Dr. Tan/ Master Tung points Chronic Back Pain Instant Relief Acupuncture Brisbane

Author: Bob Wong

Chronic Back Pain Instant Relief Acupuncture Brisbane Case Study Bob: Hey guys! Today��s video is about another chronic pain patient that came in. She originally had frozen shoulder, lower back pain and a bit of neck pain. Alot patients will come in and they'll have three or four things that they need to get worked on. The great thing about this the acupuncture is you don'tt need to have the patient undress and you can get the same level of effect if not even more, greater effect by just choosing about 7 to 9 points placed strategically and in the right spots.

With chronic pain patients, it's very hard to completely fix everything in one go but you can see with just 7-9 needles, we were able to keep the neck in control and alleviate the back pain by a lot. Yup, check it out. Patient: On the back.

Bob: On the back? Patient: It's the middle, my lower back. Bob: You meant the lower back? Patient: Yeah. Bob: Okay. Patient: Right in the middle back you just go straight across the right spot. Then from my elbow up here, right up my arm, my shoulder into my neck. Bob: Okay, into the neck. How high would you say the pain right now? one of ten? Patient: It's not bad. My back, two or three.

Bob: Two or three, okay. Patient: My shoulder, four. Bob: Okay.

Dr. Tan/ Master Tung points Chronic Back Pain Instant Relief Acupuncture Brisbane

Can you tell me how your back pain is now? Patient: It actually feels very much better. Bob: How much better? Patient: But the there's a slight ache right in the middle underneath that bad spot Bob: Okay. Patient: But the band is nowhere near as bad. Band. Bob: no where near as bad, okay. Can you try lifting your shoulders for me please? How much is your shoulder now? Still tight you said? Patient: It's not as tight as it was a minute ago. Bob: Okay. Patient: It still too very tight.

Bob: It's too very tight, okay. And the neck is loosen up a bit? Patient: The neck it's actually best its been for about two weeks. Bob: Okay. Patient: The neck is interesting because the pain as far behind the ear, that it's gone. Much better. Bob: Much better? Okay. Http://artofacupuncture.com.au/.

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