Foot Fungus & Callus Remover Regimen

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I am providing my foot scrub regimen What I do on a weekly basis I get my tea tree oil you'll need a personal nail, clipper, foot paddle, nail extractor. I bought this foot sander it's a pedicure foot treatment pumice stone personal nail clipper a I bought the heel sander. You can also use a bottle of Listerine if you choose and you'll need a personal bucket or basin and tea tree oil that I used towards the end to put in my foot bed So this regimen takes about 30 minutes or so you could probably do as max of them in 15 minutes but actually do it either watching television or reading a book or sitting at my computer. I put a towel on the floor so it doesn't I don't spill it make sure that the water is lukewarm too hot as much as you could tolerate it because then it will speed up the process and then what I do is use the tea tree oil scrub that I got from Amazon I usually wait to see if they have a subscribe and save and or a sale and I usually buy one or two packs. I love it it's got tea tree oil or some other extracts and it's been doing the job I've been suffering with this foot toe fungus I call my my two toes my Franken toes this happened to me based on a salon day that I had and apparently somebody without a license jabbed the foot extractor too far into my nailbed and of course happy me I ended up with a toe fungus.

This is what I've had to do for about ten plus years and it's definitely gotten a lot better my dried my podiatrist basically told me that at my age it wasn't recommended to yank my toenail out so after soaking your feet for about 15 it's your feet should be soft I take my foot paddle and start scrubbing away any callus. Take the foot pedal and go pass all either my heels and my foot bed and my the ball of my feet and around my toes. Now these products should not be shared with anyone else in your family you could actually spread foot fungus so make sure after each use you sanitize them and either how order or some kind of like a toner I usually use like sea breeze after I wash it in hot water and soap and then I let it air dry and I put them. Everyone should have their own so this way cross-contamination with other individuals in your family so to show you how this foot pedal works it is gross but at the end of it at the end of the day when I'm scrubbing my feet I'm somewhat pleased that I could actually have brand new looking feet and yes it's gross but it's what I have to do. Afterwards, I take the nail exfoliator and I go by any parts of my toe and my toenails that I may have missed but I take it and I actually sand off as best as I can a layer of the dead skin from the nail itself.

I've been doing this and actually this is the first time I'm actually brave enough to show my toes on the internet. It was only only had nine toes because I was so ashamed as to how disgusting my toe looked. Follow this regimen on a consistent basis and whenever possible use open toe shoes to let the sun ray help cure your fungus. Its been looking better it's actually grown more to look like a original toe and it's almost at the length of my other big toe. I got this foot scrubber this pedicure foot scrubber on Amazon, which I purchased for about four bucks.

I saw the same one of our grocery stores for like nine bucks and way expensive. It comes with 5-7 attachments, but I only use 2. It works on batteries which is why I always buy these Amazon rechargeable batteries The device is thick and actually hurts my hands so I usually do this pretty quickly After that I take a soft sponge like a pumice stone or a pumice block and use it to smooth down any of the areas on my toes that I may have scraped that to make sure it leaves it a smooth finish, Use it on all toes to give it a nice finish, Additional use it to soften up any rough spots that I may have missed. I bought the rechargeable callus sander which I spent about 40 dollars. This is a nice feature especially if you travel.

Foot Fungus & Callus Remover Regimen

Just plug it in, give it a full charge and your done. Use the pedicure cuticle extractor to push back your cuticle and remove dead skin from toes. Try to get any of the dead skin out of the way and used a nail clipper clip around your nail to give it a clean finish.

Once done, use the Miracle Foot Cream, which I love. <3 Its a pretty costly (around $25), but I have to say I am not buying any other foot product. This is not sponsored post; just something I truly have experienced and totally love because it works. This is my 3rd bottle to date and I'm definitely a fan.

Apply a quarter size to each of my foot and afterwards use the tea tree oil droplets one on each one of my toes, mostly on my big fat toes Do this regimen at least once a week. During the weekday, after taking a shower in the morning and at night, I take the tea tree oil droplet and apply one to each toe and I use the foot cream as well right before I put my feet in my shoes. Keep your head up high there's still a solution it just takes a lot of maintenance and care but she'll be able to show your your your toe to the world! I hope this video helps you.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions. *Disclosure - I am not a physician and suggest you consult your doctor related to this type treatment. To click yes that it was helpful and feel free to subscribe to my Amazon profile name to see other videos thanks again good luck.

Foot Fungus & Callus Remover Regimen

I am providing my foot scrub regimen What I do on a weekly basis I get my tea tree oil you'll need a personal nail, clipper, foot paddle, nail extractor. I bought this foot sander…

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