Flynn Rigby, Cerebral Palsy | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Author: Beike Biotech

Our expectations for the first treatment, we really were hoping that he would talk, because at the age of 9 Flynn couldn't talk. That was our main goal, and main hope was for Flynn to be able to talk. My name is Frazer Rigby, and this is my son Flynn Rigby, and we are from Australia. Cairns, Australia. Flynn was born at 23 and a half weeks gestation, so extremely premature. We knew there would be big problems because he was born so early, but we hoped that, over time, everything would be fine but - obviously they weren't. Flynn's every stage of his development, was severely delayed, so we knew that we had to do something. Whatever we could to help him.

His condition is a result of his cerebellum not developing, and also those lesions and damage to the brain. As a result of that fine motor skills have been severely affected. Speech has been the major problem. He was able to walk, he was able to reach those milestones, they were delayed, but speech has been one that up until the age of nine, Flynn, he could not talk.

The transformation in Flynn from before to after the stem cell treatment has been significant. Flynn could not speak and after the treatment he could talk. His fine motor skills, in terms of just walking, and riding a bike now, and swimming, and interacting with his peers and wanting to be a part of society has been a significant change in Flynn.

His reading of books, his comprehension has improved and we are hoping that it will continue to do so. Our experience at Better Being Hospital, Flynny, has been very good. The staff have been fantastic, the facilities are great, very very similar to our western facilities at home... And it's been very organized and so we've been very happy.

Flynn Rigby, Cerebral Palsy | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Haven't we Flynn? We would definitely recommend stem cell treatment to people who are looking for some success or potentially some improvements in all types of conditions in Australia. Certainly, it has helped Flynn, and I'm sure that it could help many people if they did choose to go down that path. Just for us, our journey has been, has been phenomenal. Phenomenal, you know and we've had community support.

And the success, we know that it's all, the majority of that has to do with the stem cells treatment.

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