Gastroenterologist: Martin H. Poleski, MD, CM

By: Duke Health

I'm Dr. Martin Poleski, I'm a Gastroenterologist at Duke. I have a special interest in inflammatory bowel disease, although I have wide experience in general gastroenterology and I'm also director of gastroenterology at the Duke Regional Hospital. I have two types of patients that come to me. Patients with general problems in gastroenterology and patients who are seeking second opinions or care for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

I enjoy working with people, but the part that fascinates me the most is I like solving problems. One of the interesting things about gastroenterology is that the gut is affected by all the other organs in the body whether it's the mind or the heart, or the kidneys. It's sort of often what I call an innocent bystander to other problems and patients often feel issues in their gut, but the problem is often elsewhere. So I enjoy the being the detective, so to speak. To treat gastroenterology, you have to look at other illnesses and that.

And in the same way, we need the help of other specialties which are all available here. Aside from our own team approach, we have a wider team that's backing us up and helping us and it's sort of gives me comfort to know that I can really give my patients the best of care here.

Gastroenterologist: Martin H. Poleski, MD, CM

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