Geoffrey Box, MD on UPJ Obstruction

By: Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

Hello, my name is Dr. Geoffrey Box. I'm a urologist here at The Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center. I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Urology, and my area of specialty is in the minimally invasive treatment of urologic diseases, both benign and malignant. A UPJ obstruction, or ureteropelvic junction obstruction, is a blockage of urine flow from the kidney into the ureter, which is the tube that drains urine from the kidney to the ureter.

This is generally a congenital condition, meaning that patients are born with this problem. This can occur at any time in life and most commonly occurs in children. However, we take care of adults and this is most commonly seen in young adults, but I've certainly seen it in patients as old as ninety.

Most patients who develop this problem present with pain in their back that may be made worse when they consume large amounts of fluids. When a patient presents with the UPJ obstruction, the first thing we do is go over the options available. These include options such as changing a stent every few months, incising the area of blockage with a laser, removing the entire kidney, but most frequently we actually recommend robotic surgery to formally repair the blockage.

We have several fellowship trained physicians who have extensive expertise in treating all types of urologic conditions. Our staff in the operating room, on the floor, and in the clinic have the same level of expertise in caring for these patients.

Geoffrey Box, MD on UPJ Obstruction


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