Face to Face on the Menopause with Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams | Nadia & Kaye

By: Nadia and Kaye

[NADIA] Rage [KAYE] Nothing [NADIA] Confusion [KAYE] Denial [NADIA] Loss [KAYE] Can I do a little Charade for you? This is menopause for me Attention seeking [NADIA] Dark talkative people that don't get it I'm [KAYE] I just do not get it [NADIA] People that don' get it are really going to get it when they get it [KAYE] I think a lot of middle aged women are essentially attention-seeking and all their usual means of seeking attention are evaporating and so they latch on to the menopause [NADIA] When I imagine Kaye hitting the menopause I'm filled with such joy [KAYE] But it's not going to happen because I don't obsess about it some people just obsess about it they make it happen they attract the menopause [NADIA] The menopause is like stepping onto a really safe zebra crossing when there is nothing in sight and then being hit by train [KAYE] Drama queens [NADIA] Gray hair, saggy skin, itchy skin, premenstrual tension on a stratospheric level like never known before, really irritating friends that don't yet have their menopause [KAYE] I feel great [NADIA] I can't wait. It's going to be so bad for you. It's going to be so bad for because on top of everything is going to happen you're also gonna have karma [KAYE] A positive attitude I think is important [NADIA] If I hit her will it show up in my camera or her camera? [NADIA] You put on weight. Weight increase You've got to be disciplined [NADIA] Thinning bones, balding nuun [KAYE] I try not to look! A nunn that now needs a comb-over [KAYE] I I think that could look quite attractive in some lights [NADIA] A Donald Trump nunn I didn't even know that belly buttons could sag [KAYE] To be honest... Hasn't it always sagged? [NADIA] memory loss Bleeding gums it's basically like decomposing but still walking around and functioning [NADIA] I think you're suffering the effects of a misspent youth [NADIA] Can't wait. Can't wait. You think you've saved yourself from it with your exercising three times a week and your oily fish a minimum of three times a week and with your half a glass of wine and your moderate thinking and your moderate drinking and your cycling and all of that and it's still gonna hit you like a train [KAYE] Body swerve.

[NADIA] We're actually going to have to stop because I really am going to smack her fucking face in.


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