Endocrine Surgeon: Sanziana A. Roman, MD

By: Duke Health

Hello, my name is Sanziana Roman and I am an endocrine surgeon at Duke. Well, I'm not too shy about this because it's a really great passion of mine. And it's gotten tied into, I think, my choice of profession ultimately, which is what I do now. I was a music major in college. And I was a professional opera singer before I was physician. And that's really impacted my life and my choices, I think, long term. I still sing and I definitely enjoy it.

So, I really think that the surgery I do currently, particularly surgery for the thyroid, cancer of parathyroids, allows me to, in some ways, still sort of protect the voice and allow people to keep their voice. I've treated singers. I've treated teachers. I've treated people who need their voice, moms who just need to make sure that their kids are in line. So, that's sort of the one thing that I think really equipped me very well to understand the issues around this area. My absolute favorite thing about being an endocrine surgeon is the fact that I get to treat patients of all ages. I get to treat little children who have an inherited disorder. I get to treat young women, college age.

I get to treat men and I get to treat elderly patients with different goiters or calcium problems or different cancers. And what I really enjoy about it is that a lot of the disorders I treat really have a fantastic outcome if treated properly and they are treated surgically. So, I really feel I have an impact in patients' lives.

Endocrine Surgeon: Sanziana A. Roman, MD

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