Foot Surgery for Rheumatoid Arthritis | Patient Testimonial

By: American Foot & Leg Specialists

Well, first of all, let me start off by saying that I have been in pain for quite some time. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and living with it for about five or six years. My foot, my left foot, had gotten so bad that I started to walk like a cripple. I'm a teacher, I work with students, I run up and down the halls, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I got to the point where I couldn't even get up in the morning. So, I decided, I just made a decision, a conscious decision, to go and find some help. I went to a pediologist, and she referred me to Dr. Colon.

And I called Dr. Colon. He asked me to come in, did an x-ray, and told me everything that I needed to have done; and I was so nervous because I did not want any type of surgery. But, honestly because of how everyone made me feel in the office; when I say that I mean, just the warmth, the friendliness, the relaxing energies there, I just felt good. I felt like I could actually trust this doctor. I knew that I had to go through this in order to get where I needed to be. He was wonderful.

He was absolutely wonderful. My hero. Going into the surgery, I didn't know anybody, I was kind of nervous.

But when I saw Dr. Colon I felt like it's going to be all right. Everything is gonna be fine. Since the surgery, it's been about, about a month.

Foot Surgery for Rheumatoid Arthritis | Patient Testimonial

I've been in a boot. I've had to do foot/ toe exercises. And now I'm walking fine. I'm wearing a gel pad, which will protect the area during that time and will help the nerves reconnect in about 4-6 weeks. So, I should be back in shoes, and back in heels, at that time, and 100% recovery. And, I feel great, I mean it's just a little sensitive in that area. I healed so well that it doesn't even look like I had a cut.

This office is just the most friendliest office. I wish all of my doctors offices could be like this. Whoever set up the customer service or trained everyone, they did a fabulous job, because they're right on point.

And, it's just the best experience I've ever had.

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