Face Mites Are Gross and Cool and We Try to Find Them (ft. Ms Beautyphile)

Author: Coma Niddy

(PBS Digital Studios) (Coma Niddy) Hey! See this tape on our foreheads? It's part of a science challenge that you can do as well! (Ms Beautyphile) That's right! (Coma Niddy) It's known as the Face (Ms Beautyphile) Mite (Together) Challenge! (Coma Niddy) *Sings random note* Hey. Coma Niddy here and I have a special guest with me today. Trina Espinoza. How should people call you though? (Ms Beautyphile) They should call me Ms Beautyphile (Coma Niddy) Awesome. What do you do on your channel? (Ms Beautyphile) I like to de-mystify beauty with science! (Coma Niddy) If you head on over to her channel after watching this video you can see a really cool episode about the stuff she found in her expired makeup. (Ms Beautyphile) That's right. It might surprise ya. (Coma Niddy) Speaking of Mite surprise..

(Ms Beautyphile) Haha oh my goodness. (Coma Niddy) This is the face mite challenge. (Ms Beautyphile) We're going on an adventure to find tiny animals that live on our skin. You might have heard of them. They're smaller than a grain of salt.

Have eight legs. Live in our pores. Snack on our dead skin cells. And slurp up the oil from our skin. They go through their entire life cycle using our bodies as their neighborhood. They're called Demodex Mites.

And guess what? Everybody has them! Here are the supplies you'll need to find your mites. You'll need some tape, slides (Coma Niddy) And in order to look at the slides, you'll need a microscope. (Ms Beautyphile) Mike, what if they don't have a microscope at home? (Coma Niddy) Well you can get one of these. (Ms Beautyphile) Aw! it's cute.

Face Mites Are Gross and Cool and We Try to Find Them (ft. Ms Beautyphile)

It's a pocket microscope. (Coma Niddy) And you can find these online for about 5 to 10 dollars. And the last part of the puzzle is a pair of scissors.

To cut the tape with. Do I have permission to extract the mites? (Ms Beautyphile) Yes! (Coma Niddy) Awesome. Can we high five on that one. To get started with the challenge it's really simple.

Just take a piece of tape. Put it on your forehead and make sure it's on their real good. And this isn't limited to just your face. You can put it on your chest.

(Ms Beautyphile) Your back. (Coma Niddy) Maybe your forearms. (Coma Niddy) You're going to leave that tape there for a long time. It's best to do it overnight because the mites are most active when it's dark. (Ms Beautyphile) Wait for 12 to 24 hours. (Coma Niddy) Take that tape. (Ms Beautyphile) Oh my god, that actually hurt.

Oh I can feel your hair come off with that. (Coma Niddy) I don't have that much chest hair. (Ms Beautyphile) Don't mix them up! Don't want to mix up the slides. I have to label them.

(Coma Niddy) Take that tape. Put it onto a slide. Slide the slide under the microscope. (Ms Beautyphile) Hey Mike, let's do a slide swap and check out each other's results.

Ahh! I found one! No way! It's a little one. I wonder if it's Demodex Brevis. Oh my gosh! (Coma Niddy) And the toughest part about finding face mites is finding the mites for the first time. And we're looking at Trina's slide, and we're not finding a single mite. So the results are in. How many mites did we find on Trina? (Ms Beautyphile) None (Coma Niddy) How about on me?! (Ms Beautyphile) Lots! (Coma Niddy) I never thought I'd be proud to have like things living on me and in me.

(Ms Beautyphile) It was really exciting to see your mites though. It's like these little chubby things and their little feets are waving around it's great. (Coma Niddy) Now this might happen to you and and you shouldn't feel bad right? Like how do you feel? (Ms Beautyphile) Well I felt bummed out but I figured maybe I could just try again maybe next week and see if I can find them or try a different place.

Right? (Coma Niddy) Yea and it's that's what science is about. Science can be slow but it's also exciting like you should have saw her face. She found the mites on me. I have a lot of mites to give.

Would you like some? (Ms Beautyphile) I would love some of your mites. (Coma Niddy) Alright. Bring it in. There you go! (Ms Beautyphile) So we hope that you try this challenge and share it on social media. Yea do it on your Facebook, your Instagram (Coma Niddy) Snapchat (Ms Beautyphile) That's right twitter! (Coma Niddy) Everything. And also leave comments on this video about your adventures. Then head on over to Trina's channel.

So exciting! Tell her right here that I sent you that we sent you. (Ms Beautyphile) We'll be doing more science experiments. It'll be a lot of fun. (Coma Niddy) And we'll see you next time! Peace!.

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