Getting Through the Day With Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 2

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Getting Through the Day With Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 2. Budget at least a half-hour more than you think you’ll need when running errands or shopping. When you have plenty of time, you won't feel as stressed, tired or overwhelmed.

And you’re less likely to rush and strain your joints and muscles in the process. Physical activity is a must when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Stretching improves range of motion. Strength training builds muscles that support joints. Cardio boosts your mood and overall health. Aim for 30 minutes of low- to no-impact aerobic activity – such as walking or swimming – at least five days a week.

Spend less time on your feet by making a list that corresponds to the store’s layout. At the grocery, get carryout service to take bags to your car. Ask family or a neighbor to help unload. Not up for leaving the house? Online retailers will deliver pantry items, clothing and more right to your door. Ask family members to help or hire a housekeeper if you can afford it.

When you do clean, don’t do too much at once. Rest when you need to and alternate hands – holding a mop or broom in your right or left hand for long stretches of time can strain the muscles and joints on that side of your body. Take regular breaks from stirring, dicing or scrubbing. Buy pre-cut fresh or frozen veggies. Cook in big batches when you feel good. Freeze portions for reheating on days you don’t. Get a jar opener, an electric can opener and use lazy Susans to make cabinet or pantry items more accessible.

Getting Through the Day With Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 2

Your Rheumatoid Arthritis can change from day to day. To help loved ones understand how it affects you, use a numeric scale from 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst ever). You could say, “Yesterday I was at 3. I cleaned the house and got through work.

Today, I'm at 7 and can't make dinner. Can you?” Get adequate sleep. Create a bedtime routine: Wash your face, brush your teeth, put on your PJs. Go to sleep and wake up at regular times. Ban smartphones, TVs and computers from the bedroom.

Get regular exercise, stop smoking and avoid caffeine within two hours of bedtime. If Rheumatoid Arthritis pain keeps you up, call the doctor. Do you need relief from painful, stiff and inflamed joints? Then worry no more! Ultra Joint is here to help! It’s a dietary supplement that promotes healthy joint function and integrity.

It also provides the most abundant and essential building blocks for maintaining healthy articular cartilage. It’s easy to swallow and recommended by Orthopedic Surgeons worldwide. Each bottle contains 90 capsules. Ultra Joint is 100% Safe and proudly made in the US.

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