Eye exercises which cured my Myopia in just 2 months (Bates Method)

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One of most powerful exercises is this one... Basically what you have to do in this exercise is: First of all what you'll have to do is to put your finger in front of your eyes and after that find a point far away. For this example in this video I have taken the peak of the mountains. So I am looking far away... So first, I am looking 5 seconds at my finger with one eye and then I look with the same eye towards the mountains, towards the peak of the mountain So as you see in this video first of all I am doing exercise with my right eye then with my left eye and after that I am doing with both of them So this exercise is the most powerful exercise..

Among the exercises which "The Program for Better Vision" proposes, by Martin Sussman So, in the past I used to struggle with my Myopia and right now I have got my eyes in perfect shape So look first of all I am looking at my finger and after that I am looking at the peak of the mountain So as point, a far away point is the peak of that mountain As you see I am doing it about 5 or 10 minutes depends... And after that I relax my eyes. So one time with one eye, after that with another eye and after that I am doing the same exercise with both eyes. It's very powerful this exercise because it strengthens the muscles of your eye. Another very good exercise it is called Palming of the "Program for Better Vision" by Martin Sussman.

I used this program to cure my Myopia. So as you see here I am doing this kind of exercise, basically it consists of this... What you have to do is: to close your eyes and to put your palms on your eyes and maintain those palms about 10 minutes So, closing your eyes what you'll have to see is only the dark and after you open your palms... You'll feel a relief, a pleasure in your eyes, you'll see better... So, you'll have to do it 5 times in the period of time of 10 minutes.

It's very easy to do it and it's very pleasant. Trust me! I achieved very good results in just 8 weeks doing so, doing these kind of exercises... And they are very powerful. Trust me! Another very good exercise for eyes, which Martin Sussman in his book "Program for Better vision" proposes...is this one So, this type of exercise is called Solarization. Basically it consists of: Closing the eyes and..

Eye exercises which cured my Myopia in just 2 months (Bates Method)

And doing this: looking towards the sun in the sunny day. So right now you are going to see me doing this kind of exercise. So first of all what I am doing is closing my eyes... Right now, I am looking towards the sun. As you see the sun is full on my face. And what I am doing here? I am looking towards the sun and playing with it, passing it on my closed eyes. I am doing it very slowly... I am doing it about 5 minutes.

After 5 min you'll see unexpected pleasure in you eyes... And you'll start to see better... So as you see here is the sun and a very beautiful landscape of Italian Alps...

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