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How to prevent dry skin. Are you suffering from dry skin? Please try the method to introduce here. Dry skin is one of skin problems that is very common. However, it will be seen more often in winter, especially in those over 40 years old. Let's see how to suppress the drying of the face and moisturize naturally today.

Dry Skin: Corrective Action. The cause of drying the skin varies. The main reasons are genetic factors, environment, climate, too much washing, products that do not fit your skin. If you are suffering from dry skin, let's notice the following. 1.

Moisturize every day: Various types of creams such as daily or several times a day are on sale. Moisturizing is not something you do not need to do anything until next week if you keep plenty of moisturizing cream today. Every day, it is important to keep moisture properly at least in the morning and the night. People who forget themselves should keep them in bedside tables or bathrooms. Also, in order to increase the moisturizing power of the skin, we recommend applying a moisturizing cream after washing the face or after bathing (still wet).

To avoid inflammation of the skin, use a product with weak stimulation. 2. Wash your face with lukewarm water: After returning from work, when exercising , get up in the morning, before sleeping etc. Let's use warm water to wash your face. Pore ??relaxes by using lukewarm water. It will moisturize the skin. I can not recommend washing with hot water.

Dry Skin Patches on Face | How To Prevent Dry Skin | Cracked Skin

It stimulates the skin and deprives the moisture. The same can be said for the shower. If you want to take a hot shower (for example in winter) wash your face with cold water. " A stain on your skin, good-bye! Also see home-made face pack made with aspirin and yoghurt. 3. Peel gently face: It is wrong that people with dry skin do not need to peel. Peeling is a technique for removing dead skin cells and clogging pores, so it is effective for all skin types.

That's why any commercially available peeling agent is not good. Let's make sure that the product meets your skin and use it gently when using it. Let's keep moisture after peeling. 4. Dry skin slowly: After showering, it is ideal to dry the skin naturally after cleansing. People who do not want to dry naturally take care how to use towels. First of all, let's choose cotton and soft materials as towels to use. Next, do not rub your skin with a towel.

Let's hold it gently with pom-pon and maximize 20 seconds, let's remove the moisture. Instead of towels, it is also good to hold down with a soft cloth to remove moisture. 5. Drink plenty of water: It is also important to give moisture to the skin from the inside of the body to give the skin flexibility.

Drinking water promotes the release of toxins that cause drying. Water works to help nourish the cells. People who have bad dry skin , let's drink more than 2 liters of water a day. This includes natural fruit juice and herb tea. 6. Protect your skin with Vaseline: People who suffer from dry skin will notice that the drying becomes particularly bad in the winter.

In winter, the heating of the room, wind, temperature, snow etc. Accelerate the drying of the skin. If you are suffering from drying in winter, let's paint Vaseline on your face before going out. It has the effect of naturally moisturizing the skin for a long time. 7. Healthy meal: It is the same as being moisturized when drinking water, and the skin moistens even by eating fruits and raw vegetables. In addition, when you eat fruits and raw vegetables you can firmly incorporate nutrients and vitamins that promote the health of the whole body. Let's eat two pieces of fruits per day, two or more cups of vegetables, especially those of the season.

Recommended fruits and vegetables for hydration are below. Watermelon. Tomato. Apple.

Chard (Splash). 8. Wash with milk: Believe it or not, many commercial facial creams contain milk. Milk has natural moisturizing, cleansing effect. First of all, let's clean the entire face cleanly. Dip cotton or towel into milk and wipe off the whole skin. In addition to preventing inflammation, it has a moisturizing effect and will make redness and freckles less obtrusive. Because milk to use is lipid, lactose and fat-containing ones, avoid low fat milk and choose whole milk.

9. Suppress Salt and Lipid Intake: Fast food not only makes you fat but also causes cholesterol problems. Furthermore, it takes away body's moisture and leads to dry skin.

Let's refrain from things with a lot of salt, fried foods and caffeine. Do not drink alcohol or soft drinks too much. 10. I do not smoke: Tobacco is a health hazard. There are various harms, but it is not good for the skin. Cigarettes cause clogging of pores and contain tar which causes drying and pimples. It takes oxygen away from the body's cells, making the cell difficult to breathe.

Smoking cigarettes will reduce the amount of vitamin C stored in the tissue.

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