Dysautonomia, an invisible illness

By: Laura Sabadini

Hi. I made this video to tell you a little about a medical condition called dysautonomia. I am not a medical professional. I am someone who suffers with dysautonomia, and I used information from the resources which I've included in the references and credits. Do not use the information in this video as a substitute for consulting with a licensed medical professional. Broadly speaking, dysautonomia means problems with the autonomic nervous system the autononmic nervous system controls lots of unconscious processes in the body for example the automatic nervous system regulates heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, pupil dilation and constriction, and temperature control, as well as other things. Symptoms of dysautonomia vary, but they can include fatigue, lightheadedness, passing out, heat intolerance, weakness, malnutrition, and cognitive impairment.

Dysautonomia can occur secondary to another disease, like diabetes or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or it can occur as a primary disorder. These conditions are often misdiagnosed, and secondary dysautonomia is more common than primary. Some people with dysautonomia can lead pretty active lives, and some are so sick that they can barely get up or out of the house. Even for one person, symptom severeity can fluctuate depending on the day or the context. A person with dysautonomia might be able to do something one day... But not be able to do the same thing on the next day.

Someone with significant cardiovascular symptoms may need a wheelchair to get around places where they'd have to do a lot of standing or walking, but not need a wheelchair at other times. This sort of "on and off" disability confuses a lot of people and can result in some tragic misunderstandings To make matters worse many people with dysautonomia look healthy despite sometimes being very sick There's currently no cure for dysautonomia, although symptoms of secondary dysautonomia can improve by treating the underlying disease.

Dysautonomia, an invisible illness

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