Erectile Dysfunction: The Deadly Lie & Simple Cure

Author: Bite Size Vegan

From pills and pumps to surgery and shockwaves, there’s no shortage of creative, costly and confounding treatments for erectile dysfunction. And with patients desperate for solutions and doctors quick to dole out medication, symptom-focused quick fixes with high profit margins overtake any discussion of prevention, cause or lasting cure. But the most disturbing omission of all in the booming business that’s arisen from the battle against impotence, is the fact that erectile dysfunction is not only a top concern for men, but also their top killer. Hi it's Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to another vegan nugget. Erectile dysfunction isn’t exactly a topic for dinner conversation. The inability to sexually perform carries with it a profound amount of societal and cultural baggage. With the astronomical cost of impotence treatments, it’s easy to write off ED as a frivolous use of money better spent on life-threatening disorders and diseases than what’s often seen as men’s egos. And this is partially true.

In this second installment of the Men’s Health Series with Dr. Michael Greger of, we’ll hear the disturbing truth about the life-threatening nature of erectile dysfunction, its cause, and the incredibly simple dietary cure. Emily: Dr. Greger, thank you again, so much, for taking time out of your busy schedule to be on the channel and answer some questions. Dr. Greger: So happy to, anytime! Emily: It's a bit of an understatement to say that the ability to perform sexually is important to most men.

Of course the only treatment for erectile dysfunction that we ever hear about is the wide range of pills with costs exceeding $1 billion worldwide annually. But the causes and implications of erectile dysfunction aren’t ever addressed. So what are the real dangers of erectile dysfunction beyond the concerns of loss of virility? Dr. Greger: So erectile dysfunction defined as the inability to have a satisfactory intercourse is present in 100 million men worldwide, 30 million men in the US. You say wait a second, the US only has 8% of the world’s population, yet 30% of the impotence we’re #1, we’re #1.

Yes, indeed. But who cares cause we’ve got red, white and blue pills like Viagra. The problem is that these pills don’t treat the underlying cause which is clogged, inflamed, dysfunctional arteries. So, erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease is actually two manifestations of exactly the same disease. Forty percent of men over 40; 40 over 40 have Erectile Dysfunction placing them in nearly 50 times the risk of dying from a heart attack cardiac event like sudden death. That’s a 5,000% increase in risk and even for younger men. We used to think erectile dysfunction in younger men in 20s-30s, it was all psychogenic in origin. Meaning it's all in their head.

Erectile Dysfunction: The Deadly Lie & Simple Cure

But it turns out we are realizing it’s more likely the early signs of vascular disease. So men in with erectile dysfunction, even if they don’t have any cardiac symptoms, like chest pain, should be considered a cardiac patient until proven otherwise. So that’s why even young men should care about their cholesterol levels because hardening of the arteries can lead to softening of the penis decades down the road. Your cholesterol now can predict sexual functioning decades later in life in these longitudinal studies. And you say wait a second, but now we have pills right? Can’t I still just continue to eat crap all my life and then just pop some pills. But you know all the Viagra in the WORLD won’t help your sex life after a stroke. The bottom line is “ED” stands for Early Death. It’s the survival of the firmest.

Emily: With erectile dysfunction being, as you said, a manifestation of our #1 killer, why aren’t men informed about this when it’s such a threat to their lives? We never hear about erectile dysfunction being part of coronary artery disease. Dr. Greger: Well, they’re obviously not subscribers to Well, it’s like wait a second, why don’t people know that heart disease can be reversed with a healthy enough diet? Our #1 killer. The cure for #1 killer of men and women, we have known that since July 1990 with Ornish’s publication of Lifestyle Heart Trial decades ago. Yet hundreds of thousands of people continue to die of this preventable, treatable, reversible condition.

But wait a second, we do we even know that? And it’s because doctors aren’t told about it - doesn’t make people money - I can go through all the list of the forces at work, primarily economic forces, that just don’t allow this information to get out there. The reason you don’t see ads on TV for broccoli is the same reason you don’t hear about this research. There's just not a profit motive. No one sends out a press release when a study gets done about how wonderful sweet potatoes are for you because there’s no sweet potato lobby out there. There’s no way they can get this message out there.

If only we had some kind of resource that could bring this science directly to you without the commercialism bias. Well, that’s why I do the work that I do. I hope you enjoyed hearing from Dr.

Greger on the true risk and simple solution to erectile dysfunction. You can find links to relevant studies and Dr. Greger’s site on the blog post for this video linked in the description below. Though it’s an uncomfortable subject, the truth about erectile dysfunction can literally save lives.

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