Gloria Fleming, MD, Glaucoma Specialist

Author: Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

My name is Gloria Fleming, and my subspecialty is glaucoma. I grew up in New York in a county called Westchester County, which is a suburb outside of New York City. I did my undergraduate training at Cornell University. Then I went on to SUNY Upstate Medical College in Syracuse, New York for my medical school. I did my residency training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine Bronx Lebanon Hospital, and I spent my last year there as Chief Resident.

And then I did my internship down at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and I did my fellowship training at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, New York. So I have seen an incredible variety of patients from many diverse cultures and backgrounds, and I think that gives me a very unique perspective on management in my profession. I decided to go into medicine because of a wonderful relationship I developed with my pediatrician.

And she was this wonderful woman, she was dynamic, she was empowering, and she just always made me feel comfortable and safe. And I said, "Wow, when I grow up I want to be just like her." I decided to go into ophthalmology because of a very unique, but simple, experience I had as a freshman in college. And I just began to notice that I couldn't see things as clearly. So I wound up in an ophthalmologist's office, which was very different from the pediatric office that I had grown to know, and I thought his equipment in there was just so amazing and all of a sudden, click click, I could see, and it was something as simple as needing glasses. I said, "Wow, the eye.

It's so interesting." And that's how I initially got my interest in ophthalmology. I chose to go into glaucoma really because I realized the patients that I was seeing all the time were my glaucoma patients. And I was developing a very strong bond with them, and unfortunately glaucoma doesn't have a cure, but it can be managed, and it can be managed very well.

Gloria Fleming, MD, Glaucoma Specialist

And so we spent a lot of time talking and educating, and you just learn about the patient and develop a very unique bond with them. I came to Ohio State after we relocated here from New York, and I mean Ohio State is just the hub of Columbus. It's an amazing academic institution and I had spent some time in academics when I was in New York, and then I had gone into private practice. So I had a little bit of both worlds.

But I really enjoyed academics and I thought, "What better of a place to be part of that than Ohio State?" We're always trying to develop new techniques in glaucoma. Right now, as far as research is concerned, I do have an interest in how the cornea affects glaucoma, in particular the measurements of the cornea and how that may affect the intraocular pressure. Hopefully, it will give us some ideas of how we can manage different types of glaucoma better. When a patient comes to see me, I think that they can expect that I'm going to give them my utmost attention, that I'm very concerned about them as a person, with their overall medical health, and that I'm very attentive to their needs. I also believe in educating my patients and really making them a part in their management.

So I think that they can expect that we will work together as a team.

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Gloria Fleming, MD, Glaucoma Specialist

My name is Gloria Fleming, and my subspecialty is glaucoma. I grew up in New York in a county called Westchester County, which is a suburb outside of New York City. I did my undergraduate…

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