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I'm George Plonk, I'm an associate professor of surgery in the Section of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery here at Wake Forest Baptist Health. My areas of interest are carotid artery surgery, peripheral vascular surgery - meaning bypass grafts to the legs, aneurysm surgery. I do a lot of vascular access surgery for dialysis. And just general peripheral vascular surgery. My patient care philosophy is to do the best I can with each of their problems and I try to follow up with them when they go home and try to follow them really for the rest of their lives, especially if we put a graft in or clean out a carotid artery. That's my primary role, just the general clinical care of the vascular patient.

I think we have a very good mix of both the research and - I'm more interested in the clinical care of the patients but some of my partners are good at both. But I think we take very good care of the patient. Hopefully we have good rapport with the patients and I think we generally do very very good work.

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