Get Pregnant with Lovenox and Baby Aspirin

Author: Dr. Rob Kiltz

Hi, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz, CNY Fertility Centers. I'm going to be talking about inflammation, the immune system, blood clotting, and the use of baby aspirin and lovenox or heparin and how it may enhance your ability to build your family. So, the big question is Lovenox, which is a blood thinner and aspirin, baby aspirin, 81 milligrams a day. And these are used as anti-inflammatories and also to reduce blood clotting which is likely a factor in the miscarriages or failed implantations.

We know that the phospholipids which are the layers of the of the cell membranes are critical and when there's damage to these phospholipids, platelets adhere to them blood clots occur and these micro vessels clot off which reduce the blood supply to the implanting embryo or developing fetus. So, by using aspirin 81 milligrams a day we believe this enhances implantation in fertility. It may be used empirically since we believe the leading cause of infertility is inflammation and we all know that inflammation leads to platelet adherence and blood clotting and lots of other diseases. So we use baby aspirin pretty much standard across the board for all infertility clients and then by adding lovenox which is heparin like, which is a blood thinner usually a more aggressive form in a very low dose, what we call prophylactic dose, usually 30 milligrams of lovenox or 5,000 units of heparin once or twice a day. We find that those doses are low enough that it doesn't cause abnormalities in most people, but you shouldn't be taking it just routinely. We typically prescribed them around an embryo transfer and you can take it basically up to a week prior to the transfer and stay on it depending on the history of your infertility or miscarriages or other implantation failures, we're typically recommending it through 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, but there are some because of repetitive losses of later losses we're recommending the lovenox and aspirin through 18, 28, even up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. So depending on your history, no previous losses, multiple miscarriages, multiple early failed implantations, I'm generally recommending the aspirin and the lovenox 30 milligrams once a day. Sometimes up to twice a day, again very limited reasons why we're doing that, but that's the more aggressive approach in order to reduce the blood clotting, reduce the inflammation in the placental bed, in the uterus, which will enhance the blood flow, oxygenation, and and other nutrients that are important to the growing embryos and your growing baby.

Antiphospholipid syndrome which is anti Cardinal wipe and positive is a less common problem, but it's out there it's more much more prevalent probably than we understand because again generalized inflammation due to high carbohydrates or other antigens are going to affect the antiphospholipid antibodies and there's a whole host of these antibodies that are probably binding to these cell walls in the vasculature, other interstitial spaces, the cytoplasmic, the nuclear membranes, and then also the mitochondrial membranes. So the aspirin and the lovenox are used to reduce the inflammation, reduce the platelet aggregation and thrombosis that causes the diminished blood flow. It really is important not to just take this as I should be on this, but it's a good question to ask your practitioner whether or not there's some value. We're likely using it much more empirically and likely many people are using it that maybe don't need it so you have to be careful because aspirin some people are allergic to it and the lovenox and/or heparin has some side effects that you need to make sure you're talking to your practitioner and they're making sure that this is important that you should be on it But again, when it comes to IVF, we're usually using around the time of embryo transfer and for the first six to twelve weeks of pregnancy. At CNY Fertility, we believe that the immune system is probably a culprit for most idiopathic or unknown causes of fertility probably related for both the male and female and since we're talking so much more about using aspirin to prevent heart disease and strokes, it maybe should be in the water but again you need to be careful before just taking a drug without talking to someone more about it. Hope this has been helpful, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz at CNY Fertility Centers, where we believe affordability, quality care, and science come together to help you in building your family.

God bless, enjoy this day!.

Get Pregnant with Lovenox and Baby Aspirin

Get Pregnant with Lovenox and Baby Aspirin

Hi, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz, CNY Fertility Centers. I'm going to be talking about inflammation, the immune system, blood clotting, and the use of baby aspirin and lovenox or heparin…

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