missed the first 2 parts. Please check out the links on the screen. Share this video with anyone who might be going through similar circumstances. I also want to know, are you going through hair loss and what do you think is causing it? Let me know how you are treating it.

Do you think it is something internal or external, usually it is internal. On the other 2 videos a lot of people shared they even realised what I went through was similar to their situation. I glad I was able to help, that was the whole point of the videos in the first place. Well it was really so share what I was going through and it ended up helping a lot of people. See you in the next one.

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Hair Loss (Part 3) - Natural Fertility, Low Progesterone, TTC

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