Gum Disease Stanton, 57-85% Dentist Discount Gingivitis, Periodontics,Heart Disease, Kidney Failure

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Gum Disease Stanton CA Gingivitis, Periodontics, Heart Disease Garden Grove CA, Anaheim CA Kidney Failure DENTIST Stanton CA Many people consider dentistry to be just about teeth. Keeping them clean, white, and free of cavities. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I would agree with that. DENTIST Stanton CA That would be incorrect.

Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Bummer. DENTIST Stanton CA Dental problems can also include gum disease. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Gum disease. I know what that is. It is when your gums get all pink and puffy. DENTIST Stanton CA Pink and puffy? Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Am I wrong about the puffy? DENTIST Stanton CA You could say puffy. We probably would say inflamed. But gum disease can actually be much more serious than pink and puffy.

Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Serious how? DENTIST Stanton CA First off, if gum disease, which is also called periodontal disease, goes on too long, it can weaken your gums, make them recede, and you can lose all your teeth. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Yikes! Losing teeth sounds a lot more serious than pink and puffy. DENTIST Stanton CA That is my point. Any missing teeth can ruin your bite, make chewing difficult, and give you recurring headaches.

But the problem is bigger than teeth. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Bigger than teeth? DENTIST Stanton CA The biggest problem with gum disease is you have a disease in your mouth that is spreading throughout your body. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Spreading throughout my body? DENTIST Stanton CA Every minute. This can have many adverse affects.

Gum Disease Stanton, 57-85% Dentist Discount Gingivitis, Periodontics,Heart Disease, Kidney Failure

Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Yuck. I would think so! DENTIST Stanton CA You have to understand, the mouth is a gateway to the entire blood supply. The mouth has an amazing number of blood vessels in it. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Is that why some medicines are placed under the tongue to absorb faster into the system? DENTIST Stanton CA Exactly. It is also why a critical part of dental health is preventing gum disease. Sadly, even though we estimate up to 80 percent of people are affected by gum disease, most don't take periodontal disease very seriously. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I actually had it once.

All I knew was my gums felt more sensitive and they tended to bleed easily. And I learned it can contribute to bad breath too. DENTIST Stanton CA All of that is true. Realize there are always bacteria in the mouth. And food particles from what we eat can settle in areas between the gums and teeth.

These particles will decay to cause infections too. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I had not thought of that. DENTIST Stanton CA And here is the big one. Because of this bleeding that accompanies gum disease, those bacteria in the mouth are in contact with the blood vessels. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT That is how it travels through the body! DENTIST Stanton CA Yes! One of the first things we discovered is it can contribute to heart disease. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Heart disease? You are kidding me.

DENTIST Stanton CA Bacteria entering your blood vessels from your mouth can raise the body's immunity response, which can create inflammation in the heart and arteries. It not only can harm the heart, it can also thicken the walls of arteries which hinder the blood flow and make the heart work harder. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Okay, really not good. DENTIST Stanton CA This also increases chances for plaque to form in the arteries. If plaque lodges someplace that obstructs blood supply to the heart, there is a heart attack. If it obstructs blood flow to the brain, there is a stroke. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Really really not good. I am giving gum disease some serious respect.

DENTIST Stanton CA There are many reasons to pay it attention. There is also a link between gum disease and diabetes. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Diabetes? DENTIST Stanton CA Gum disease doesn’t cause diabetes, but it can make it worse. Plus, if someone has diabetes, it can make them more likely to get gum disease. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT So you have diabetes, you have to be extra careful about gum disease? DENTIST Stanton CA Exactly. It is also known that pregnant women with serious gum disease may be seven times more likely to give birth prematurely. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Mamas beware of gum disease. My new motto.

DENTIST Stanton CA Don’t stop there. We now believe there’s also a connection between severe gum disease and increased risks of pancreatic cancer - which is the fourth highest cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I had no idea gum disease could be so serious! DENTIST Stanton CA Most people don’t. Bacteria circulating in blood can also put a strain on the immune system. You might get colds more often. Or they last longer. Of it is just that something always seems wrong.

Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Yucks! DENTIST Stanton CA before many surgeons perform transplants or other major operations, they first demand patients get a dental clearance from their dentist. Surgeons know if the body is weakened from gum disease, it could compromise the surgery. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Wow. People are taking this seriously! DENTIST Stanton CA They should. But even if gum disease isn’t so advanced to cause major illnesses, it can still make you sleep poorly. Or your digestion might be off.

Or your brain may not think as well. You may just feel tired all the time. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I hate feeling tired all the time.

DENTIST Stanton CA I can understand that. Someone who is always tired has a harder time with life. They don't get what they want or need done. They get depressed. They may even turn toward drugs for depression.

Stanton DENTAL PATIENT It just keeps on getting better and better. DENTIST Stanton CA The truth is, it can get better. With help from your dentist. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT This part I want to know.

DENTIST Stanton CA To avoid gum disease in the first place is to keep up with good brushing and flossing. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I can do that. DENTIST Stanton CA Next, make regular visits to your dentist and hygienist so they can help keep your gums and teeth clean and in good condition. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I can do that. DENTIST Stanton CA If it is more serious, we can still help with deep cleaning like scaling and root planing. Plus if you would need gum surgery, we now can use lasers which are less painful and heal faster. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT Lasers. I love lasers! DENTIST Stanton CA We always advise patients that their gums are perhaps the most important thing to take care of.

Not just for their mouth, but overall health. Stanton DENTAL PATIENT I am really beginning to see that! Gum Disease Stanton CA, Dentist Stanton CA, Periodontist Stanton CA, Periodontal Disease Stanton CA, Gingivitis Stanton CA, Kidney Failure Stanton CA, Heart Disease Stanton CA, Prenatal Care Stanton CA, Pregnancy Gum Disease Stanton, Premature Baby Stanton CA, Periodontics Stanton CA.


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