Dr Todd Wylie on BEMER PEMF Therapy with Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout

By: Glen Swartwout

Dr Wylie on Bemer Dr. Swartwout: I’m thrilled with all the parallels, the things that you are interested in. I am retired from Optometric practice, but I still do healing (ministry) consulting practice here.

I do a lot of writing and just trying to get back into connecting with the outer world from our cave here in Hawaii. Dr Wylie: It’s a nice place to have a cave. Dr. Swartwout: I actually dug a cave, literally, over the last 5 years. I’m back out, and my mission is to talk to the world and share some things that I think can help… that I know can help a lot of people. I’m really glad that there are folks like you that are carrying the ball out there.

Dr Wylie: It’s a joy, as you know. Dr. Swartwout: Exactly.

The magnetic field therapies are of great interest to me. I have not done a lot… I have explored some things… the concepts, in pretty good detail. I wrote a book on Electromagnetic Pollution (Solutions). I had a Rife instrument designed where I could measure the frequencies independently from telling the instrument what frequency I want it to make. I never really did a lot of clinical application with it because I felt much more comfortable with natural medicines and colors: Syntonics and that sort of thing. These European instruments are of great interest. I am just starting to wrap my head around what they are doing. It seems the Bemer is the one that you are working with.

Dr Todd Wylie on BEMER PEMF Therapy with Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout

Dr Wylie: Right. It’s unique in that it’s in the category of PEMF devices, but Bemer doesn’t really use the PEMF portion as treatment. They are using it more as a carrier for their signal that they developed. They have a Near Infrared LED attachment that uses the light as the carrier for their Bemer signal. Dr. Swartwout: We’ve just started working with the Near Infrared instrument that was developed for NASA and loving it.

Dr Wylie: Bemer is pretty succinct in what they do. The results are just because of the increased circulation for the most part. Their carrier wave that they patented… first generation they could do about 15% increase lasting for an hour; 2nd generation 24% lasting for 3 hours, and it was at that point, I guess, that Dr. Klop who is head of the Microcirculation Institute of Berlin… The German government had asked him to look for any cost effective ways of helping senior citizens for health things. He heard about Bemer and since he loves microcirculation he contacted them. Since they have the equipment to do the non-invasive live video of blood flow, at the capillary level, they started working with Bemer. Bemer was able to just watch in real time and figure out how to tweek their signal so that it stimulates the smooth muscle in the arterioles and venules.

It also triggers the cells that release the nitrous oxide for the expansion. Dr. Swartwout: That explains why they have all the videos showing the changes in microcirculation. They were actually using that as a biofeedback to develop the signal, to optimize it. What do they say is the nature of that signal? How do they describe it? I understand it is patented, but what’s the story line? Dr Wylie: It’s multifaceted. Bemer’s main competitor, at least if you Google Bemer, you will for several months receive blurbs about the iMRS. Dr. Swartwout: That’s the other one I actually heard about for the last few years.

I know somebody who is distributing that, who we get other products from. I know that she’s always checking out new technologies and stuff, and I just never was convinced to jump in, and didn’t have the budget to in any case. Dr Wylie: They have quite the impressive marketing, but they have no research behind what they’ve done.

In Septmenber was a study published, a placebo controlled, double blind study, looking at Bemer and 5 of their European competitors. IMRS was one of them. They looked at 4 aspects related to blood flow. One was % of oxygen increase.

Another was blood flow changes. Another was the increase of the area of capillaries, and maybe the nodules of capillaries increase within a defined area. Consistently, Bemer was 300 to 400% better than all the other competitors. While they were at 5-8%, Bemer was up around 30% increase. On the 4th day, they didn’t turn on any of the devices. All the others were at zero with placebo. Bemer still had about a 12% residual. Dr.

Swartwout: So it really developed a hysteresis as you were describing. They optimized for that. I got the impression they are really holding it close to their chest as far as… They’re not offering a theory on what their patented signal relates to, or what it’s stimualting, other than circulation? Dr Wylie: They document it stimulates the smooth muscle in the arterioles and the venules, and also the cells that produce the nitrous oxide. They are not going into any detail on how they do that. Dr. Swartwout: Fair enough. That’s their prerogative, I guess. I’m a theorist as much as anything else.

How are they doing that? We’d like to know. When the patent runs out, or something. Dr Wylie: They jumped them up from the 2nd generation to the 3rd, where they went from 24 up to 30 and lasting 3 hours up to 12-16 hours with one session. They figured out that if every 20 seconds they do like a quick intensity 10, which would be 35 microtesla, just quick bursts, 3 times a minute, that had a huge impact on both efficiency and duration of circulation. Dr. Swartwout: For me, part of the take-away is that they are optimizing it based on the pulsing. It’s not just a repetitive type of stimulus that the body’s going to adapt to and stop responding. They’ve dealt with that.

Still, you’re saying that the magnetic field that they’re pulsing that way is carrying some informational signal that is proprietary, but it is designed to relax the smooth muscle and optimize circulation, which makes sense for every condition in the body. You’re oxygenating. I am wondering if maybe you’ve picked up an oxygen pulsimeter. I’ve always wanted one, and now you can get them on Amazon for $20.

Have you picked up one and used that with patients at all? Dr Wylie: I’ve got one hanging around and I don’t know that I’ve done that with Bemer people. We’ve done Syntonics (visual) fields before and after and see the increase. The VEP’s (Visual Evoked Potentials): We’re seeing some speeding up of the VEPs nicely. Dr. Swartwout: I was impressed with all that you shared that I could see online about your experience with the cases. It reminds me of when I went into practice in the ’80’s and started experimenting with Syntonics and experimenting with nutrition, and seeing that all these conditions that they told us in school “you watch them get worse until it’s time to cut it out, or whatever…” No.

You stimulate it with something that is physiological and you measure and see if it creates a positive change. If it does, then repeat the stimulus, and most people get better. If they don’t, then there is another reason. I find usually that’s going to be heavy metals or something that’s blocking those physiological pathways. If somebody gets worse with light, like if they go out in the sunlight and get a sick headache, then they need to detoxify before you can do the stimulatory medicine. So that’s my world… Dr Wylie: That’s right where I’m at, too. So, it’s just been fun.

I was at a meeting last night. Somebody had some questions. There’s a farmer a couple of miles up North here that’s tracking the nutrient density. He’s been to Australia. He’s just started using the structured water. He’s about ready to put in a paramagnetic tower based on Callahan, the paramagnetic guy. He just got a Bemer a couple months ago.

He had a couple near him that were both basically just waiting to see who was going to die first. The husband was in a wheelchair. They’re both obese and in constant pain. He had a little book sitting out at his farm. He had “Wheat Belly” sitting out. The wife glanced at that and it started to trigger a little something. So, he said, why don’t you start doing the Bemer? I think it was the 3rd or 4th time, she actually felt the cells in her body waking up. Now, it’s been 6 weeks later.

The husband is out of the wheel chair. He’s in a walker, but plans on getting rid of that. Now they are helping out at the farm. It’s just nice to see the light in her eyes. They’ve got purpose again. Life is in the blood! Get that moving and things work. Dr. Swartwout: So, with the Bemer, the distribution is also through the practitioners using it? Dr Wylie: Once somebody has a Bemer and a serial number, they can become a Bemer distributor.

Dr. Swartwout: We may very well, if we can get in a position where we can get one, it sounds like something that would benefit what we’re doing here. We’ve switched the house over to being a bed and breakfast with a health spa. I love it when people come and visit for healing in Hawaii, which is kind of a natural combination, so we’ll be in touch on that and find out what that would take. Dr Wylie: It’s just $390 to become a distributor. $250 of that applies towards admittance to a Bemer Academy, which is a 2 day meeting.

Most of the time, they are in the (San Francisco) Bay area. They had the first one outside the Bay area about a month ago in Spokane. Spokane is sort of a hotbed of Bemer activity in the whole country due to one particular lady from Germany who has seen that with her, her husband and her mother-in-law just life-changing differences, so her goal has been to share that.

Betina Torres is her name. She has motivated a number of people. Bemer Academy is worth going to for background information. Dr. Swartwout: Is there hands-on training or classroom style? Dr Wylie: More background from the company explaining it and going through what the Bemer does and all that. Dr. Swartwout: I hear there is a professional kit that has the full spectrum of applications, the Near Infrared and all. Dr Wylie: They make 2 models.

One is the Classic. Both of them will do the same thing, but the Classic only allows sequential treatment, where the Pro will let you do two things at once. While you are doing the whole body, we do the eyes, or we can do two things at once and just save time: 2 different things; 8 minutes. Also, the advantage of the Pro is, like for husband and wife, if you get a second matt, then both can do the Bemer sleep program, but have separate sleep schedules. With the Classic you can do the sleep program, but both people have to go to bed and wake up at the exact same time, if they want to have the sleep program maximum benefit.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about that at all. Dr. Swartwout: I’m only starting to read about it. I’m curious. Is that recommended for everyone for maintenance, to do the sleep program? Dr Wylie: It’s totally optional. What it does is it’s intensity 2, so it’s 7 microTesla for 2 hours as you go to bed. Then it turns itself off. Two hours before you wake up, it turns itself back on again at the 7 microTesla.

Again, just increased circulation to kidney, liver, pancreas, skin. Shut off and let them do their thing, and then fire up again to help get rid of the waste products. A controlled study they did with people sleeping on the matt, but it not turned on, and they measured the pH of first urine in the morning. Then they compared that to when it was turned on.

The pH was 1.1 units more acidic which is a logarithmic unit. Dr. Swartwout: More detoxification… That’s great. 10 times the detox! Are people reporting better sleep, I would guess? Dr Wylie: Just with Bemer by itself, before the sleep program, people are noting better sleep. Just get the toxins moving, and the oxygen and blood flowing.

Dr. Swartwout: It probably gives the Autonomic system a chance to equilibrate, and probably helps the circulation to the pineal and all kinds of things. I guess that’s probably a good amount of information for right now. I would love to do this again sometime.

I am just starting a podcast, so if that’s O.K. With you, I will edit this and show it to you and let the world in on the secret that the body can heal.

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