Exhausted Vlogging: Triggering My Tourettes

Author: Whimsical Ghost

Ok so here's some little commentary about how I mildly screw myself over every once in awhile...or...well, okay in this aspect it's every once in awhile but I mildly screw myself over, like, frequently...it's a chronic affliction. But anyway, so I'll start with the beginning. I have mild Tourette's syndrome so I have a few ticks and whatnot and on Instagram I follow a few Tourette's pages where, you know, people come to like, leave comments, like they're run by like an admin that like kinda post videos talking about their stuff and um, the girl that runs this one page posted the video kind of being like "hey here's a tic update, here's my new tics that I've been dealing with like what are your guys' tics, what are you guys dealing with lately?" because you know tics like cycle through like you have a tick for like a few months and then they kind of go away or you'll have like ones that stay with you like I have a few that I've had like just forever and I have a few that kind of like come and go but um she was talking and she was like showing us and everyone was like commenting and kind of stop and it's really cool that like follow these pages and like kind of get involved er...not to get involved like you know comment and talk with other ppl briefly about like the tourettes life because we know it sucks a little bit but um I've only met a few people like in person that have Tourrette's so I don't have a whole lot of people like bounce ideas off and talk about it like I'm pretty much...until I was like in my teens I was completely like alone with all my Tourrrette's stuff and dealing with this but anyway, so watch her video and now like because I've been thinking about Tourrette's like all of my tic are just going nuts and it was *laughing* such a bad idea like...I don't...I have to the bed and I don't know why I do this to myself like every once in a while I'll go on youtube and look at people and like their Tourrette's stories and then for the next like two-and-a-half hours I will just be ticcing like a mad and its bad and it hurts and its irritating and I don't know why I do this... *laughing* but....so.... Thats my problem right now and I'm like mega suppressing them right now to film this because I'm not quite ready to like make a video and like to be comfortable with my Tourrette's like if you've seen any of my other videos or go watch some of my videos right now you'll see a lot of stuff with my eyes like they kind of open and open a little bit more and I have a lot of like eyebrow kind of stuff but I'm also really expressive so like it's half tics and its half me just being an expressive person but um you can also hear like a little bit of squeaking and most of my videos to, like that's me *laughing* coming for me that's one of my tics but um, eventually I think I'll film a video about my total Tourrette's Syndrome and experience with that because I did make this channel to kind of learn about myself and like help me kind of analyze my self and learn kinda...how to learn who I am because I don't have a very good sense of identity so I think that would be a really good video to make and also maybe I can...I don't know find other people, maybe other people with Tourettes will comment on my video and I'll have more of a community base but...anyway...*laugh*.

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