Dry Sore Eyes

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Envision Optical - Dry Eyes Hi, I'm Andrew Bowden from Envision Optical. We're a locally owned private optometry business in four locations across the Gold Coast and as part of my regular series trying to educate you about eyes. Today I'm going to talk to you about one the most common eye conditions, which is dry eyes Dry eyes is a funny terms because most people who have dry eyes, have eyes that water. Dry eyes are actually just a term we use for problems with the tear film which coats the front of your eyes. It's a really crucial function with tears to moisturise your eye surface, it helps you see clearly and it helps the cells on the surface of the eyes stay healthy.

So, if there's anything disrupting the way the tears function, then you going to have issues, both with your vision and a lot of discomfort. People that have chronic dry eyes can really feel like they've got scratchy, sandy eyes all day long. And it's an ongoing chronic battle to try on give you some symptomatic relief from that.

So, just looking at the little graphic here of the surface of the eye, there's actually three sets of glands which contribute to the production of the tears and they have to be in just the right mix, otherwise you won't get the special lubricating effect and the tears run across the eye with blinking and go down into little tear ducts and down into our nose. That's why get a runny nose when you cry. It's all linked in with a little drainage canal But the tears themselves, if that mix and that chemistry isn't right, then you're going to have issues with not coating the surface of the eye; a lot of dry, scratchy eyes; red eyes and particularly susceptible in air conditioning when concentrating on the computer and things like that, because we're blinking as much. So, we evaluate those by using the microscope to look at the eyes and new special dyes and things to determine if there is particularly dry eye surface, or whether it's an evaporative problem and a number different things. The treatments can vary a bit. The treatments - the key things to remember are when things are recommended to you is dry eyes is a chronic ongoing problem.

It's not going to be a case of use drop for three days and it goes away. There's a number different types of eye drops, eye ointments and eye gels which can be prescribed depending on how sever it is. You need to use them regularly every day, usually most people aren't using them frequently enough because they put a drop in and think, "that didn't really do much" and I always tell people it's like moisturizing dry skin, you've got a continually do it to get things back on track and then do a maintenance dose daily to keep things feeling comfortable and and not have deterioration occurring. The other really important thing that can make a big difference is your diet. Particularly Omega-3 Fatty Acids, like fish oil and flaxseed oil, can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are because part of the problem with the little glands that secrete the tears is different disorders that cause them to come inflamed and the Omega-3's will help with that.

Dry Sore Eyes

There's been studies done where up seventy percent of people on about 1000 milligrams a day of the Omega-3 dosage will get get quite significant symptomatic relief within six to twelve weeks of being on that does. That's really something that can be a huge benefit. There's a number of other things. There are eye sprays, little plugs we put in the tear duct to keep more tears on the eye, so there are a variety of different things, so really it's an individual prescription regime when you come in for an eye test. Worked out what's going on what what worked best and sometimes we have to trying to tackle the treatment hi dry lies is condoms simple and really common bile there's a lot of complicated underlying things that can maintain that it's not like not divide us drop to three guys fought guys and it's all fixed it's an ongoing problem in my special it's a problem that they gonna have to the rest they lost to some degree and I need to learn to manage and another important one for the ladies and that tends to be much more common in in in fame outside on not getting any sort constant in and out blinky vision, it comes better - scratchy eyes or anything like that it could well be dry eyes and really, you should come in for a check-up. We can find out what's going on and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

I hope you have found that useful.

Dry Sore Eyes

Envision Optical - Dry Eyes Hi, I'm Andrew Bowden from Envision Optical. We're a locally owned private optometry business in four locations across the Gold Coast and as part…

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