Dysautonomia and Thyroid - Ken N on Kenna & Lori

By: Dr. Gilbert Jaudy

(Music) Hi, my name is Ken. Lori is my wife, and I also have a daughter, Kenna, who has also been... Both of them have been to Dr. Jaudy. First, my daughter, who came here on the recommendation of another friend who had heard about him, and she... We brought her back from North Carolina because the doctors had given up on her, and they figured she had about two weeks left before her organs shut down, so she came home to die. And she had given up.

She told me, I just want to go to sleep, and I don't want to wake up. Well, she... Her husband wasn't about to let that happen, and so he made her come to Dr. Jaudy, and within days, we saw amazing improvement in her that I was amazed personally. I'm just watching from the outside, and seeing these amazing results coming from some strange things, it seems very strange to me, but, by golly, it worked. This man knows what he's talking about, he knows what he's doing, and there's living proof.

My daughter... This has been, oh what, a little over two years I think she's been coming here, and she is... Instead of bedridden, she is now all over the place. They're moving back to North Carolina, where they're going to resume their life they had before, and my wife, I watched her suffer for many, many years, and it got to the point where the pain was all the time, and the only relief she got was in bed, and so, she's been coming here now seven days and I already see a major improvement, and I'm very grateful because I love both my daughter and my wife, and I'm very grateful to Dr. Jaudy for the help and the kindness that he's shown to my family. What makes Dr. Jaudy different? I would say it's his approach. Number one, right from the start, you can, you can see that he truly does care about people and their problems that they have.

You go to a doctor... All I've seen with doctors with her, is that they look at what's on the paper, and if it doesn't jump out off the paper, and say it's this or that, and then you say, well it's all in your head, where Dr. Jaudy, he looks at everything, the whole, the whole thing, everything surrounding, and then he looks at each and every..

Dysautonomia and Thyroid - Ken N on Kenna & Lori

Whatever it is, whether it's one problem, or whether there are several things that you point at, and he'll bring it all together, and he seems to know exactly what is happening in your in your body, and he does, he does take tests of his own, you know, things that I'm not really aware of what he's doing, but he, he knows what he's doing because it proves itself out in the end, to where he seems to be fixing things, and that's all we're interested in, is getting her fixed. (Music).

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