FriYAY!! Crazy Keto claims Debunked! Ask Dr Heather Part 1

Author: Abby K Life

Hello hello hello it's FriYaY. I didn't spell it wrong that's how they do it on Instagram. FriYaY it's FriYaY y'all Abigail Kluttz here, from Olathe Kansas 4 o'clock frat day oh we're gonna start doing this, we're gonna start doing this okay. I've been reading, just reading this week it's keto's hot keto's a buzz word keto's what we've been talking about teaching about for two years. It's exciting, it ain't nothing new we're just penetrating the marketplace with it. And I have read some unbelievable statements this week on keto I have seen some podcasts by people talking about their journey with keto and um exogenous ketones you've really researched it if you're calling it exogenous let me tell you about that.

So the rest of the podcast is over once you call it exogenous. Um so right now on FriYaY we're gonna do a little bit of Keto debunking. Before we do this I will say I am an independent Pruver I am an independent promoter with Pruvit. I am that. And so is Dr. Heather Cardin who's gonna come on and share with us enlighten us with the science okay there you are Heather invite, invite okay.

Yeah I missed you today we made Keto donuts in our house. We had amazing lunch that you totally missed out on brand-new fat bombs. I'm sorry.

I know, I know, I ya I should have been, but don't come that stuff is not good for you. Do you still have it at your house? Uh if I could point over there I have a few lemon donuts left and a one and a half fat bombs, that someone else made a a new recipe was fantabulous. Trina brought those today. Charlotte had no school and she begged for a pajama day and I'm okay with that.

FriYAY!! Crazy Keto claims Debunked! Ask Dr Heather Part 1

So and we started Keto and by two o'clock you know me. You're on the trampoline. Yeah yeah so Dr. Heather thank you for joining me today, uh it's getting out of control on social media with a lot of um experts coming out and making all these Keto claims I thought you know every Friday we could do a crazy Keto claim list debunked and so I think it's gonna be fun I'm glad to have you on here today. I've got some good point for you okay.

Oh thank you for inviting me I'm not for sure what I said yes to but this is the herb yes so I hopefully, hopefully I can help you out here. No I love it I love it I've written down some of my favorites so just scrolling trolling through okay and I'm just gonna read them to you, okay, first thing that comes to your mind that's appropriate and, so we're not talking about libido and ketones and all that stuff today. I get that question a lot. I know it's Friday maybe we can wrap it up with some libido and no okay because even guys even farm wines could kick you out of ketosis on Friday just saying after four hours but we won't even go into that Dr.

Nally taught me about that okay. Dr. Heather are you ready for number one? I hope so. Okay. Keto isn't designed to be year round our bodies aren't designed to have the same diet year round.

Who are they speaking about what people? Like that's to me again I am not a Keto expert I have not done third-party research but I do know a basic human biology that babies are in ketosis about 20 weeks we know that the best thing we can do for our babies actually breastfeed the first year as long as they're breastfed they're in ketosis so that would mean that everything that our breastfeeding moms are doing is not healthy for them. That would mean leading researchers like Peter Duff I shouldn't mention people there's leading researchers out there doing a lot of biohacking with elite athletes, endurance athletes keeping it in that state of ketosis for optimal performance that means that we shouldn't suggest it for people who maybe are gonna go up in airplanes or rockets I'm keeping it very simple Sally so I'm not for sure where that data comes from or who's even saying it and then what people are they speaking about because we definitely know what this sugar burning society we're in is not working like one out of two people are gonna get cancer, the sugar burning thing is not working for sure that I don't know. Awesome I'm going to go ahead and preface insane most of these comments are coming from self-made nutrition experts online okay. Okay. You know, alright. So I did it it turned me into a monster. I'm going back to my diet which consists of fruits starchy carbs pasta and veggies. Why was she turning into a monster? Well I don't know how long maybe she only tried to be on a ketogenic diet for two or three days.

It wasn't just taking exogenous ketones coz you can still have all your fruits and pasta with exogenous ketones but you know there's a period of time two three four six weeks when you're transitioning over from a high carbo sugar dieting and we know sugar's addicted. We know actually sugars more addictive than heroin so people are gonna come up with excuses to eat the way they want. You've, you've coach people, I've coached people, if you can find time to validate what you want to do. Maybe it's not the best for your body but you can find validation from anything. So that does make me laugh I've heard that stuff before but it probably isn't working. Heck no! No fruit not sustainable. Not a lifestyle change this is basically the 2017 version of Atkins. So absolutely not true.

Atkins is high protein, low carb, low fat a ketogenic diet which we've studied for since 1920 almost a hundred years this is not new science. We know that it's actually high fat moderate protein low carb, so it's not the Atkins diet the only thing it has in common is they're both low carb. Atkins and again great great great doctor set us off on the right foot what didn't go right is that we didn't up our fats because we know that protein still break down into a form of glucose still sugar so you're still kind of sugar burning even if you're on a high-protein diet so when you're on a high-fat diet you're burning ketones for fuel and again we're almost at a hundred year studying this so there's so many studies out there that I think people do need to know it's not paleo, it's not low-carb, it's not Atkins it's ketogenic just ketogenic that's it that's simple.

Address the fact of, do we need fruits to eat? Oh yeah yeah yeah give me the talk rock. So there are no essential like we've if you've been to even just basic biology at a college level, there's essential amino acids, there's essential fatty acids are neurotransmitters help our body run from day to day. There's no essential fruit so we do not need a banana a day, we do not need an apple a day to keep the doctor away. The fruits that we can have are tomatoes, olives, avocados, lemons like yeah we can have some fruits but it's not going to be the melons and the bananas and papayas that we think so just define that fruit but we don't need fruits to get through our day-to-day basis but again olives are healthy and we can certainly have a few tomatoes but we don't need citrus fruit, we don't need melons, we don't need apples and things like that to to actually function optimally. You don't need to drink ketones do ketogenic diet. True you can be on a true ketogenic diet people have been doing it for a hundred years and your body can make its own ketones. However, um practicing the last 20 years knowing that our soil is depleted we're not getting the macro nutrients that we need, our guts are a mess that's why the number one pill sold is a purple pill. Um I had a group of women 15 women over here talking today and I said because like why would you use an exogenous ketones I've got enough ketones around my behind to make my own ketones.

But what happens is we have so many players hormones can throw you out of ketosis getting mad at your dog your husband your cat your plant that died will throw you out of ketosis eating a little too much of this a little lot none of this over sleeping under sleeping over working out under hydration. So many things can throw us out so I had made a comment to someone I'm like you know if the smoker want to quit smoking would you let them wear the patch will like for sure well then if someone's trying to quit sugar which we know is more addictive than heroin that research out there please Google that out there it's something I'm read and just repeating I didn't do the study myself but we know that exogenously tones take away cravings they give more energy at the cellular level, they help bounce out neurotransmitters, they down regulate our excitatory addictive hormones that seems pretty simple to me if you're having trouble staying on a low sugar no sugar diet that it makes sense and it's an amazing tool to use to help your body out again if you ask people how many people are tired how many people's guts are a mess you know we're making all sorts of new GI diagnosis every single day we can keep it the icd-9 codes but though everyone's having their irritable bowel and leaky gut and all that kind of stuff we're just not eating proper foods. Awesome! Here's a good on, now I'm on a roll. Let's go.

There's your weight I want to get this word for word it's really simple actually. Your brain needs carbs. Our brain needs fuel, so our brain needs fuel. It can burn ketones, it can burn glucose, we can break down proteins through gluconeogenesis and get extra glucose. Our brain just needs fuel so whether we're sugar burning which we know now is leading to type 3 diabetes, dementia, inflammation of the brain, a lot of a lot of mental health disorders from anxiety to depression to insomnia that when we're sugar burning our brain is not always functioning optimally there are a lot of leading current credible researchers out there doing this exact research on what does our brain exactly prefer. Number one our brain wants fuel the second question is what does it perform best on? And so with the current credible data is showing us that our brain actually can run optimally on ketones because we don't need any insulin to cross the blood-brain barrier with carbohydrates we have to go through all that need insulin we know that if you're on a ketogenic diet you reduce your chance of having Alzheimer's and dementia ketones down regulate our excitatory neurons which cause insomnia and ADHD and anxiety so it makes sense get fueled the brain but give it the best one which again a lot of the researchers as we talk right now are in the lab trying to really get that information out there.

Fats are hard on your liver. I'm sorry I'm laughing. I don't even I know I know non-alcoholic fatty liver disease so it's actually not from fact it's actually called non yeah non out yeah non-alcoholic fatty liver disease so alcohols just fermented grains fermented fruits right a high bigbang of sugar.What happens is is that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which is out numbering hepatitis in this country is actually what's causing so high carbohydrate diet high glucose we're over making our liver work work work work work work high protein diet gluconeogenesis happens in the liver, were out running our liver and it's overworking so it's getting fatty and it's getting big. Fats don't make your liver fat, sugar makes your liver fat. Sugar makes your buttons fats, sugar makes your tummy fat.Fat doesn't make your tummy fat or your liver fat so non-alcoholic fatty liver disease because alcohol again is straight sugar if we were you're not an alcoholic and you're getting fatty liver disease again ton a ton of current credible information out there by leading researchers not nutritious not dietitians not chiropractors but people who are in the lab setting that but it's a high sugar diet causing naff lack. Okay. These are some of my favorites. I know I'm keeping I'm coming.

Um this year I had blood work done I'm hoping you'll do the same with such an intense lifestyle. I had high cholesterol and hypothyroidism too much stress on my system with keto and lack of ARBs. It was a disaster brewing. So she's saying that diet actually causes, high cholesterol people think that keto, okay, so I'm gonna just so we talked about cholesterol last night actually at the privilege of speaking another doctors Wellness Center last night and we went through some of the the history that it used to be okay to have your cholesterol 300 then we lowered it to 250 then we lowered to 224 now we lowered to 190 what's happened is it actually 180 percent of us are gonna die due to cardiovascular disease. So we've lowered the cholesterol numbers but we've upped heart disease so that doesn't make sense to me. We know that our thyroid is actually the well and I'll say one more thing about cholesterol. Cholesterol breaks down into all of our hormones from DHEA which is our anti-aging hormone, cholesterol, testosterone, estrogen, estradiol so if we don't have enough cholesterol we can't break down into all of our other essential hormones. We know a lot of people out there who have andropause, menopause, PMS.

Maybe it's because I don't have enough cholesterol to manufacture hormones properly. Secondly the thyroid is the ignition for our body, so if we give our body a superior fuel source that does not need insulin, like carbohydrates need insulin, proteins need insulin, bananas need insulin, oatmeal needs insulin, that if we can give our body healthy fats bacon and eggs we don't need much insulin, then our body can actually perform much better. So I agree with her, please get your lab work done every six months if you changing your diet please check with a health care provider and interview them get with someone who is on your same wellness journey and is current and credible with today's data. That's really my advice I mean you wouldn't just go to any hairdresser so make a doctor or meet with someone who's who's doing what you want to do. That's right.

I tried it, it wreaked havoc on my kidneys and other areas of my health. She tried the ketogenic diet or exogenous ketones? Uh ketogenic diet and and I've seen more things about the equation and kidneys, they're talking kidneys. Yeah so on a keto a true ketogenic diet the body has to do a lot of work again our guts are kind of a mess. So people actually could have some negative backlash with it you're trying to go too fast if your macros aren't right if you're overworking out if you're not doing enough fat so I find a lot of times people go on a ketogenic diet. All I do is just cut out carbs and fats and just do a lot of high protein which can lead to a lot of kidney issues or if people have hidden food allergies maybe you're doing a ton of dairy and nuts and maybe you have a nut and dairy allergy that could definitely cause some kidney issues, liver issues, rashes things like that. So you know you have to put all those factors into into place and go back to the basics. The basic ketogenic diet which was doing raw dairy not processing the blue and red wrapper and melted on everything and the stuff in a box that runs all over beautiful broccoli and not doing all those nuts covered and you know you need to buy stuff organic and clean so yes there is some evidence that the ketogenic diet can be potentially hard on someone's kidneys but that's actually due to a digestive issue that your gut can't break it down, your kidney can't filter it out again we're at the doctor and make sure you don't have an allergy out there or you're not over feeding on something else.

Everything can be done incorrectly, everything can be done incorrectly right you can work out with an injured. I do a lot of things incorrectly every day you know one of the things that I noticed being in the space for two years, is people equate the Atkins diet which was very high protein if people were having acid dumps and some were forming kidney stones too - now ketogenic diet I think it's because they used to just measure their ketones on the Atkins, which they were producing a lot of glucose through high protein. Have you met with that word association a lot you know more recently? Everyday so people say so the ketogenic diet so did a presentation last night we had a nice little mixer in our house today and, and in people again who were racing the 80s Atkins is a very great word he did bring a lot of new information to the nutrition space when he brought that there. And Jackie is an amazing nutritionist with a great book at there. However, we have to go back to the basis of human biology. Our brains are 60% fat we need fat but the Atkins word has been around for a few decades. We know that keto is one of the most popular googled words today like you've been in here for 24 months.

There's people like Dr. Dom who's been here for 15, 16, 17 years right so you have to go back and say well that wasn't really big two decades ago where Atkins you know was maybe a whisper word in the 70s 80s a bigger word 90s a bigger word people still reflect back on that. So there is a lot of information out there about a high-protein diet being hard on your kidneys you can still gain weight you can get in ketosis, but you can still you know end up gaining weight and getting a lot of inflammation from too many meats. Too much protein leads to a lot of dehydration that's why we see bodybuilders using high protein to cut weight and get shredded or dehydrated at a cellular level because we're doing high amounts of protein so I just I don't want to offend anybody out there who's lifting but you know before a show they've got to get shredded and dehydrated and that's what they do, tons of tons of protein just to strip their body of water. Awesome. I did exogenous ketones for five days and felt nothing. And so I took vitamin D for two weeks and didn't feel anything, and I asked people like if you took your cholesterol drug or your cholesterol is like low or high did you feel anything, did you start birth control for two days you might feel something with that cuz it's hormone related, but I generally tell people you don't feel low calcium you don't feel high cholesterol until your doctor tells you.

I like to compare it to a barren desert I'm a farmers girl from Kansas Miami County to be exact. So I watched my dad plant the seeds and we water, we water, we water, water nothing after two weeks nothing after three weeks my dad's still walking checking the soil looking for worms and all of a sudden six eight weeks everything sprouts up. The same things true with us at the cellular level you've got to feed your body again if it was an iron supplement you wouldn't feel anything the first four or five days either but we're it's not caffeine it's not like a a ginger or something else that really just sparks our energy or ups our cortisol is putting oxygen at that cycle level, so sometimes things happen so slowly that you don't realize it until it's taken away. Every doctor will say this I'll open up and do a review of the patient. Um how are you feeling? I don't feel any different. Well, how are the headaches? Well, they're gone.

How's your gut? Well, that's better. Um you know coz when things get better people forget what they used to have right, when you had back pain two years ago you forgot about it today it's not there with you all the time because it's not what's currently on your mind. So you have to give your body time when you're making changes even a train will tell you six weeks in the gym before you see anything, the same things true cellularly six weeks before we start seeing some changes whether it's a blood pressure medication or whether it's an iron supplement or a vitamin D, you got to give your body time. And then the other one is you have these people saying, I'm doing the ketogenic diet I don't need exogenous ketones, you're a ketogenic purist and I know that your health conditions depend on you stayin' in ketosis and you still take them and recommend them so why? Well, I guess my personal story. I went on a ketogenic diet after an accident. I already been low carb gluten-free for a long time. But I knew I had to save my lean muscle mass after I fell and broke my leg. And so I didn't have exogenous ketones that whole first year after my accident in 2014.

The ketones are like getting a little bit extra water get a little more ketones, so what it does for me is give me a better flexible metabolic state so if I get mad at my kids or break a dish and get mad, that hormone doesn't take me out of ketosis. Before I have my normal female cycle and that would take me out of ketosis would take me days to get back in the same thing what's happening when I was on a ketogenic diet back in the 90s training for a triathlon. If I over trained I'm out of ketosis I started tapping into my lean muscle mass so now I have more flexibility in supplementing my body with additional ketones because our air is polluted, our water's polluted, we're over stress, we're on the phone, we're on the computer, our kids are running crazy. So for me I need that additional bhp in my body, so I feel better at that cellular level. So it's a supplement.

Supplement to the diet but if you don't want to do the diet and just live a healthy, you know clean diet you can still get the amazing benefits. We heard stories of someone giving him to a child with autism. He is not gonna get on my fitness pal track micro macros you know not gonna prepare meals measure everything out but they can still get those benefits. It's again, I don't wanna say it's just another supplement but it's just another supplement. We're supplementing our lifestyle so we can have better health. So I don't know why everyone's in such a twit about it. Well, the podcast the other night he said there's absolutely no scientific evidence supporting that bhp is helping people.

So we've been using the bhp in our office for two years. And in a very specific, very specific brand that is most by identical to what our body makes. I use it with my family first my kids my husband my mom, but I've seen patients that I've treated for years get metabolically unstuck. Even doctor Veatch had said, when in the presence of exogenous ketones our body down regulates insulin. So it's kind of like priming the pump or if you've had liver issues. I had someone talking to today I had hepatitis.

It's hard for her to make ketones because your liver actually makes ketones it goes and grabs a fat unlocks it makes the bhp. If you can help getting the inflammation down and allowing your own body to make that you have a much better chance of being successful optimizing your health. So I I'm like you I just think people should just respect what people want to do with their healthcare and know that there's people out there leading the field with nutrition with research has been around her decades. This isn't like a new panacea I know it's sweeping the nutrition and wellness space but it needs to because we are fat sick and nearly dead the stats show us that. It's just a fad Dr. Heather. Well, I love, I don't know if I'm supposed to respond to that.

I mean I know the 80s are coming back and you have plaid so I guess let's go back a little bit.So I know there's no fat in the 80s but Atkins was there in the 80s I just think we need to be we need to let go of whatever our armor is, whatever our objection is and say you know what I want to be healthier today. I'm gonna respect what you want to do for yourself there's still people out there smoking we have amazing data. I'm avoiding the question but there's so much data out there we shouldn't smoke and we say don't smoke in public don't smoke at the restaurants those folk in the plane people are still smoking it's their choice if they don't want to be healthy they want to take it they don't take anything they can still have their bananas.I don't care, I mean so if you want to be, if you want to be better,you know you know I know I know you're not addressing i'm not ketogenic. But you try to be and you try to teach so every beginner is a winner and inch by inch is a cinch. This gives people a little bit of room, so start with breakfast first get rid of this cereal have the bacon and eggs or have the leftover hot dog, like inch-by-inch is a cinch so we start little changes. Some people have to go cold turkey pantry clean out not pantry eat out and then start doing it in there. But we what we have found out those adding the exogenous ketones help that neuro signaling to reduce cravings give us better energy the reasons that we overeat and crave things so this the data is out there it's coming it's being done rapidly fast like you would not believe.

I seen again what I didn't say is, two years in my office my own family, my own friends, own patients I've seen huge transit issues with hormone balancing not giving them any hormones just simply changing the diet into ketones in I've seen cholesterol change towards the positive seen inflammation markers go down using you know, a diet more maybe an autoimmune Paleo ice our autoimmune keto diet but again clothes counts and when you can have something like exogenous ketone to help get you back into it, maybe you're a purist and your body just can't do it. It's a great reason to let your body have the ability or the option to use the ketones. Oh yeah it, it blows my mind because I wanted to do the ketogenic diet when we first began to use it so bad. But just because I'm an a-type personality my stress levels are up here I work on it every day Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and ketones that's a you know I'm trying but and then working out hard I, you know, I, I was coming from the addiction of weightlifting and tearing things up which produces more cortisols in your body. I like eating protein. I would eat too much protein it would convert to glucose so for me to have the ability to you know not be perfect and so strict on a ketogenic diet especially after coming out of the competitor world with the I have you know if it fits your macros measuring calorie counting ohh I didn't want to be that strict, and so the ketones bridged the gap and they made me feel amazing and I just do the best I can with high fat low carb and I've got a s'more last night and it was really good. But you can make a keto s'more too. And that's why i come over to your house.

I had somebody over today I just met. She wasn't able to come to low-carb Casey. She saw the event she's like, "I love looking in your refrigerator where it looks just like mine" you know and you can we can you can get around a community of people who want to help everybody better, everyone sharing recipes, everybody's doing this. We are not swapping pop chart coupons, we are not swapping s'more coupons, we are swapping keto coupons. But again it no one's expected to be perfect and even if you try to be perfect you still can't happen I mean you've tried it yourself the strip's get overstressed and counting every almond gets overstressed but it's a it's where we need to go to help everybody. It's where we need to go to save our children you know the next generation is not supposed to outlive us.

So I wish people would just be a little more open to the current credible data and the researchers who are leading this field I mean Dr. Ron Rosedale talked about this well over a decade ago, top Thomas some of the top TED Talks are talking about the exact same thing reversing cholesterol, reversing diabetes with a ketogenic diet. These are real, I don't say real doctors. These are people who've been doing this with patients in the clinic in the lab, they've read the research they begin through all the information. I was at the global conference in Canada, everyone around the world 50 different countries they're all saying the same thing like to help our children we have to stop the sugar. So that's no more pop charts. I know it's frustrating we've been all over these past two years at these keto conferences, medical conferences cheering these anecdotal studies but then seeing these lab research and you just get on Sabian I think it calls for a Friday crazy claim, so thank you for joining me you you were a sport and I'm glad we could do this together today and I think there will be four.

Hold on a second I gotta show you the VM I have to show you the sorry it's loud my house the doughnuts so I put my phone down here a second It's not talking about Saturdays y'all. Look at that. Oh yeah nice did you do the little butter melting on it? We didn't because they're still cooling but we made two batches of them and it's fabulous like I don't know why you'd want anything else? Coconut flour, almond flour, egg whites, lemon, lemon, lemon zest, a little bit of dark chocolate. We did a little bit of blueberry so the little bit of high carbs but not much for the whole deal and they're fabulous like we could not make them fast enough between the 15 women of us eating them. So if you didn't see the video today you should go watch it but I'll save you a couple maybe.

I will, I will awesome. I think next Friday I think we should do the things that will knock you out of ketosis. That something I've been seeing a lot of, they think they're strict keto, they think they're ketogenic, but we we need to be more aware of the things that are knocking out of ketosis, how about that does that sound like a good topic? Absolutely and I would love anybody who joined us let us know what you want to hear like what you've been reading out there, what you've been listening to. Maybe a favorite podcast or maybe some doubting Thomases that we still need to be feeding on sugar 24/7 and that we still need to be sugar burners.

Share what you have out there, I mean, I cannot possibly read everything out there, can't possibly listen to every podcast. So I want you to be our ears and eyes there's only four eyes between us so we don't have time to read everything out there. I'm not on every site, so let us know what peeps are saying out there and I will do my best to find current credible information and be, I can say the word is current, be current here with you today. So if I do share something that we know that still leading people in the right direction but know that we're not perfect but we're not going to use excuses to be not perfect.

I think that's what happens when people start getting sugar, "I deserved it, they had a great day it's a slumber party" like we should not have excuses. Fat sick and nearly dead in the US. And Dr. Heather will not let you have excuses she will absolutely call me out when I do it too, so, um that means said y'all have an amazing weekend Dr. Heather I'll be over tomorrow morning for a donut, cool? Sounds great! Bring your cream. Okay bye guys, bye bye.

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