Finger Tendon Glides for Hand Injury or Surgery - Ask Doctor Jo

By: AskDoctorJo

Hey everybody, it's Doctor Jo. Today I'm gonna show you some finger tendon glides. This is if you've had a surgery in your hand, or if you've had an injury that has scar tissue building up to it. So let's get started. Start by propping your elbow up on something solid,and put your hand at a little bit of an angle. Put your fingers straight out. And you're gonna start with what we call the table top. So you're gonna bend at the first joint here.

So keep your fingers straight and then come all the way back up. Bend then back up. And this is just gliding those tendons along the hand there. The next one is the hook fist. So now you're gonna curl and the next joint like this. Again gliding those tendons, breaking up scar tissue in there.

Now for the straight fist. So you're gonna bend these knuckles and these knuckles and come down like this. Now for the full fist, bending them all the way down and leaving the thumb on the outside.

Make sure you're opening your hand all the way back up after each one. And then the last one is the thumb curl. So you're just bringing your thumb up and then all the way across. There you have it. Those were your finger tendon glides.

Finger Tendon Glides for Hand Injury or Surgery - Ask Doctor Jo

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