Felix Oroz - Baseball and Heart Disease Take Courage and Dedication

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Drafted by the Cubs out of high school relatively low in the draft and then I got a full ride scholarship with the University of Wyoming and then drafted by the Dodgers after my junior year at Wyoming. Every male on my father's side of the family has passed away from heart disease. I still didn't draw the conclusion that it could happen to me.

I was an athlete. I went running; I ran an hour and 15 minutes that day that it happened. I was also Spanish Basque. I ate anything and everything including organ meat started feeling a pretty significant pain in my chest but i just had spicy food for lunch and wrote it off as heart burn. I got up to get a glass of water and it really hit to the point it buckled me over. And then if it's on the ambulance and then as we were driving we're right by the airport and that's what it hit.

And he said code blue you're having a heart attack. Because we got there they were ready for him which was actually the thing that saved him because they were ready for him right there. In 2009 he had an angiogram which we consider the gold standard for looking for somebody that is risk for a heart attack And the angiogram in 2009 was normal so in 2014 it was quite a shock that he had just discovered and had a very significant blockage in his left anterior descending. I think there is a good correlation between being a former athlete and the life lessons that can be learned as a result of that. I think athletics you have to be determined, you have to have team work. You need perseverance you need dedication you need confidence and all those things can apply now to making those lifestyle changes not only for the short term but to do it long term. Being drafted was certainly one of the highlights of my life but from a player's perspective I was invited to finish Leyland play winter ball fortunate enough to start the first game of the South American World Series and through one-hit shutout in front of about sixty-five 70,000 people on nationally televised, and you know I never dreamed that it would be me out there.

You may be a phenomenal athlete, you may be a high school athlete it doesn't matter what caliber but you're human first and how you take care of yourself and your family history routine checkups making sure you're into how your body is reacting is important. Individuals that have had the window maker only seven percent of the population survives That's when it hit me what it was and how fortunate I really was.

Felix Oroz - Baseball and Heart Disease Take Courage and Dedication

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