Glaucoma Testing Device Procedure or Visual Field Testing With i2eye Diagnostics SVOP

By: Tosh Lubek

We're changing the future of visual field technology. The era of requiring patients to keep still and subjectively reacting to what they see by pressing a button is over. By using the latest eye tracking technology in combination with our software algorithms we track the patient's natural reactions to the visual cues presented on screen. Their eyes naturally move towards movement in their visual field. Our instrument sees and measures that movement and importantly categorizes whether the patient has reacted correctly. By automatically recording the natural reactions of the patient's eye to the visual cues on screen the instrument builds up a visual field map and gives objective test results. As you can see our instrument allows free head space and unrestricted movement. This non-contact approach relies on the persons natural reactions to what is presented on the screen, thus improving the standard of care for patients with visual and neurological disorders.

By recording each test, including the eye tracking movements in reaction to the stimulus, we also provide a platform for further review and analysis. I2eye diagnostics - The future in visual field technology.

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